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Chapter 80 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Tyburn (3)

“...What are you doing?”

I ended up asking, unable to ignore the behavior unfolding in the room.

Selena, looking back at me, retorted as if questioning why I would even ask.

“I’m changing my clothes.”

Selena was already almost in her underwear. Her sensual figure was ‘appropriately’ exposed to my view. Of course, it was clear she was showing it off on purpose.

“There’s nowhere else to change.”

While provocatively changing her clothes, Selena was shameless.

“Huh. There’s nowhere else to change, you say.”

“Yes, yes, exactly.”

Selena nodded with a smile, her lips seeming to tempt even further.


I crushed the necklace Black Lotus. It might be a bit showy for such an occasion, but it seemed like a good opportunity to establish our relationship.

Weaving, Obsidian.

Rank - Divine


I created an arrow of Artemis and held it in my hand.

“You being a part of Manggot, you must’ve heard about what I did in Constel, right?”

“Th-that’s correct?”

“Then, you know about the ‘Fireworks’?”


Selena swallowed her saliva. It was a sign of affirmation.

“This arrow never misses its target.”

I took a step towards Selena. She stepped back, looking intimidated.

“Who said you could step back? You said you would serve me.”

“I-I’m sorry.”

I approached Selena closely, pointing the tip of the arrow towards her.

“You need to report every move I make to Manggot. I don’t know when or how often, but there must be a hotline connecting here and Manggot.”

Just like Hagley I met in Constel’s infirmary, and Selena, these Manggot folks appear without any warning.

It’s probably some sort of ‘Teleport’ set up by Hagley the day he first met Frondier.

“And that ridiculous outfit, you got that from there too, didn’t you? Saying there’s nowhere to change?”

“Ah, ahaha. Going to Manggot is still far ahead, young master. I’m really here to serve Lord Frondier,”

“Far ahead, you say? When is that?”

“Th-that’s, in about fifteen days.”

My expression turned cold. Part of it was an act, but I was genuinely displeased.

“I’ve said before. This arrow doesn’t miss.”


“Since you said fifteen days, let’s test it out. If you stray from my side even for a moment during the next 15 days, this arrow will pierce your neck on its own. Do you agree?”

Selena, slow to grasp my words, blinked several times, then suddenly turned pale. In an instant, she knelt down and pressed her forehead to the ground.

“I-I’m so sorry! I deserve to die.”

“If you deserve to die, wouldn’t dying be fitting?”

Selena simply trembled all over at my words.

─I don't know what expression Selena, who is now burying her head, is making.

So far, she has put on quite a performance to seduce me, and even now, it could be an extension of that performance.

Though she is trembling, she might genuinely be scared, ashamed of my threat, or laughing, thinking her act will work on me.

No matter what, I can't kill Selena. The only reason Manggot needs me is because of the 'Ancient Language'. If they judge that I have no value and am rather a hindrance, they will immediately cut my throat.

"From now on, if you're going to do something unnecessary, go do it in Manggot."

"That, does that mean I should change my clothes in Manggot every time...?"

"Not just changing clothes, but everything that has nothing to do with serving me, whether you're eating or going to the bathroom, solve it all there."

At those words, Selena muttered a mosquito-like 'understood'.

She must not like it. Because it means she can't use most of her methods to seduce me.

"Don't show your face and disappear."


Selena, who answered, hid her appearance as she bowed her head. The disappearing form was similar to Hagley's. It was always a fascinating transition.

"Sigh, now I can finally be at ease."

Finally, it's my alone time. It should have been normal, but Selena unexpectedly came in and disrupted this time.

Just when I thought of organizing my thoughts,

"I, I've changed my clothes."

I was disturbed again.


Selena was in her pajamas. Of course, like the maid outfit, it only gave off that vibe, but it unnecessarily emphasized her figure. The waistline was deeply indented, as if it were something to be worn in a comic.

Seeing Selena in pajamas that didn't serve their purpose at all, I grew colder.

"Why did you come back?"

"Ye, yes?"

"Wearing pajamas means you're about to go to sleep, isn't it?"

"That, that's right. It's late, so…"

"I said to deal with things unrelated to serving me in Manggot."

Selena opened her mouth at my words.

"Then, does sleeping in Manggot also…?"

"So, how is your sleeping related to protecting me?"

"…It's not."

"Get lost."

Selena mumbled with her mouth, then thinned her lips and bowed her head.

The last face of her disappearing seemed a bit indignant.

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