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Chapter 74 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Final Exam (4)


Malia, watching the screen, pressed a hand to her head.

The peaceful and gentle negotiation process between Frondier and Binkis, unfortunately, was fully displayed on the screen.

A teacher blowing another teacher's cover. This was an error that should never have occurred in the exam.

'Well, if Frondier wasn't my own son, I might have confessed in his place too.'

Malia knows Frondier's character and also knows the limits of the technique called 'Firework' in Constel, a skill achieved with the help of her bloodline magic 'Sensory Sharing'.

'But, if this changes Enfer's perception of Frondier in his mind a bit.'

Malia knows Frondier's intention. To give his all in this exam to make Enfer see him in a new light.

Malia glanced at Enfer beside her.

However, Enfer was expressionless. No, he seemed even more displeased.

Whether he was extremely disappointed in Frondier or there was another reason.

A heavy voice flowed from the deeply furrowed mouth.

"What a waste of effort, Frondier."

"…Enfer. Still saying that?"

"My decision remains unchanged."

"If you were going to say that, you shouldn’t have assigned Frondier the task in the first place. No change in your decision, you say?"

Malia looked straight at Enfer, who simply received her gaze with dignity.

"Of course, I will keep my promise. Top 10 overall. If this is achieved, there will be no expulsion."

"That’s all there is to it. Frondier will make it."

Malia concluded with a firm voice, which Enfer quietly observed before speaking.

"How strange. Didn't you also disagree with Frondier's expulsion? You seem like a different person now."

"Back then, I was disappointed in Frondier. I thought expulsion might actually benefit my son."

"…Is that so."

Enfer said no more after that.

He just looked at the screen with slightly sorrowful eyes.

The ripple effect actually worked in Frondier's favor.

Mulling over Maria's words, Enfer harbored a voice that no one else could hear.

─I agree, Maria.

* * *

Aster squared off against Azier, who had a hostage, thus halving Elodie's strength.

"Now, what will you do, Aster?"

Azier was holding a dagger in his hand. The tip of the dagger touched Theo's neck, who was the hostage. His primary weapon, the spear, was nowhere to be seen.

Whether that was his own handicap or just another bluff.

"Sorry, Aster. I got caught."

Theo said with a face full of shame. Aster smiled.

"That's what you say. You should have handled it better."

"That's right. Being a third-year, I was only going to watch from the back."

Aster and Theo conversed calmly, unbecoming of the crisis situation. Perhaps because it was a mock exam and not a real situation, but it was still a bit strange.

"I guess I can't just watch anymore."

At that moment, Theo moved.

Azier's eyes twitched. In a brief moment, Theo bent his legs and lowered his entire body. It was an extremely reckless act for someone with a dagger at their neck.

The blade was supposed to have sliced Theo's neck,

But instead, a sound utterly unfitting for a throat being cut was heard.


Azier quickly checked Theo's neck. The neck, turned grey, was unusual. It had turned to stone.

Petrification is usually a type of curse cast on an opponent. Using its hardness to enhance one's defense is no ordinary idea.

Free from Azier's grasp, Theo targeted Azier's foot and swung his left foot. Dust rose, and Azier dodged the foot.

Azier with a dagger in hand. Meanwhile, Theo was unarmed. To overcome this disadvantage, Theo delved deeper inside.

And then, a few exchanges took place. Even if Azier lacked murderous intent, Theo's unarmed combat was top-notch.

The fact that Aster was engaging in proper combat with Azier, who had fallen without lifting a hand, was enough to suggest the level of skill.

To prevent being taken as a hostage, Azier swung his dagger horizontally, and Theo, seizing the opportunity, widened the distance between them. This was exactly what Theo had hoped for.

"I see you had no intention of fighting seriously. You just didn't want to become a hostage."

If Theo's only aim had been to avoid capture, his movements would have been predictable.

However, Theo chose to attack Azier, thereby increasing the options in Azier's mind—a task requiring both skill and courage.

As a result, Azier lost his hostage. Moreover, the exchange of blows with Theo created an opening.

Azier's gaze shifted. To his right, the direction where he had been confronting Aster just moments ago.

Sure enough, Aster was there.

Right in front of Azier.

In the practice, Azier has defeated Aster countless times. Despite his outstanding abilities and talent, he was still inexperienced. Such experience couldn't be gained in just the few days leading up to the finals.

But there was one difference from before.

Aster was 'already' in a state of divine power activation.

Aster declared, "Here I go!"

Azier accepted the challenge, "Unnecessarily kind."

Clang! A loud noise followed as Aster's sword clashed with Azier's dagger.

'The blade is damaged.'

Azier had intended to let it slide. The reason it didn't go as planned was that the blade was already damaged. It had lost its function after scraping against Theo's neck.

Evans family's martial arts

Basic swordplay

Horizontal slash

Aster hadn't yet reached a high level of mastery in swordsmanship. He lacked a unique swordplay like Ellen's and couldn't use aura to break rocks, for that reason.

However, the power enveloped in his divine energy made even a simple slash take on a different meaning.

Azier saw it. The blade flying towards him made the air quiver. The trajectory wavered like a mirage due to the wind pressure and heat.

Indeed. Having this level of power, it's understandable why mastering aura would take time.

Azier dodged, and Aster swung his sword repeatedly. Although Aster was faster, Azier minimized the gap with the least necessary movements.

And then.


Aster suddenly ducked his head as something burst out from underneath him. When he put some distance between them, he saw Azier holding it.

It was a spear. Azier had hidden a spear in the ground.

In other words, Azier had evaded him while leading Aster to where the spear was hidden.

"...Got me again."

"No. I wasn't planning to use it originally. So be proud of yourself."

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