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Chapter 77 - Can We Become a Family?

Forced to be Empress, Navia craves acceptance, but faces betrayal. She pursues revenge and new life.DBT,Korean,Novel,Translations,CWBF,Shoujo,Fantasy

Navia was sitting on the bed, wiping her body with a warm towel when she suddenly felt an overwhelming sleepiness.

"If you're not feeling well, there's no need to force yourself to see Duke Agnes."

Navia shook her head with half-closed eyes.

"He needs to witness for himself that I'm being treated well," she replied.


Margaret looked at her with a pitying expression when Minerva arrived, hugging a medical bag.

Minerva looked at Navia's condition and asked in surprise.

"Did you sleep?"

"Mmm. A little."

Navia lied in a slightly smaller voice.

Margaret pointed out sharply.

"No, you stayed up all night."

Navia avoided Minerva's gaze, which looked at her as if the world was collapsing.

"I'll be more careful in the future."

Instead of saying she wouldn't do it again, Navia cleverly answered that she would be careful.

"Well, now that the treatment is over, shall we change clothes?"

Margaret brought over a sky-blue dress from the table.

The dress wasn't as flashy as Vivian's, but it was neat and lovely, fitting Navia's appearance perfectly.

"This is the dress ordered by Suleiman. This is all we have for now since we don't have more items. I should look for more boutiques that can supply us immediately."

Navia shook her head.

"Boutiques, that's ridiculous. I can wear anything."

"Then I'll look for just any boutique."

While Navia was flustered, Margaret also opened a cake box.

"Have this as a snack after breakfast."

Inside the box were five pieces of cake.

Unable to continually refuse, Navia bowed in thanks.

"Thank you, Lady Margaret."

Navia soon tried on the new clothes.

The sky-blue dress was made of a thick winter fabric with a subtle sheen.

The inside was also lined for warmth, definitely feeling cozy.

With long socks and black Mary Jane shoes, she looked like a charming figure straight out of a fairy tale.

"Now, shall we do your hair?"

Navia spoke cautiously.

"I want it done like last time."

Margaret smiled gently.

"Oh, you liked that style, did you?"


Navia tied her hair slightly to the side with a black ribbon, just like before.

"The black shoes match the black ribbon perfectly."

Navia also smiled thinly as she looked at her reflection in the mirror.

'This also feels soft and nice against the skin.'

In the past, her skin would often hurt from rubbing against clothes. But this dress seemed like it wouldn't hurt no matter how much she wore it.

'It's a shame we couldn't find a coat, but it can't be helped.'

Even with this winter dress, she felt she could withstand a little cold.

Suddenly, the door burst open without a knock.

The three people in the room turned their gaze towards the intruder.

Theorban strode into the room.

Seeing Navia, his expression twisted violently.

"Why are you still here!"

He had secretly hoped Navia would be dead by now, having sent three assassins yesterday.

But there she was, alive and well, even dressed up as if to mock him.

Theorban's face contorted involuntarily.

'Such a long-lived wench!'

Margaret, who already disliked Theorban, was displeased when he suddenly yelled at Navia.

"What is this rudeness, Alvin?"

Margaret asked calmly, but Theorban just snorted.

He had always seen Margaret smiling gently and calmly. Never had he seen her truly angry, which led him to blatantly disrespect her.

Even now, Theorban's attitude was evident in his curt reply.

"I just came to confirm the culprit behind this situation before Duke Agnes arrives."

"Watch your words. Miss Navia is a guest of our lord."

"Guest, my foot!"

Theorban pointed at Navia, his neck veins bulging in anger.

"What kind of guest is she? What's the reason for getting compensation from Agnes today! If she's not a criminal, why should she receive compensation? Make some sense!"

In fact, Theorban's words were logical.

If Navia was forgiven and not treated as a criminal, there was no reason to receive compensation.

However, the mastermind behind this was Wood. In Agnes's case, it was about paying for negotiation and hush money.

"It's just compensation to eliminate any dishonorable implications between the families."


Theorban thought Navia was just eloquently blocking his way, putting herself in front.

He found something to nitpick.

"Why is the maid I sent standing outside like she's being punished! Ignoring my kindness like this, I must believe there's a justifiable reason!"

At his words, Benny next to him paled even more.

There was a justifiable reason.

Margaret spoke calmly.

"I was about to ask the same. How could one of the Count's maids run away, claiming Eseled is cursed and haunted by evil spirits?"

"What are you talking about...?"

"The maid testified."

Hearing this, Theorban glared fiercely at Benny next to him.

"Is that true?"


'These useless things!'

Theorban was about to burst into anger, but suddenly changed his demeanor, shamelessly saying,

"It seems the maid has gone mad since she entered here! It's so dark in here, it's hardly surprising!"

Margaret looked at him with contempt and pointed out.

"Such disrespectful and impolite words are not fitting for a person acting as the head of the family."

"Did I say anything untrue? And besides the maid running away, why is this one standing outside? Isn't this ignoring my kindness!"

Theorban continued to insist on his justification like a parrot, complaining about being ignored.

Margaret, unable to understand how Theorban, who was over thirty, could throw such a childish tantrum, said,

"That maid was negligent in her duties and tried to hide her colleague's escape with lies. Do I have any reason not to take action?"

But Theorban simply could not understand common sense and logic.

"Do you have evidence of what you said? Bring evidence, evidence!"

Margaret sighed in exasperation when suddenly, an elderly gentleman with white hair, Suleiman, appeared at the wide-open door, his expression cold.

"Alvin, what's this commotion?"

Theorban pursed his lips in dissatisfaction.

"A commotion? That's no way to speak to the family representative."

He tried to pressure Suleiman with his position, but the latter paid no heed.

He simply concluded the meaningless quarrel, realizing nothing good would come of it.

"Guests will arrive soon. As the family representative, shouldn't you greet Duke Agnes?"


Theorban, seeing no way to win against two opponents, reluctantly left.

Benny, who had been holding his breath during the commotion, followed him out of the room.

Once the unwelcome guests were gone, Margaret spoke with a headache-inducing expression.

"Count Alvin's indulgence seems to worsen by the day."

Navia was certain Theorban's impudence was almost dangerously close to crossing the line.

No, it wasn't almost; it had clearly crossed it. It just hadn't been decisive yet.

'If he's this shameless, he'll soon come storming into Eseled with his daughter.'

"Suleiman, what about the poplar tree?"

With the mention of the unrelated tree, Suleiman's gaze turned to Navia.

She was staring at the door through which Theorban had left, her face expressionless, unreadable.

He realized the poplar tree must be a significant tool, his heart racing.

"I've looked into one place. What do you plan to do with it?"

Navia turned her head and smiled brightly.

"I'm thinking of making a travel bag."

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