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Chapter 76 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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"…Are you serious?"

Marlia's address to me changed back from 'dear' to 'you.'

"Why wouldn't I be serious? Frondier hated Constel. You know that as well."

Marlia tried to say something to Enfer but then closed her mouth. Instead, she looked at me.

Frondier hated Constel. That was an undeniable fact, even for me. Otherwise, why would I have been sleeping all the time, skipping practical exams, and earning the nickname 'human sloth'?

Frondier, who had not a speck of talent as either a warrior or a magician. He believed Constel was not the place for him.

Knowing this, Marlia didn't argue further and just looked at me.

Still on about that, huh?

Was the reason you worked hard in Constel just to go back to being a 'human sloth'?

...Now, I somewhat understand why Enfer tried to expel me.

'This is also a form of overprotection.'

Enfer, the northern iron wall.

If I remain his son, like with Azier, it is inevitable for Frondier to also stand on the battlefield.

And in Enfer's eyes, it was impossible for Frondier to survive that battlefield.

Even if it means abandoning the prestigious name of Roach, it's better to survive.

Enfer's feelings must have mirrored this as he looked at me.

"......I have."

Thus, what I am about to say.

Is no different from being disobedient to Enfer.

"I have planned out the summer break."


"Summer break?"

Enfer's eyebrows twitched, and Malia asked back in confusion.

It might sound absurd, but neither Enfer nor Malia would think so.

With this statement, I will respond to all of Enfer's suggestions.

It's also a good opportunity to let him know what kind of resolve I have.

"I will go to Tyburn."

The moment I said this.

If I had to describe it, it was as if a thud─ sounded.

A sound that seemed to cut through all the noise and commotion.

The restaurant became utterly silent. Everyone, who had been enjoying their conversations, was startled by the sudden silence they couldn't explain.


Just a slight release of his aura was enough to silence everyone in the room.



"I warned you during the last meeting. Do not speak carelessly. You do not yet understand the weight of your words."

Enfer's voice was more than boiling; it was blazing.

I closed my eyes for a moment.


It's a region in the northeast, governed by Ludwig Von Urfa.

Enfer, who governs the northwestern region called Yeranhes, has never allowed a single monster invasion, true to his nickname "Iron Wall."

Thanks to that, though Yeranhes has a high potential danger level, it has never suffered actual damage.

As a result, the town's morale is good, the commercial district manages to keep rolling, and the soldiers' morale is decent.

Then what about the northeast?

Enfer, who earned the nickname "Iron Wall" just by not allowing invasions.

Just by holding them off, to earn such a nickname, the monsters outside are despairingly powerful.

Tyburn is different from Yeranhes.

The monsters outside have trampled human territory time and time again, and countless people have died trying to stop them.

People were sent to fight the monsters, deal with the monsters that got through, and fend off the ones that came back.

The number of people Ludwig von Urfa has sacrificed to defend against the monsters is uncountable.

But no one blames Ludwig.

Because it's only natural.

Enfer, who was able to defend against them all, was the strange one. If it's the border where we have to defend against the monsters outside, anywhere would be a hell like Tyburn.

Tyburn is the worst of all the hells that have descended to the earth. That's why most of the people Ludwig sends there are criminals who deserve to be executed.

Most of the criminals sent to Tyburn beg to be killed instead when they find out they're being sent there.

Even if it's only during vacation, only a madman would volunteer to go there.

And that madman is me.

"I'm not changing my mind."


This time, it was Malia.

Malia looked at me with eyes full of concern, worry, and pity. To Enfer and Malia, it must seem like I'm going to die.

Anyone else saying that would probably mean the same thing.

But I have to go to Tyburn.

Tyburn is a treasure trove for Frondier. There are a lot of divine objects and items close to being unique, and they're mostly just sitting there, not being used.

And if I go there as a member of the Roach family, not as a criminal, but as a volunteer, I'll be treated much better.

Of course, that doesn't mean it'll be safe, but the conditions will be much better than for the criminals.

'I have to face it someday anyway.'

Humanity's fate is to be annihilated by monsters in the distant future.

To overcome that, I must eventually enter the boundary between humans and monsters. Sooner or later, that day will come.

And after much thought, the best timing for that day is this upcoming summer break. When my surroundings and I are functioning most harmoniously.

But Enfer shook his head as if he wouldn't even consider listening.

"I'll pretend I didn't hear that. Since dinner seems to be over, you should head straight—"


I cut off Enfer's words.

It was terrifying to interrupt him just once, but I had to convince Enfer right now.

"I know I have been a disappointing son to you."

Enfer's eyes widened. Today might be the day I see various expressions on Enfer's face that I'll probably never see again.

Though there wasn't much change in his expressions to be noticeable.

"I am a child of the Roach family. I must go to the boundary beyond humanity. That is my duty."

"Frondier, as I said, you are a weak child. Your brother and I will handle it."

"I will not hide alone while everyone else is dying. Not anymore."


Frondier's past life weighs heavily on me as a great debt.

His weakness lost the family's trust, his laziness created a human sloth, and his wicked nature touched the 'Manggot.'

None of it was my doing, but now I am Frondier de Roach.

The fact that I have to pay for sins I didn't commit made me feel truly unjust.

But only now have I decided to accept it.

I had no choice but to accept it.


I am Frondier de Roach.

"Must pay for my laziness."

Knowing the end of the world.

Struggling in a long and desperate attempt to twist that one fact.

I am the human sloth, Frondier.

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