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Chapter 93 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Nimue stood still, looking in the direction Merlin had left.

It felt like if she looked away, Merlin might never return.

Even though standing here doesn't guarantee Merlin's return, still.

Merlin waits for King Arthur by the lake. She, too, waits for Merlin by this lake.


And from afar, Merlin slowly walked towards her.

"Me, Merlin."


Merlin looked straight at Nimue.

She found it difficult to meet his direct gaze, but she managed to make eye contact somehow.

"I'm sorry. For deceiving you, that is,"

"Nimue. I have a question. Will you answer me honestly?"

Merlin asked. Nimue nodded deeply.

"I understand. I will never deceive you again."

"Then, that's good."

Merlin briefly closed his mouth and looked into Nimue's eyes. Looking into her eyes as if to delve into them.

"Could you kill me at any moment?"

Merlin asked that. Nimue was surprised and momentarily opened her mouth, then soon bit her lip.

"What do you mean? I mean, I won't lie, but still."

"He said that my existence continues thanks to you. Then, the moment you cut off your magic, I would disappear. Isn't that so?"

Merlin still couldn't grasp the depth of it. Nimue clenched her fist tightly and trembled. She resented her own mouth that had promised not to tell lies.


Nimue kept her promise.

"The magic that originally designed these dreams by Merlin has long since been exhausted. Now, it is my magic that sustains this forest and you. I am a fairy, and the lake alone is enough to supply me with magic."

Nimue hated saying this.

It sounded like a threat that she held Merlin's life and death in her hands. Such threats never worked on Merlin, and Nimue did not wish for them either.

Therefore, she had kept it hidden, but now it was futile.

"Then, I have a request."

"…What is it?"

"I have realized my ignorance and mistakes because of this incident."

Merlin smiled, his wrinkled eyes slightly sinking.

"When I make the wrong choice, when I walk the wrong path."

It was a smile of self-mockery, and also one of relief.

"Would you kill me?"


Nimue blinked blankly at those words.

Merlin's request for her to kill him did not truly reach her. She would never make such a choice.

Thus, only one clear fact resonated in Nimue's heart.

"…By your side."


"Will you stay by my side?"


"Will you not leave?"

It was as if Merlin had said just that.

That fact alone lingered in Nimue's mind.

Merlin said.

"You would have to see me make mistakes."

He nodded.


Hearing that clear confirmation.

Nimue hesitated, then nodded.

"──Okay. I will do that. When you go wrong, when you make mistakes. I will…"

She did not finish her words.

But for Nimue, that response was now a lie she would never utter again, and one she would keep until the end.

* * *


Frondier called out to Selena in a cold tone.

"What is this supposed to be?"

A sharp needle seemed to touch the end of his throat.

Selena glared at Frondier as if she had changed completely. The needle in her hand trembled.

"What was that just now?"

"What do you mean?"

"That sentence just now, it was 'ancient language', wasn't it?"

Selena saw it.

Frondier's face was clearly troubled by the sentence Merlin had shown.

Yet, Frondier still said he "didn't know."

Even as they parted from Merlin and rode on Cassian again, Frondier remained silent.

'It's certain.'

Selena thought.

She might not know how to interpret the ancient language, but she knows what it looks like.

And the sentence Merlin had shown earlier was very similar to the form of the ancient language.

"What was written there?"

"I couldn't interpret it."


The needle dug into Frondier's throat. Blood seeped out, trickling down his neck.

Frondier's eyes grew cold.


"I was sent from Manggot because of your ability to interpret ancient language."

Selena glared at Frondier with gritted teeth.

"Don't mistake yourself for being important."

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