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Chapter 76 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Final Exam (6)

The practical part of the final exams was over.

That meant all the tests that determined the rankings for the first semester of the first year had concluded.

As I expected, the results of the practical exams must have been quite a shock to the teachers.

The original mission was to teach 'defeat' to the first-year students. However, the students were rather successful, and my 'human sloth' role was not insignificant in the process.

Therefore, the evaluation took a bit longer than initially planned. The original assessment was supposed to score how students handled defeat.

But the students won. Hence, there was a need to redefine the criteria for evaluation.

Despite some minor disturbances, the anticipated results were clear.

"......It's done."

The billboard announcing the final exam grades.

At the very top of the list was my name.

The practical exams, which applied individual evaluations, had me scoring the highest, and the written exams were perfect.

"That's a relief."

I murmured quietly. With this, the condition Enfer mentioned was somehow cleared.

However, my soft voice seemed to have been heard, as some nearby students flinched and then left.

What's with that reaction? How did they take my words?


While students moved away from me, a voice approached instead.

It was Elodie. She held out a can of drink to me.

"You like it, right? Hot chocolate."

"......Oh, right."

"What? You remembered just now?"

Elodie smiled, thinking I was joking.

I see. Frondier likes hot chocolate. I should remember that. It kind of fits with being a sloth.

"The promise is kept. You've avoided expulsion."


"But still, would he really expel his own son? It was a drastic measure to make you work hard. Thanks to that, you're first."


I had nothing to say in response to Elodie's words, so I answered dryly.

As I opened the can, I thought about what would come next.

Just as Elodie had said, I had avoided expulsion. For now.

According to Malia, Enfer seemed to want to expel me.

But Enfer is not a man to go back on his word, much less break a promise. Since I ranked within the top 10, there would be no expulsion.

However, this also meant that Enfer truly had intended to expel me. For the original Frondier, ranking within the top 10 would have been nearly impossible.

"So, what are you going to do now? Summer break is coming up."

Elodie said.

The end-of-semester exams were over, and summer break was upon us. The break would last for a month, similar to the world I came from.

During this period, Constel is a bit busier than a regular school. The amount of materials and facilities needed for the next lessons and training is different, and above all, the field settings need to be arranged.

…And the most significant difference from my original world.

Students at Constel hate summer break.

"Well, what about you, Elodie?"

I asked, and Elodie sighed first.

"Well, I'll have to go to the Mage Tower again. Running around here and there as a low-ranking member makes the break go by in a flash."

Elodie looked visibly tired as she spoke.

Like Elodie, most students at Constel do not rest during the break.

They compensate for the weaknesses they felt during the semester, reinforce their style, or, like Elodie, serve under someone of a higher level.

The intensity of Constel's training is not mild, but it is conducted in groups. By contrast, the break entails high-intensity personal lessons. It's no wonder students dread the break.

Elodie looked at me, opening one eye.

"You used to only think about playing, eating, and sleeping during the summer break. This time, it will be different, right? Since the Constel is open during the break, do you plan to train in the training room like you always do?"

I smiled at Elodie's words. It's a good thing that Elodie's assessment of me has improved.

However, her prediction was wrong. I opened my mouth to correct her.

"No, I..."

I replied, and Elodie made the most surprised expression I had ever seen.

No, it wasn't just surprise;

It was almost anger.

* * *

At the famous restaurant 'Wild Amuse' in the Roach family's territory, 'Yeranhes',

Enfer, Malia, Azier, and I were having dinner. It was to celebrate my first place in the final exam.

"Really, my son getting first place makes me so happy. Isn't that right, dear?"


Unlike her usual self, Malia was fussing and even used the term of endearment 'dear,' while Enfer was even more taciturn than usual.

Azier was just eating his meal slowly next to me.

Is this really the place where I'm being celebrated? The atmosphere is so heavy.

As Enfer didn't react at all, Malia's gaze grew sharp.

"Dear, you're not going to bring up all that talk about the expulsion again, are you?"


Enfer said that and then looked at me.

His gaze was almost like a straight line, directed at me. Somehow, I felt like it was the first time Enfer had really looked at me.

"Frondier, good job."

"...Thank you."

Enfer, who seemed like an emotionless robot, praised me.

Even though he wasn't my real father, those few words touched me deeply.

"You worked really hard despite your weak body."


Enfer's perception of me still hadn't changed.


Enfer's statement made Marlia speak up from beside me as if to stop me, "That seems suspicious."

But Enfer was sincere.

"I won't make unreasonable demands anymore. If you want, consider transferring schools too. You've hated Constel so much."

He sincerely wished the best for me,

"That's right. Unlike Constel, there are promising schools in the central region that focus on nurturing scholars and researchers. How about transferring there? With your skills that scored full marks on the written exam, you'll do well there too, and you won't get hurt."

Sincerely, he did not see me as a warrior.

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