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Chapter 85 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Barrier (2)

From the room in the academy's lodging, Aten began her explanation, writing directly on the paper.

"First, magic typically goes through four stages before it's complete: mana manipulation, incantation, spell arrangement, and release. Here, the incantation can sometimes be omitted, and since Ms. Sybil only needs to add mana to the completed magic, we'll leave the explanation about incantations for later. The 'formula' is important first; there's a minimum arrangement needed for the magic to manifest, and then you add spell formulas to it according to the situation and preference. With each addition, it goes like this: formula 1, formula 2, and so on─"

"Um, Aten."

Sybil, who had been quietly listening, raised her hand.

"I've never used magic before; can I really do it?"

Sybil found it hard to keep up with the current explanation.

Aten had spoken so calmly about it that she reflexively agreed, but now that she was hearing the detailed explanation, everything seemed to go dark before her eyes.

"You have to try your best."

"I think it might be better to call another magician."

"I'd like to, but no one is coming."

For starters, there are no magicians volunteering. Knights can be brought in with loyalty, honor, and money, but magicians are not swayed by such things.

Of course, if Aten were to speak to her sister Sale, she would dispatch someone by royal command, but by the time they convey the situation at the barrier, go through a meeting at the palace, decide which magician would be suitable, and send an official request to dispatch a magician here, the region known as Tyburn would no longer exist.

"Even so, 5 days is just too short…"

Sybil murmured with a lack of confidence in her voice.

"Frondier said that you can do it, Ms. Sybil. Moreover, he said you might even be better than other magicians."

Frondier really did say that. Even if there were magicians available for immediate deployment in Tyburn right now, he would choose Sybil.

Whether that was a decision based on fact, if Frondier was mistaken about something, or it was due to personal feelings for Sybil, was unclear.

"Really now. What does Frondier think he knows to be ordering me around?"

Indeed. Aten barely managed to suppress her agreement.

It was clear that Sybil possessed exceptional talent. Her talent was well-known within Constel, having mastered Aura in no time at all.

However, her talent was strictly as a 'swordsman'. Sybil had never even handled magic as a magician.

Yet, Frondier boldly stated that 'Sybil could do it in 5 days'. He said this in front of Aten herself, the knights, the commander of the knights, and even the head of the Urfa family.

What did Frondier really know?

"Frondier said that calling Miss Sybil 'a once-in-a-lifetime genius' would be an understatement."

Aten relayed exactly what Frondier had said.

Regardless of the truth of those words, it was important to boost Sybil's confidence, who was feeling anxious.

"…Hmm. Is that so?"

Sybil asked nonchalantly, though she forced a smile.

"Then, shall we see how far we can go? We have to do it anyway."


Aten nodded.

She was surprised that praise worked so well on Sybil.

* * *

Sanders' office.

Sanders was engulfed in thought over the report he had just received.

After hearing Frondier's story, he had ordered a check on the barrier, and it was just as Frondier had said.

The right barrier was surprisingly holding up. Moreover, looking at the state of the barrier, it seemed all the weight was concentrated there.

To even maintain this precarious barrier standing, we must prevent the monsters from approaching at all.

Even if Sybil manages to master mana in just 5 days, what about during those 5 days?

Frondier said he would try on his own, but it was hard to believe him.

"How can a student alone fend off the monsters outside?"


Someone knocked on the office door at that moment.

"It's Urfa, the family head. May I come in?"

The voice belonged to Ludwig. Sanders was somewhat surprised but quickly got up and opened the door.

"Lord, what brings you here...?"

"Ha, what indeed. Just bored and decided to visit."

Ludwig said, with a face that didn't look like he was here for a visit at all. As Sanders remained silent, unable to say anything, Ludwig grinned and raised his hand.

"Seriously. Take a look at this."

In Ludwig's hand were a bottle of liquor and glasses. Perhaps something was needed to open up the conversation. Sanders bowed his head.

As Ludwig entered, Sanders pulled up a chair to make space.

They sat opposite each other, and Ludwig took a brief look around the room.

"Oh, the arrangement has changed, hasn't it?"

"Yes. I hoped the surroundings would be as similar as possible."

Sanders had arranged the interior of the office to closely resemble that of the Shroud Knights' time.

Of course, the items themselves were entirely different, but just changing the arrangement made Sanders feel the familiarity of Shroud.

Ludwig opened the bottle of liquor. Sanders reached out to pour it for him, but Ludwig waved his hand.

He poured liquor into his glass and then Sanders's glass as well.

The two slowly enjoyed their drinks and shared a simple conversation. Sanders felt a light warmth in his body and his mind eased a little.

“Haha, you must find this place so uncomfortable. It is an order with a proud history and tradition.”

“…Or just old and outdated.”

Sanders’ words were far from humble. His bitter tone and squinting eyes spoke volumes of his sincerity.

“What do you mean? Wasn’t this order the one that ruled the continent in the past? You must know that Shroud played a big role in dividing the land between humans and monsters. Surely, you understand how glorious that achievement was.”

“Of course, it was back then. Every member of the Shroud Order took pride in themselves and in their order. I did too.”

“…And now you don’t?”

Sanders squinted his tipsy eyes at Ludwig’s question.

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