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Chapter 71 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Final Exam (1)

The final exam was approaching.

Frondier effortlessly jotted down his written answers.

This time, Aten had also studied on her own since there was enough time, and thanks to that, Frondier wasn’t disturbed.

Unless he wrote his name wrong, he would be close to perfect.

And then, the long-awaited practical exam day arrived.

At Constel, while the written exams for all grades are held on the same day, practical exams are held on different days for each grade.

First-years go first, and third-years last.

Therefore, many upperclassmen gathered in the auditorium to watch the first-years during this practical exam.

However, today, before they watched the first-years, their attention was drawn to a rare sight.

"...What day is it today?"

"It's the first-year practical exam."

"Still, look over there."

A student pointed to where many nobles were seated.

From the head of the Roach family, Enfer, to the head of the Rishae family, Ortel. Next to him was his son, Revet.

Moreover, approaching them was Ludwig von Urfa.

They exchanged greetings.

"It's good to see you here, Enfer, Ortel."

"It's been a long journey."

Ortel greeted normally, while Enfer, true to form, did not open his mouth.

Revet bowed to Ludwig.

"I see Lord Urfa."

"Ah, it's been a while. You look more dependable now."

Ludwig lightly patted the formally bowing Revet's shoulder.

Ludwig von Urfa. The head of the family that guards the northwest had come to see the Constel practical exam.

"It's rare for Lord Urfa to attend such an event."

"Um. I heard that Quinie was scouted for this practical exam?"

"Quinie... Ah, you mean Quinie de Viet. Yes, that's correct."

Quinie is not only a student at Constel but also a renowned family head. It was natural for Revet to know her.

Ludwig looked at the wizard-view screen. There, Quinie's figure was being displayed.

Along with Frondier, and Aten.

"…Now that's a formidable lineup."

"Yes. Even for Quinie, having the princess with them must be quite a burden, I think."

"Ah, right. Well, the princess is there, after all."

Ludwig tapered off ambiguously.

What does he mean by 'after all'? Revet thought. Could it be that even the head of the Urfa family pays more attention to Frondier than the princess? Surely not.

Ludwig caught a glimpse of Quinie. She seemed to be consulting with Frondier.

'Hmm. Has she gotten over her complex? Or is she still working through it?'

The reason Ludwig came to watch the Constel practical test today was mostly because of Quinie.

Today's mission is a simulation of 'rescue operations', but for Quinie to participate in such a mission...

Is it finally time for her to overcome her wounds and stand up, or.

…Somehow, his gaze drifts to a man with a languid face listening to Quinie's story.

'She's ended up on the same team as that insolent brat.'

Ludwig put his thoughts aside and asked Revet.

"I feel the same, but you being here seems a bit awkward too. What brought you here, exactly?"

"Ah, that would be, of course! To see my proud younger sister, Elodie!"

"Ha, then you should have come for the midterm exams too."

Ludwig laughed and checked the screen.

He knew Elodie's face well since he saw her at the last Mistilteinn meeting.

That jewel of the Ortel family, what kind of team...

"No, what is that."

He ended up seeing a team even more nonsensical than Quinie's.

* * *

"I retract my previous statement. First place is impossible."

"Yeah, seems like it."


Quinie and Aten nodded in agreement with my words as if they deeply sympathized.

It's strange...

I can't figure out what kind of butterfly effect has reached us.

An unbeatable team composition has been formed on their side.

"Elodie teaming up with Aster, of all people."

I muttered as if complaining.

Moreover, the scouted upperclassman is Theo de Blanc, who was the student council president until last year.

In the game, he had outstanding skills and a well-balanced all-rounder style, so it should be similar here.

"I heard Elodie and Aster are quite close, so wasn't there a good chance they'd end up on the same team?"


I found it hard to explain, so I just agreed.

In reality, Elodie and Aster are quite close. It was the same in the game. Both are incredibly virtuous, without any particular quirks, and in the same class.

However, Elodie never teamed up with Aster under any circumstances.

Not even after becoming Pros, and not even in these kinds of temporary parties.

In the game Etius, there was no reason for players, who recognized Elodie's immense talent and beauty, to exclude her.

Therefore, everyone tried various methods to recruit Elodie. I was no exception.

And in the game, all those attempts failed. Even though I did nothing particularly dislikeable to Elodie. Even the protagonist, "Aster Evans," couldn't win over this unreachable flower.

Thus, many gamers thought that 'recruiting Elodie is the key to conquering this game.'

But the outcome was just a terrible game.

So, Aster usually teams up with the nearly official heroine, 'Lunia Fricell,' and Elodie often teams up with the hot-tempered Robald or Sybil.

Aster and Lunia are strong enough as a team, but not Lunia, but Elodie. A sense of despair looms before my eyes.

"Then what are we going to do? I guess we've lost first place."

"First of all, let's stick to the mission. If we follow the roles we set out at the beginning, we won't do too badly."

I say this, but ours is also a very good team. The combination of Quinie and Aten assures stability in both offense and defense. It's just that the Aster side is ridiculous.

But in order to change Enfer's mind, I have to take first place. Even if I get first place, I don't know what will happen.

I reached for my tie without realizing it.

"Why do you keep touching that tie?"

"Oh, it's been a while since I changed it, so it's a little awkward."

"Really? Hmm. It looks good."

Quinie said after examining my tie for a moment.

Nice going.

It's so nice that I can't help but touch it.

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