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Chapter 77 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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-"Going to Tyburn? Frondier?"

Upon hearing Aten's words, her older sister, Sale, asked back over the phone.

As far as Aten remembered, it was rare for Sale to ask back in surprise.

"Yes. He said he has something to retrieve."

-"Something to retrieve..."

Sale mumbled in a similar way to Aten.

-"So, he left something in Tyburn?"

"I think so too."

-"Then, has Frondier been to Tyburn before?"

"If we interpret his words literally, yes."

Sale and Aten had the same thoughts.

Tyburn was hell for those who had been there, and a land of fear and unknown for those who hadn't.

A place with only convicts and soldiers to be used as meat shields, and constant attacks from monsters.

And he said he has something to retrieve from a region where no one, nothing is known.

It can't be explained unless he had been to Tyburn before.

In other words, Frondier 'left something' in Tyburn, and he is going back to retrieve it this vacation.

"Tyburn is an area that's more than just dangerous. And he’s insisting on going back there."

I don't know what it is, but he's clearly planning to bring back something tremendous.

The Frondier that Aten saw was strong enough to be excessive for a student, but it was in a state where that wasn't important.

-But Aten.


-Why are you telling me this? You don't think I'm going to help that Frondier, do you?

What Sale knows about the Frondier is that her mother, Philly, sent Aten to dig up information on Dragon Heart.

In other words, it's none of her business.

Sale does not know that the person who stopped Elysia is the Frondier. If she finds out, her evaluation of the Frondier will fall to rock bottom.

"What are you talking about, sis? It's just part of the chatter."

-...You know you're becoming more and more like mom, right?

"So this is a completely different story."

Aten continued to speak, ignoring what she had heard.

"I've found a place I want to go on vacation."

-...Hey. You. Hold on a second.

"The purpose of Constel's vacation is to improve the individual skills of the students. So I'm going to travel a bit to improve my skills. That's not strange at all, right?"

-"Hey! Are you out of your mind? Do you even know where that is? You think I would allow it?

"What are you talking about? I haven't even mentioned where I'm going to travel yet. Of course, I'll behave myself, but who knows what will happen in the world? It might be a much more dangerous journey than I thought? Oh, but don't worry. I doubt anything will happen. It's just a 'one-month' trip."

Aten's audacity reached its peak.

A deep sigh was heard from the other end of the phone.

-I wondered why you were telling me this, not mom.

"What are you talking about, sis. I can chat with anyone, whether it's mom or you."

-I got it. No matter 'where' you go, I'll help you prepare for a pleasant trip. I'll even assign a guard. But remember, the guard is also there to watch you. If you do anything dangerous, or even step a toe into danger, I'll have the guard arrest you and lock you up in the palace.

"Thanks. I didn't ask for it."

It wasn't a favor.

"That's called a threat, Aten."

-So this is a completely different story.

Sale followed Aten's words.

-Do you like Frondier?


Aten's words stopped at Sale's question. Is it because she's embarrassed? When Sale was imagining Aten's blushing face,

"I'm not sure."

Aten gave an answer that seemed a bit surprising, yet very like her.

-You're not sure?

"Yeah. I don't even know what that is."

Hmm. Indeed.

Although she tries to act mature in front of Sale, Aten is still young. Especially since she spent most of her time confined in the palace.

-You might find out this time?


Aten answered casually.

And about 3 seconds later, she spoke again.

"No, what are you talking about? I'm just going on a trip during the vacation."

-Yes, that's right.

Afterwards, Aten tried to ignore Sale's half-teasing words and ended the call.

Between the stark white, and equally cold-looking expressionless face, her white eyes blinked.

"Hmm. I'm a woman who knows her limits too."

Who are you saying is going to follow?

I'm just going on a trip during the vacation.

Everything that happens after that is nothing more than a coincidence.

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