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Chapter 85 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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“Our ancestors recognized the great deeds of the Shroud Order and called them to the central region to provide them with benefits and protection. At that time, we thought that it was a well-deserved reward and we pledged our loyalty. However, too much time has passed since then.”

The ancestors had died, and the current ruler, Bartello, was old.

For all that time, Shroud had remained in the central region.

“Now, this order is busy hiding in the central region. The glory that once intimidated even the monsters outside has long since faded.”

To the citizens who did not know the internal situation, it seemed like Shroud had simply given up the top spot but was still believed to be powerful.

In Sanders’ eyes, Shroud was but an empty shell of its former self.

Ludwig said, in a comforting tone, “People grow slack when there is prolonged peace. It’s not just Shroud; the same goes for others. But they will rise again when the time comes. Even tigers need time to rest.”

“Tigers… I used to be called that. I miss it.”

Sanders smiled wryly. Ludwig felt a pang of regret at that.

“The present Shroud Knights are really no more than watchdogs.”

“……Sir Sanders.”

“What’s the point of a tiger with its claws and teeth gone, who can’t bite anything? That’s why it hides. It’s old, so it’s obvious.”

With that, Sanders took a sip of his drink. It tasted bitter the more he drank. He wasn't sure if the drink was originally like that, or if something else was happening.

“……The current Shroud Knights won’t even amount to the soles of the Roach Knights’ feet.”

The Roach Knights.

The Knights of the Roach family, led by Enfer de Roach.

His ability to never allow the intrusion of monsters wasn’t limited to his individual strength.

Naturally, his order of knights was also a major pillar for his achievement of ‘impenetrability’.

There were those who said it was presumptuous to name an order of knights after your own family, but no one doubted their ability.

“Roach, huh. Hahahaha.”

Ludwig laughed.

“What about Frondier then?”

“……Why do you bring up that child’s name?”

“Why not? Because Frondier, he’s Frondier de Roach.”

Sanders’ mouth hung open.

“Then, is Frondier, that……”

“That’s right. He’s not a cousin or relative, but Enfer’s real son, the second son of the Roach family.”

“……That’s surprising. I thought so based on his name, but. I wouldn’t have expected Sir Enfer to send his own son to Tyburn.”

“Frondier said he came on his own.”

“……That’s even more surprising.”

Sanders recalled Frondier’s sleepy face.

Judging by that expression alone, it seemed like he was bothered by everything in the world.

“So how about it? Frondier? Is he worth taking into your order?”

“……His talent is excellent. I’d keep an eye on him. Although we still don’t know his true identity, it’d be more than enough for a knight.”

Sanders was praising Frondier, but his expression was the complete opposite.

“There’s something you’re not saying, isn’t there?”

Sanders chuckled at Ludwig's observation. It was a fair point.

Sanders nodded.

"But has that child ever fought a life-or-death battle? He probably just shoots that mysterious skill from a distance. Right now, that child is similar to a well-functioning catapult or ballista. Of course, he's far superior to any siege weapon, but a siege weapon cannot become a knight, can it?"

"……Hmm, I see."

Ludwig nodded.

He drank, seemingly agreeing with Sanders as if he believed him to be correct.

And then he thought.

'……A siege weapon? Did he give off that vibe?'

There was a fact Sanders had forgotten, perhaps due to the alcohol.

Ludwig had not yet seen Frondier fight since arriving here.

* * *

The next day.

The bell signaling the invasion of monsters rang loudly.

Everyone thought it was the worst possible timing.

It was the day after Frondier had announced the limits of the barrier.

Although Frondier had said he would handle it alone, everyone was deployed as usual. It was only natural.

"You're standing too far forward, Frondier."

Sanders warned Frondier.

Initially, he had intended to observe Frondier's actions since Frondier had made a statement, but Frondier was stuck right in front of the barrier.

"It's fine. I'll protect him."

Selena, who was beside him, said.

Sanders also observed Selena's actions.

The woman who claimed to be Frondier's escort wasn't just making excuses; she had considerable skill. She managed to fend off all the monsters and blind attacks aimed at Frondier.

At first, he thought the monsters near them were collapsing for some reason, but upon closer inspection, he saw that there were needles stuck in the bodies.

He had thought, what could these mere needles do, but the fact that the monsters were dying was undeniable.


"Yes, my l... Lord Frondier."

Selena was about to call him 'my lord' but changed her words. It was because she had been strictly warned by Frondier. It was forbidden to call him 'my lord' in front of others.

“I await your command. I will protect Frondier until the very end.”

Selena spoke, her words thick with deceit.

Of course, every syllable was a lie, but Frondier would be pleased nonetheless.

Frondier nodded in acknowledgment. It was just like him—Frondier, with his overwhelming sense of inferiority and arrogance.

“You should also fall back.”

“Excuse me?”

“You’re in the way, so get out of my sight.”

This sudden order took Selena aback, but she suppressed her anger and retreated. She hurled every curse she could think of at the back of Frondier’s head.

“All troops, prepare to fire!”

Sanders shouted. The archers readied their bows.

Meanwhile, Sanders discreetly observed Frondier. Whenever this command was given, Frondier would always brandish unknown weapons in the air. It was an extraordinary spectacle, no matter how many times Sanders witnessed it.


But today, Frondier had a bow as well. Like the other archers, he had nocked an arrow and drawn back the string.

‘Where did he get that bow…?’

He did not have time to ponder over it. The monsters were drawing nearer with each passing moment.

From the looks of it, the horde was about the same size as before. That meant they were in for another grueling battle.

Sanders judged the timing and shouted:


—At the same time, Frondier released his arrow.

It was an explosion of ‘Fireworks’.

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