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Chapter 78 - Can We Become a Family?

Forced to be Empress, Navia craves acceptance, but faces betrayal. She pursues revenge and new life.DBT,Korean,Novel,Translations,CWBF,Shoujo,Fantasy

At that, everyone except Navia looked perplexed.

Travel bags, all of a sudden?

"At this time... Really?"

Soon winter would come, with social activities declining, harsh weather, and snow on the roads reducing travelers.

Travel bags in such a situation?

'Ah, is she preparing in advance for sales next spring?'

That would make sense.

Navia smiled, understanding their surprise.

"Yes. If we want to quickly join the upcoming successful business... We should have started preparing earlier, but it's not too late now."

"Join a successful business? What do you mean?"

Suleiman and the others present didn't quite grasp Navia's idea.

What business was expected to be successful, and how were travel bags related to it?

Navia gave them an answer.

"A new hobby of 'train travel' will soon become a craze among the nobility, following reading groups and coffee houses."

At this, Suleiman and Margaret exchanged glances.

They weren't very familiar with the trends of the social world or modern culture.

That made sense, as Suleiman was 63 and Margaret 58, both well past the age for social circles.

Margaret, having never been a chaperone or godmother, was as oblivious to such news as Suleiman.

"Currently, the magic train is barely commercialized."

However, even now, with only about twenty passengers per trip and operating just one round trip a day, 'train travel' was getting attention.

Anyone with a little interest in economics or trends could see its potential.

"What do you imagine in a noblewoman's travel?"

Suleiman stroked his beard, lost in thought.

Train platforms.

Noblewomen wrapped in glamorous fur coats.

Servants struggling to move bags packed with dozens of dresses.

Margaret exclaimed as if struck by an idea.

"A noblewoman showcases her husband's wealth by how many outfits she changes in a day, so the need for numerous travel bags is obvious."

Navia nodded in agreement and added.

"Any noble who can afford the exorbitantly priced magic train tickets is financially comfortable, and their luggage will increase exponentially."


"Now, imagine the shape of these bags."


Bags for packing belongings.

They were made of wood, covered with leather.

Leather was vulnerable to moisture. So, if moved by carriage, flat lids would collect rainwater, causing the leather to rot.

Therefore, lids were rounded, but rounded lids made it difficult to load bags filled with dozens of dresses.

Suleiman still looked puzzled.

"So, you're suggesting making bags with flat lids?"

"If we stop there, the uniqueness decreases. Others can easily replicate that."

Navia fetched writing instruments, which had occupied a corner of the room since writing to Lark, and began to sketch on the table.

"The key point is the act of packing itself. Nobles don't pack their own luggage."

"Right. That's the packer's job."

"I know the best packer. Skilled in packing and crafting bags for various purposes."

He had smoothly risen to prominence among influential noblewomen's packers, even becoming the dedicated packer for Empress Diana.

Navia completed the drawing.

It was a trunk design like no other.

She could draw such an accurate trunk because she had undertaken this venture several times before.

"His name is Ricardo. Summon the young wood artisan from the Poplar Artisan Guild. He's crucial for this venture."

Then, she presented the drawing of the trunk.

"Showing this will get immediate approval."

The three soon huddled together, examining Navia's trunk drawing. It included descriptions.

"Made of canvas, not leather? What does that mean?"

"Canvas is a fabric used for oil painting. When it's treated with glue, it becomes waterproof."

As Navia explained this, Minerva, who was knowledgeable in this area, immediately understood.

"It would be very lightweight too...!"

"Exactly. There's a limit to the weight of luggage that can be loaded onto the train. If the bags are heavy, it means less luggage can be carried."

Nobles typically traveled by train for at least two weeks, often for a month.

Just the clothes, accessories, hats, and shoes required for such trips were quite a load.

"So, the wooden frame of the bag was exposed because it was made of fabric."

'I wonder how the lady comes up with such ideas? Our lady is undoubtedly a genius...!'

Minerva was completely fascinated by the travel bag that was not only aesthetically pleasing but also perfectly practical.

Suleiman, in fact, had no knack for business.

His expertise lay in politics or fighting.

Therefore, while he found Navia's idea quite enticing, he was skeptical about the profitability of just one bag.

"It seems like a good idea. But to start such a business, we'll need to set up a workshop and hire workers, not to mention the cost of raw materials."

Suleiman, forgetting he was speaking to a child, rambled on and then suddenly wondered if Navia could understand all that he said.

After all, the conversation was not typical for a child, and he was still uncertain about it.

Navia nodded as if it were a matter of course, showing no sign of not understanding.

"We'll start with custom orders. Once we get enough orders and word of mouth spreads, we can run the workshop steadily."

'Of course, we'll have to be prepared for a surge in orders from the start.'

This was a business that could not fail as long as the magic train was in operation.

As Suleiman felt reassured about custom orders being a safe bet, Navia glanced at Minerva.

'The pajamas and shoes Minerva made are of very high quality.'

Such design and craftsmanship were rarely seen outside of Ancier Boutique.

In fact, Minerva's creations were even more fresh and innovative.

'This business is not just about riding the wave of the spreading capitalism.'

Packers, costume designers.

They were the outsiders who could infiltrate the daily lives of the nobility.

'Through them, we can naturally gather information.'

Thus, if the business thrived, it would bring both money and intelligence to Eseled.

It was uncertain how much potential Minerva had, but it seemed possible that she could create an even larger workshop than anticipated.

'There are other ways to make money as well.'

Navia hoped that the financial situation would be stable before Creed's arrival in Eselled, as a way to repay a past favor.

Suleiman looked at the trunk Navia had drawn with a pleased smile.

It had been too long since he'd engaged in such a conversation, bringing a special feeling.

Investing in such a venture was not the problem.

The real issue was Lark's opinion.

"It's a good idea, but I'm not sure if the lord will permit it."

When Lark was mentioned, Navia fell silent.

"Don't make it more difficult. The only thing you can do is just that."

Was this business doomed to be shelved?

"It's okay if it's too hard."

After all, the business would surely thrive under Riccardo's management, so they could sell the poplar wood at a higher price later and still make a profit.

'Let's start by asking for a small commission. We'll take it step by step.'

"Please continue to supply the wood. Even just selling the wood will yield a good profit."

It was about doing the best within non-disruptive limits.


Suddenly, Navia heard a strange sound and quickly turned her head.

"What's wrong?"

But it seemed that no one else had heard it.

'Did I hear it wrong?'

"It's nothing. Let's go down now."

Navia continued, looking out the window.

"It seems that Duke Agnis will be arriving soon."

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