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Chapter 79 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

I became an Extra in a game no one cleared, defy fate by duplicating objects! DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,AWR,Fantasy,Reincarnation,Harem


I examined the maid's attire. It was only barely a maid outfit, with excessive exposure. Given the maid's own physique, it made it all the more apparent. It was on the verge of looking vulgar, but just barely managed not to cross that line.

…The intention was painfully obvious.

"Your name?"

"In Manggot, I was called 'Jei.' If Lord Roach wishes, you may give me another name."


Meaning she didn't have a proper name.

I looked at Jei with my 'analyze' skill.


- 'Manggot's assassin.

- The name Jei is derived from the alphabet. Assassins were trained and named in alphabetical order. Meaning, she is Manggot's tenth assassin*.

- Her parents named her 'Selena', but she doesn't remember it.

- Her parents were alive─

[T/N*: J is 10th english alphabet, its written as 제이 (Jei) in korean]

The analysis cut off there.

From this point on, it was instinctual that an enormous amount of mana would be required.

"Did you say we could give her another name?"

"…Yes, of course. If you wish."

Jei, perhaps not really knowing she could be given another name, answered a bit late.

I said,

"Selena. From today on, you are Selena."

Even if I don't know who her parents were, it was a name given with care.

It would be a shame to just forget it.


Jei, now Selena, blinked for a moment at my declaration.

Her small mouth agape, her eyes wavering.

"What's wrong?"

"…Oh, no. Selena. I will live by that name from today on."

Selena smiled again.

Though she said she forgot, perhaps somewhere in her mind, the memory remained.

"Is it okay for me to go to Tyburn now?"

"Don't worry. I will protect you, Lord Frondier."

With those words, Selena bowed again.

Her outfit was too revealing, and she wasn't bowing deeply, so her white skin and chest were exposed. Well, that was probably the intention in the first place.

I felt that life in Tyburn might be more tiring than I had anticipated.

* * *

"Kid. Pack your bags and go back right now."

Ludwig said as soon as he saw me.

Since coming to Tyburn was part of Constel's holiday plans, it was only natural to formally greet Ludwig, the head of the household.

However, Ludwig was very uncooperative from the moment he saw me.

"Can't you understand? Your dad has sent you to your doom."

Ludwig's expression was pretty bad. It seemed more because of Enfer rather than me. Sending his own child to Tyburn, even if he was a good-for-nothing? Such thoughts were clearly reflected in his eyes.

"It seems like you've come to Tyburn on a whim, having heard of it only in rumors or writings. Go back now and cling to your father's coattails. If you beg and plead, even he might not turn you away. He's still your father, after all."

"I came here of my own accord."

"What's that?"

Ludwig's eyebrows were at different heights, which made his oddly bent brows look somewhat amusing.

"Then I really can't acknowledge you."

"Why not?"

"Because I don't associate with madmen."

Then Ludwig glanced sideways at me.

"And bringing a woman to the battlefield is beyond madness; it's insanity. Do you know the difference between the two?"

"What is it?"

"A madman threatens not only the enemy but also his own allies, while an insane person ruins the strategy altogether."

That makes sense.

It hits closer to home since Selena wasn't my choice.

"However, I came here with my family's permission. Even Lord Urfa can't just throw me out without consideration."

"…Tch, go to the corner room on the left side of the second floor. That's your room."

As expected. Despite his words, he was prepared.

I bowed slightly to Ludwig and headed to the second floor, with Selena following me.

Ludwig's voice, filled with a sigh, could be heard. He never bothered to hide it.


It seemed to grow by one letter each time.

* * *

Those who fend off monster invasions in Tyburn are broadly divided into two categories.

Prisoners, and those who are not prisoners.

Naturally, prisoners are the most used, but it's impossible to fend off the external monsters with them alone.

They are merely meat shields to block indiscriminate advances. Of course, the prisoners sent to Tyburn are generally dangerous individuals who have committed terrible crimes, so they have the skills necessary for fighting. They are, after all, quite premium meat shields.

And then there are the mercenaries. They are drawn by the enormous sums of money offered by Ludwig. Of course, it's not all paid by the Urfa family but by the Empire's funds. Stopping the invasions is of utmost importance to the Empire.

And then there are the knights and wizards. Their objectives vary greatly. There are direct knights filled with immense loyalty to Ludwig, mad researchers willing to sacrifice themselves to uncover the true nature of the monsters beyond, and those who have come as part of their duties, promised a position among the Imperial wizards.

However, no one came for 'training.'

Especially if someone, still not even an adult, came during the 'holiday' period, they would be considered insane.

"They say a madman has arrived."

"Yeah, I heard."

Near the Urfa estate barracks.

The knights exchanged words among themselves, fueled by rumors from the estate.

"He even brought a woman with him."

"Hmm. That's too much for a crazy person."

"It's the breasts."

A crude conversation was followed by equally crude laughter.

"Hey, Robert. They say he's from Constel, know him? You were in the capital until a few days ago."

One of the knights spoke to a man who had been quietly standing out of line.

It was Robert, a direct knight of Philly.

The same man who had pretended to be a detective (though quickly discovered) and investigated the Frondier, was somehow in Tyburn.

Robert let out a long sigh.

"How many people do you think are in the capital?"

"True, as if we'd know such a madman."

The knights laughed heartily once more.

"So, how much are you betting?"

"One week, 10,000 Quirs."

"Five days. 15,000."

The knights were briefly entertained by betting on how many days the madman would last before dying.

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