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Chapter 93 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Sacred Forest (6)

After Frondier left, a mist-like wind blew in the space he vacated.

Merlin stood with his back to Nimue.

Nimue couldn't see Merlin's expression. It was unbearably unsettling.


Nimue called out, but Merlin did not answer.

He only slightly tilted his head, allowing Nimue a glimpse of his profile.

Yet, his face remained shadowed by his hair, still hiding his expression.

[Nimue. Why did you deceive me?]

There was no inflection in Merlin's voice. It was impossible to tell if he was angry or disappointed.

Nimue almost said no, but then she closed her mouth. Merlin must know everything by now. The only thing to do was to speak honestly.

[...It's because.]

Nimue's sincere voice trembled with uncertainty.

[I was afraid you would disappear.]


Finally, Merlin looked at Nimue.

Nimue earnestly said,

[I feared that without King Arthur, you would have no purpose and might leave...]

The Merlin here is solely a guide for King Arthur.

Without King Arthur, his reason for being vanishes.

Merlin's wrinkled eyes deepened further. Nimue swallowed hard. She had no idea what Merlin would say next.

[Is that so.]

With just those words,

Merlin turned his back on Nimue and walked away.

Step by step, slowly.

Nimue watched him blankly.

The distance between Merlin and her gradually increased. He had no intention of stopping.

[...Mer, Merlin!]

Nimue finally understood Merlin's intention and called out desperately. Her lips trembled.

But Merlin did not stop. As if he couldn't hear Nimue's voice, his pace remained unchanged.

[I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Please don't go, Merlin!]

Despite Nimue's fervent cries,

Merlin walked with the same strides until he completely vanished from sight.

* * *

I ran through the forest. Selena occasionally looked back.

“Are you worried? About those two?”

“...Nimue isn’t going to die, right? Because of Merlin?”


I laughed inwardly.

Merlin cannot kill Nimue. Well, he could, but he wouldn’t do such a thing.


Then, the sound of trees rustling was heard.

Someone appeared in front of me. It was Merlin.

Like the first time we met, he slowly walked out from behind a tree.


Merlin had no intention of attacking me.

I dismounted from Cassian.

As I slowly approached Merlin, he said,

[Mr. Frondier, may I ask you one last thing?]

“What is it?”

Somehow, I had a premonition about Merlin’s question. As expected, he asked.

"Why couldn't King Arthur receive the second sword? Why couldn't he come to the lake?"

It means Merlin is still here, and Nimue owns Excalibur.

This signifies that King Arthur didn't receive the second sword.

This is where the legend of King Arthur here differs most from reality.

"I don't know either."

Unfortunately, this part remains an unknown territory even for gamers.

No matter how much one explores the game, the legend of King Arthur remains in the realm of 'history'. After all, gamers can't travel to the past.

"I see."

Merlin nodded. He didn't seem disappointed. It makes sense, as it's unreasonable for me, living in this era, to know such things. Even knowing this much would be surprising from Merlin's perspective.

[What should I do?]

This time, it was a rather difficult question. The tone mixed with a sigh sounded the most emotional among all of Merlin's words I've heard.

I asked.

"Are you asking about Nimue?"


"Do you resent her?"

After hearing my question, Merlin finally lifted his head as if to check his own feelings.

[I'm not even sure if I should. Is it right for me to resent her?]

I'm not sure.

Though Merlin said he didn't know, I somehow felt that this response was very Merlin-like.

"The only advice I can give,"

Therefore, I conveyed words that might be of slight help to both of them.

Though they both might already know, Merlin probably needed assurance.

"If it wasn't for Nimue, you would have died a long time ago."


Selena tilted her head nearby, her expression indicating she didn't understand.

"You said it yourself. How could a 'human' maintain the illusion of this world for so long?"

[Ah, so that's what it means.]


While Merlin might have initiated the dream.

It was the fairy Nimue's power that has maintained it to this day.


Merlin knew. Nimue had devoted all her magical power to maintain Merlin's dream.

To be with him. Even if it was just an 'illusion'.

"Miss Nimue could have eliminated you at any time. Or she could have used that to threaten you. But looking at you, it seems she did not."

As a result, I ended up defending Nimue. It was inevitable. I, too, wish for Merlin not to vanish just yet.

"And personally, I also hope that Mr. Merlin stays here."

"Why? Your business here should be finished."

I can now replicate Excalibur. With that alone, I consider my purpose for coming here fulfilled.

So, my words aren't due to my own affairs.

"Someday, someone will come here."

I told Merlin about 'Aster Evans'.

"That man is far more suited for Excalibur than someone like me. He's the right person for it."

[Are you saying to hand over the sword to that man?]

"You can see and decide for yourself."

[You want me to know who he is and decide?]

I laughed.

"You too, will understand once you see."

What I have is the first sword of King Arthur. Nimue now possesses the second sword.

I was curious about how the two swords differed visually, but, even if not now, there will come a day when I cross swords with Aster.

"Maybe you could understand."

[Understand what?]

Merlin suddenly spoke. What followed was completely unexpected.

[King Arthur once gave me this sentence.]

He waved his hand once, and some sentence was engraved on the floor between Merlin and me.

[I couldn't understand it even when I saw it, so I just remembered it as an image in my mind.]

Slowly, a line of text was engraved. As its form was completed, I widened my eyes.

"Can you read it?"


I glared at the sentence with my eyes wide open, unable to afford managing my expression.

The sentence was written in 'Ancient Language.' I don't know how King Arthur knew this sentence and gave it to Merlin, but it was certainly in Ancient Language.

The surprising fact alone made my heart race, but it was the content that truly excited me.

The sentence Merlin handed over was just one line.

─For the giant who will topple the gods.

...That's what was written.

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