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Chapter 70 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

I became an Extra in a game no one cleared, defy fate by duplicating objects! DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,AWR,Fantasy,Reincarnation,Harem

"Ah, I see."

As if she hadn't harbored any such thoughts, Quinie seemed to have finished her calculations within.

It felt peculiar, as if my worth was being recalibrated in real-time.

And then, Quinie spotted Aten beside her.

Unlike Quinie, Aten didn't seem surprised. Perhaps she was just taking it in stride.

"Indeed, Your Highness. You have an eye for quality."

"That title isn't appropriate here. But I do agree with the sentiment—"

"Alright! Let's start the meeting!"

I interrupted, fearing their conversation might veer off into strange territory.

Quinie shrugged, and Aten remained as calm as if nothing had happened.

I asked Quinie.

"So, what's the format for the final exam?"

"The first-year final exam involves a simple mission. It's a virtual task designed to mimic a Pro's mission."

This time, Aten asked.

"How do you know in advance?"

"It's been the same every year."

Hmm. The truth is, this Q&A session is more for Aten's benefit than anything, as I already knew this information.

Quinie continued.

"Constel students are trained to eliminate 'Outside Monsters' beyond the boundary. However, reality doesn't quite match up."

"What's the reality?"

"It's overwhelming just dealing with the conflicts between monsters within the boundary and humans."

This continent, too, is a place where people live.

No matter how much the Monsters threaten and the human boundaries shrink.

Not everyone within those boundaries unites towards a single goal.

Especially now, when the boundary has solidified to the point where it's rare to see a monster in the central regions, human divisions are significant.

Most of the adversaries I've fought so far have been humans or events triggered by them.

"So, the tasks usually involve both 'subjugation' and 'protection.' Pros go to the scene of an incident to deal with monster subjugation and human protection simultaneously."

"…They don't actually let real monsters attack people, do they?"

Aten's question made Quinie laugh out loud.

"Ahaha. No, of course not. That would be inefficient."

I see. They don't do it because it's inefficient.

I thought there was another reason.

"The victims of the case will probably be your seniors. And the role of the monsters will be played by the teachers. The teachers at Constel can easily ridicule ordinary monsters, and some even surpass those from 'outside.'"


Aten looked at me as she asked.

Yes. The biggest obstacle of this final exam, perhaps.

I have to face my brother who became a temporary teacher.

Azier de Roach.

"But well, since that firework was really your doing. I guess I won't have to do anything."

"I can't do it anymore."

I replied to Quinie's words as I pondered.

The final exams when playing as Aster were tough but resulted in good outcomes. Aster is a completely different character before and after using divine power.

Aster is a cheat character that surpasses cheat characters like Azier.

However, becoming Frondier means I'll have to give my all to somehow accomplish the mission.

…All-out effort.


Aten looked at me as I muttered.

Her gaze was a fierce warning.

"Mr. Frondier. As I've said before, I'm not confident in succeeding yet-"

"I know. I won't do such a thing."

Eating a Weaving Dragon Heart is like throwing away my life.

It was reckless to attempt it the first time, and it would be beyond foolish to do it again.

…So, if possible, I want to explore a direction that would make it safe.

* * *

And so.

I laid down the fabric known as the "Cursed Cloth" on the desk.

"…To obtain this."

And at a bargain price. So cheap it's embarrassing to even call it a bargain.

I never considered the Viper Steel. I already have one of Neil Jack's shortswords.

Having it would be nice, but currently, I'm trying to add weaving with Obsidian to the 'shortsword' to use 'dual swordsmanship.'

Rather, the cursed cloth should rightfully be mine. It was so in the game as well.

I brought all my money, not knowing how much it would sell for at the auction.

I had the money I won from the bet with Quinie before. I was worried if I could afford it with the money I had, but fortunately, there was no one else interested in this item.

Of course. It's useless to the average person.

Unless they know its true value.

[Fabric of Penelope]

•Grade: Unique

•Description: A part of the shroud Weaving by Penelope. It is said that she spent three years weaving it during the day and unraveling it at night. It is imbued with the steadfast love and longing she held for Odysseus over 20 years.

<Abilities Detail>

- Shape Restoration: Due to the effects of Penelope's repeated making and unmaking over three years, this fabric will return to its original form no matter what happens.

- Pure Mana: Every knot Weaving is a collection of pure mana. It significantly increases durability, and the wearer gains the effects of warmth and waterproofing.

It is the very fabric from "Penelope's Weaving."

While it has the fatal flaw of being unable to be tailored, the "Pure Mana" characteristic is not something to be easily overlooked.

Even if the fabric cannot be altered to one's liking, simply wrapping it around one's arm or neck can have effects.

However, my way of using it is a bit different.

A Weaving Dragon Heart has the effect of enhancing the user's mana, just like the original.

Since it's a fake, that amount of mana was replaced by something else in my body.

Then, what if there was mana ready to be substituted? That is, if there was a "dummy" that could be converted into mana instead of me.

This "Fabric of Penelope" would be that "dummy."

"Now then, how should I carry it around."

I pondered while looking at the fabric, then folded it and wrapped it inside the collar of my shirt to make a necktie.

Looking in the mirror to check, it's not too bad.

Since neckties are originally designated in the Constel Academy uniform, substituting it with this will do.

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