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Chapter 79 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Tyburn (2)

Before heading to Tyburn, I did a final review in the training room.

Thanks to successfully completing the final exam, after repeating simultaneous weaving in the training room, the level of my weaving skill finally increased.

[Your unique skill 'Weaving' has leveled up.]

[The application range of 'Weaving' has increased.]

[Current application targets of 'Weaving': 'Objects', 'Skills']

Now, weaving applies not only to objects but also to skills. In other words, I can now mimic others' skills upon observation.

However, since the skill of weaving originally replicates as an 'illusion', it doesn't enjoy the real effects of the actual skills. It might be somewhat possible within Menosorpo, but even that is limited.

I need to run some tests for the details, but that wasn't immediately important.

Currently, my weaving has an option attached called 'Descent of Thanatos'.

- When weaving acts on reality for the first time, a trigger is activated.

- When weaving inflicts damage on 'monsters from the outside', a trigger is activated.

- When weaving inflicts damage on a god, a trigger is activated.

Thanatos attached this option to check my weaving. When it was attached or how it was done, I still don't know.

With this shitty thing attached, I can't do anything in Tyburn.

My main weapon is weaving, but if I touch the outside monsters with weaving, Thanatos would appear again.

However, now that weaving's application range includes 'skills', I can modify weaving itself.

I used weaving to apply a modification 'degradation' to weaving itself.

[Option 'Descent of Thanatos' has been removed.]


I can't assert that the interference of the gods has completely disappeared, but at least weaving won't be an obstacle anymore.

Finally, all the preparations were done.

* * *

After packing the necessary luggage at the mansion, I finally headed out the main gate to go to Tyburn.

But in front of me was a vehicle I had never seen before. The driver was also a face I had never seen.

As I looked at Malia with a question mark, she awkwardly smiled.

"Ah, perhaps to prevent your heart from weakening and not being able to return, your father has brought someone else."


It did seem a bit excessive, but it's a good thing Enfer's opinion has changed.

Since he can't stop me from going to Tyburn anyway, he's probably trying to ignite a fire in my heart.

When I left the mansion, only the servants and Malia were there to see me off. Azier and Enfer were nowhere to be seen.

"Remember that Mom is cheering for you, come back safe, Frondier."


"Don't die."


She said it jokingly, but her face was anything but joking, so I answered seriously.

When I got into the car, the driver set off immediately. He already seemed to know where we were going.

Even though they're both in the north, Tyburn and Yeranhes are located at opposite ends, east and west.

It's going to take a while, so maybe I should take a nap...

* * *

"We're here."

I opened my eyes at the sound of the driver's voice.

As soon as I got out of the car, the driver turned around and sped away without even saying goodbye. I guess he was instructed to do so by Enfer.

“……It's cold."

Yeranhes wasn't a warm city, but here the air feels like frozen ice pellets are flying around.

As far as I know, the absolute temperature difference isn't that big, so I guess it's because there are no people here.

The place where I stood had only one road, and everything else was a frozen wasteland. In front of me was a huge outer wall that filled my field of vision.

Tyburn's situation was unique, so the region itself developed in a unique way. A very solid outer wall surrounded the outside, and inside it were houses, shops, and other places where people lived. This was to separate the monsters outside or the prisoners managed by Tyburn.

Here too, I could see a huge, seemingly sturdy circular building, which was the prison managed by Tyburn. Since Tyburn used prisoners to block most of the fortifications, it naturally had a strong prison.

Next to it were barracks, and the wall separated the barracks, the prison, and the civilians' area. If you looked from above, it would look like a giant circle divided into three more spaces.

Certainly, I now realize that I'm in for a life not so different from those soldiers. Though, coming from Roach, I might be treated a bit differently.

"Alright, let's go."

With my resolve hardened, I moved forward. But I hadn't taken many steps before I stopped dead in my tracks.

A strange woman stood before me. It was such an unexpected appearance that I couldn't tell if she had been there all along or had just arrived.

The blonde woman lightly held the ends of her skirt and gracefully bowed her head.

The design of her uniform and the manner of her greeting brought one word to my mind.

"I am honored to meet the head of the Roach family."

A maid.

The maid greeted me in a manner befitting a maid, showing me an expression typical of a maid.

"…Who might you be?"

For now, I responded politely.

Though I asked, I had a guess. No, I at least knew where she was from.

"From now on, I will be assisting the Lord Roach."

"From Manggot?"

"Yes, that's correct."

The maid acknowledged coolly. Well, there's nobody around to hear us, so naturally.

The woman wore a gentle smile, her expression and gestures were quite enchanting. Her beauty was objectively high, but it was her expression and gaze that caught my attention first.

She either had a natural ability to seduce men or had been trained to appear so.

"Where did Hagley go?"

I asked about the guy who had revealed his name in the infirmary.

"He is my superior."

Meaning, he had backed out.

Since their plan to use me to eliminate Elodie had failed, they must have sought other means.

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