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Chapter 78 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

I became an Extra in a game no one cleared, defy fate by duplicating objects! DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,AWR,Fantasy,Reincarnation,Harem

Tyburn (1)

For days, there was an odd silence in the Roach household.

Because Enfer had been so depressed lately, all the servants quietly minded their own business.

The rumor that I was going to Tyburn must have already spread among them somehow.

Whenever a maid would pass me by and give me a sad look, I felt strange.

However, my training with Azier continued relentlessly. We actually intensified it. I wasn’t going there to play, but to others, it looked like I was going to die. But training, no matter how much, wasn’t enough.

By the way, my one-on-one training with Azier had started to feel like a proper training session. I couldn’t tell if I had just gotten better, or if I had simply gotten used to Azier.


In the middle of our training, Azier suddenly said to me while sheathing her spear.

“You asked me to show my disarming technique before.”


I looked at Azier, wondering what he would say next.

“It would be faster if you actually experienced it.”

“Are you going to show it to me?”

“Your body seems ready now. No matter how much you prepare for Tyburn, it won’t be enough.”

That’s true.

Azier gently thrust the tip of his spear out to me.

“But you must have tried disarming someone before.”

Azier said this as if he had already seen through me.

I couldn’t deny it, since I had indeed tried it before.

“How was it? Did you succeed?”

“I succeeded halfway.”

“What do you mean, halfway?”

“I made my opponent drop their weapon, but I also dropped mine.”

I had tried disarming Renzo.

I had indeed made Renzo drop his greatsword, but my body cried out in pain when I tried to disarm him, so I ended up dropping my weapon as well.

But when I told him that, something strange flashed in Azier’s eyes. What was it? Did I say something weird?

“Then show me. Do your disarming technique.”



I extended my shortsword towards the spear tip that Azier had pointed at me. For reference, this sword is a real one made by Neil Jack.

And just like what I had originally done, the moment I unfurled the paper,

Azier’s spear floated up, and I was still holding my shortsword.


I succeeded. Just like that.

Azier looked at me as if it was to be expected.

“Earlier, you said you even dropped your weapon? Was it because of the pain?”

“Yes. That’s why I thought I would fail this time as well.”

“The pain is because your body wasn’t ready yet. If you made the opponent drop their weapon, then the technique itself is a success. And now, your body is different from then.”

My body was ready. That’s what Azier said.

Azier had predicted from the start that I would succeed.

In other words,

“You can now use ‘Falling Edge’. Though clumsily.”

Azier seemed somewhat displeased with his own remark.

* * *

And then on the day of the holiday ceremony.

Surprisingly, there were quite a few people who came to see me off to Tyburn.

Teachers like Jane and Binkis threw a word at me as they passed by.

It was partly because Elodie had spread the word all over Constel, but I didn’t feel bad about it.

It was just strange how all of them seemed to be seeing me off like I was going to die soon.


After Teacher Jane’s brief admonition, Aster came looking for me in class.

Aster shook his head, as if in admiration or despair.

"You won't be able to win. Are you really going to that place?"

"I don't know. If I don't come back, you'll naturally win."

Aster averted his gaze at my words, as if it really could happen.

It was a joke.

“Aster, where are you going?”

Aster’s plans for the holiday.

Since Aster is the protagonist, players can freely set Aster’s plans.

Efficiency might be limited to only few cases, but the current Aster wouldn't care about that, nor could he.

Aster replied.

"I want to learn the sword from my sister."

"…From Senior Ellen? Wasn't she going to become a Pro intern?"

When I had heard from Ellen, she was going to be an intern for Eden Hamelot.

Aster responded as if it were nothing special.

"Yeah. So, I'm going to join too."

I was taken aback.

A Pro internship isn't something that's easily given. It's a precious opportunity offered only to those among the third years who have proven their skills and grades.

Not to mention Ellen, who is in her second year, and now Aster, just a freshman.

"I don't think Eden cares about such things."

"......That's true."

"Huh? You know about Eden?"

"No, I just heard rumors and I think that's what it is."

I dodged the question, but of course, I knew. Eden's personality.

Eden is currently the top Pro, having held that position for a very long time.

However, for someone like that, he has a remarkably ordinary impression. Unless he is fighting, his demeanor is that of an average person.

His personality is simple, humble, optimistic. It feels like he's taken all the ordinary aspects to an extreme.

When that simplicity goes to the extreme, it makes you realize that it's not quite normal.

The humility fit for settling in the imperial palace, the simplicity that wouldn't mind homelessness, the optimism as if he would have a peaceful face even if the world were to end tomorrow.

Eden has surpassed clear-mindedness; his mental state is like the currents of the deep sea. No matter how fierce the waves are above the sea level, he himself remains as tranquil as the deep sea.

But this time, that almost abnormal 'tranquility' proved to be helpful.

In this world, Aster is too righteous and boyish, just like a real protagonist. With Eden and Ellen, Aster would be guided on the best path to growth.

"But Frondier."


"Did you fight with Elodie?"

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