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Chapter 74 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Azier's words bordered on arrogance.

But Aster had to agree. He had desperately hoped Azier wouldn't pick up the spear.

Just Azier holding the spear seemed to weigh down the surrounding air. The nearby dust and dirt quivered. Even without wielding her aura, energy already flowed around her.

Aster scanned the area while keeping an eye on Azier.

Theo seemed to have moved to a safe position, and Jane was checking Elodie. Or was it the other way around? Anyway, the situation had entered a standoff.

But it was actually a disadvantageous situation. The best strategy would have been to subdue Azier before she could do anything, at least while she was unarmed.

'Alright. What now?'

It's not that Aster lost his will to fight. He wanted to see Azier's real skills. Of course, he wouldn't exert 100% of his power just because he had a spear, but it would be better than last time.

Aster signaled Theo with one hand behind his back. To have Theo support Elodie.

If the two of them quickly subdued Jane and joined Aster, they might be able to handle Azier.

...The problem was whether he could last until then.

"──Oh my, I underestimated you."

For a moment, Aster felt a chill and rolled to the side.

Suddenly, flames sprouted from where he had been. If he had stayed still, he would have been swept away by the flames.

He wouldn't have been seriously injured, but Azier wouldn't miss that opportunity. Fortunately, he is still on guard now.

"I 'entrusted' you to Master Azier. All three of you, I can handle it alone."

The one who spoke was Jane. Her left index finger was glowing.

So, did she just cast that magic with one index finger?


Then, Elodie scattered pieces of ice in the air and threw them at Jane. Jane neutralized all of them with the same ice.

She blocked the first manifested magic by imitating it exactly. It was a performance showing the difference in skill.

Elodie bit her lip at the sight. Still, she was smiling at the corners of her mouth. Either she was trying to show off her composure, or she didn't have any particular means.

"Senior, can you approach Teacher Jane?"

Elodie asked Theo, but Theo shook his head.

"It's difficult. From what I know, Teacher Jane is a person who is faithful to the basics. For a magician to be faithful to the basics means to set dozens of traps around oneself."

Elodie is exceptionally good at detecting magical power. Certainly, even with her senses, Jane's surroundings are a tremendous danger zone.

What to do. Elodie felt cold sweat running down. She didn't have the confidence to quickly suppress Jane.

Elodie fastened a metal band on her wrist. It's an artifact made by refining Elodie bought at an auction.

With this, it can limit not to go above a certain firepower, but now is not the time to use such magic.

Jane is an excellent magician at checkmate, and above all, she knows Elodie well. She had been figuring out what Elodie was aiming for from the beginning.

What to do, what to do.

Similar thoughts crossed Elodie and Aster's minds.

If it continues like this, they will surely arrive at defeat in the near future. Unless someone new appears... Someone...?

The gazes of Aster and Elodie slowly headed somewhere. The same was true for Theo.

In the situation where Jane and Azier were confronted, it was a very dangerous act, but they couldn't stand their gaze shifting.

Jane and Azier also followed their gaze because it was strange. On the left side of where they were confronting, someone was far away.

Someone was carrying someone and walking.


The person carrying someone looked this way. Without any significant reaction to being caught, he blinked his eyes briefly.

And raising one hand,

"Ah, I won't disturb you, so please work hard. Then, I'll go."

And then he walked again.

The person carrying someone walked leisurely as if he had come out for a walk alone, with black hair and peaceful eyes.

That, that can't be.

"You, hey, hey! Frondier!!"

Elodie shouted.

What, how is he here? And who's the kid he's carrying?

Surprisingly, Jane answered Elodie's question, which was about to ask.

"......That's our 'victim role', isn't it!!"


Elodie unknowingly made a sound.

At that moment, Jane, Elodie, Aster, Azier, and Theo moved simultaneously towards Frondier.

Engrossed in the fight, both sides momentarily forgot, but the primary objective of this mission is to rescue the victims. Dealing with the monster teacher is the next problem.

In other words, Frondier is now a new enemy from the teachers' perspective, and a competitor who steals points from Aster's team.

There was no way they would let him go easily.

Seeing them rushing towards him like arrows, Frondier said,

"Ah, so it's come to this?"

It was an obvious statement.

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