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Chapter 79 - Can We Become a Family?

Forced to be Empress, Navia craves acceptance, but faces betrayal. She pursues revenge and new life.DBT,Korean,Novel,Translations,CWBF,Shoujo,Fantasy

Before heading down to the lobby, Theorban glared at Benny sharply.

Unaware that the maid he had sent would flee, Theorban's face quickly turned red with anger and he slapped Benny across the face.


"How dare you embarrass me by failing to do even this simple task?"

Benny felt terribly wronged.

"But Sairen said this place is cursed with evil spirits..."

Enraged, Theorban slapped Benny's cheek again.



"Shut up! How dare a mere maid mock me? Do you think I'd believe such nonsense?"

Benny, with her cheek already swollen red, hung her head low.

Theorban continued to harshly berate her.

"The girl is alive today, so there's a setback in my plan. This is all because you didn't follow my instructions!"

Theorban had intended to frame Agnes for Navia's disappearance.

This would certainly not go unnoticed by Agnes.

Since Navia was staying at Eselred, the responsibility naturally fell on those of the Duke's household.

This was an excellent opportunity to diminish or even expel Suleiman and Margaret's influence.

"Damn girl!"

She seemed to have nothing but a long lifeline.

Theorban completely disregarded the possibility that Lark had saved the child.

Navia was staying on the second floor.

To Lark, she was a meaningless human who could be sent away at any moment, someone whose death he wouldn't care about.

Those who mattered to him were those who could access the third floor.

"There's still a chance. The Duke of Agnes hasn't arrived yet."

Theorban stopped at the central staircase and looked up at the third floor.

A brilliant idea suddenly flashed in his mind.

"Could that lowly woman access the third floor?"


Satisfied with Benny's response, Theorban smiled contentedly.

"Throw that trash into the third floor. That will solve everything."

Anyone unauthorized by Lark to enter the third floor would be immediately beheaded.

Theorban had personally witnessed someone dying the moment they set foot on the third floor.

"You'll manage that without mistake, won't you?"

Benny shivered, unable to respond immediately, haunted by fear of Margaret's powers.

At that moment, Theorban drew a sword from his waist.

"If you fail, I'll immediately cut off your neck."

As the sword blade flashed ominously, Benny swallowed hard and replied.

"…Yes, I understand."

Just then, a servant brought by Theorban came up to report.

"The Duke of Agnes' carriage is entering."

Theorban sheathed his sword and gestured to the servant.

"Let's go."

As he headed to the main gate, a line of grand carriages, adorned with the family's emblem in gold, arrived.

The carriage stopped, and a well-dressed coachman respectfully opened the door.

Nikan greeted Theorban with a pleasant smile.

"Long time no see, Count Alvin."

Theorban also responded with a smile, hiding his dark intentions, and laughed heartily.

"What a fine day. Isn't it, Duke?"

Nikan's eyes narrowed mockingly at the blatantly provocative remark.

"Indeed. It seems like a day for good things to happen."

Then Margaret and Suleiman also came out to meet him.

Nikan glanced at them and then focused on the last girl to appear, twisting his lips.

"I have brought the compensation as promised."

Navia Agnes.

His proud foster daughter still boasted an almost inhuman beauty.

Navia, clearly living in luxury, had never been seen styled like this during her stay at Agnes.

Bright-colored dresses and white socks were not part of Navia's wardrobe.

She had only somber colors like mouse gray, deep wine, and dark blue – dresses that looked drab and worn.

It was a symbol of mourning.

Even after the three-month mourning period for her fake parents, Nikan continued to dress Navia in such clothes.

To firmly imprint her situation on everyone, to prevent her from easily blending in, to create a sense of alienation.

To understand her place and realize how different she was from Wood and Vivian.

To cultivate political usefulness through political actions. That was Nikan's philosophy.

Even so.

'She should be running to me in tears by now.'

Even if she had enjoyed unprecedented luxury, Navia was supposed to do so.

"It's been a while, Navia."

To Navia, the only place of significance had to be with Agnes, and the father she was to revere and serve had to be himself. He had brainwashed her so.

But Navia didn't cry or run to him; instead, she greeted him awkwardly, like a seven-year-old child who had just stood in front of him for the first time, covered in filth.

"Good to see you, Duke Agnes."

There was a noticeable distance between them, as if they were meeting for the first time.

Nikan twitched his fingers.

It was a strange feeling, as if an intangible force had swept in and pushed him away.

'It's just my imagination.'

Navia pushing him away? Her life was thoroughly permeated with Agnes; it was impossible.

"…Good. I'm glad to see you're doing well. You must have read the letter I sent?"

"Of course."

Nikan narrowed his eyes and scrutinized Navia closely.

Despite being covered by her clothes, he noticed thin gauze-like materials on her exposed hands and neck.

It was clear that on that day, when Wood had taken her away with the hitman, his son had ruthlessly mishandled her.

'Is that why the brainwashing is faltering? Does it also affect manners?'

This Navia was a huge disappointment and even distanced herself from him, making him click his tongue in disapproval.

But it didn’t matter since she was not meant to be the empress. This flaw was acceptable.

In fact, it was better if she was a fool.

After all, he planned to bring her back into his family and treat her like a servant.

Click. Click.

Just then, another carriage entered the lobby.

Hearing this, Nikan turned around with a composed expression.

The carriage door opened, and a handsome man with an academic aura stepped out.

"Over there is Sir Edward Spencer. Teacher, come this way."

Nikan had summoned Edward just in case, and it turned out to be a very appropriate arrangement.

Edward, removing his hat, greeted politely.

"I am Edward Spencer. I was Navia's private tutor until recently."

Schleman and Margaret looked at him suspiciously upon hearing that he was Navia's tutor.

Navia had definitely been mistreated while at Agnes.

This man must have contributed to it or at least been a bystander.

Nikan expressed his concern.

"He's an excellent teacher who was solely responsible for Navia's education. However, since her education period was not sufficient, I requested him to assess if she caused any trouble."

There was something off in his words.

Schleman raised an eyebrow and said.

"I don’t understand why the Duke still tries to exert influence over her as if she were his own child, even after transferring her custody to Eseled."

Using the term 'assessment' for Navia also seemed highly unpleasant.

'What does he think of a child to say such things...'

Then, Theorban interjected.

"As the child’s custody is still with Duke Agnes, it’s only natural."

"Count Alvin."

Theorban scoffed at Schleman’s warning call.

He was annoyed that his time to confirm the compensation was being delayed because of a child he would soon dispose of.

The important matter wasn't these trivial word games.

'I had been worrying about how to get rid of that girl, but this is perfect. I’ll send her upstairs and call out this Spencer or whatever teacher to create a moment when she’s alone.'

He couldn’t possibly fail in dealing with a mere eight-year-old after setting up the stage like this.

Theorban said smugly.

"Come now, let’s have the young lady go upstairs for an assessment. This is an order as the proxy of the Eseled family head."

Margaret tried to intervene, but Navia held her hand.

Looking down, Navia smiled reassuringly, as if to say there was no need to worry.

"Teacher is a wonderful person."

Meaning, there was no need for concern.

At her response, Nikan smiled contentedly, and the retainers of Eseled wore strange expressions.

Edward unconsciously tightened his grip on the hat in his hand.

Her words were undoubtedly signaling that he was 'an ally'.

It might be his wishful thinking, but his heart raced with a sort of hopeful expectation.

To Edward, Navia was already a perfect master.

Without hesitation, Edward approached Navia to offer his escort.

"Let's go."

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