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Chapter 94 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Fake Blackmail

Manggot needs Frondier's 'Ancient Language Interpretation Ability'.

In other words, Frondier is worthless to Manggot unless he can translate the Ancient Language and convey its contents to Manggot.

If Frondier tries to hide the contents of the Ancient Language, they would extract the information from him, even by force, if necessary.

These were the instructions given to Selena, and the previous instructions given to Hagley.

Show him the difference in strength. Correct Frondier's arrogant misconception that he is in a position of superiority. When that happens, don't show any respect or deference to Frondier.

'...... This man, I....'

Selena swallowed. Selena was making the threats, but it was also Selena who was afraid.

Before she knew Frondier, she had thought it would be easy. The Frondier she knew from information was, after all, just a brat.

On the contrary, she had been waiting for that day to come quickly. The day when she could cast off the annoying honorifics and affectations and threaten Frondier.

But now.

Selena felt a cold sweat running down her back.

'Will threats work on this guy?'

The situation was overwhelmingly in Selena's favor, with the tip of the needle against Frondier's neck.

However, Frondier's languid and apathetic eyes made her feel none of that advantage.

"Selena, put the needle away."

"That's a strange demand coming from someone in your situation. Don't you see how things stand?"

"It's you who doesn't understand the situation."

That was when Selena felt Frondier's mana manifest. There was no change in his appearance, but it was clear that he was about to do something.

"I don't know what you're planning, but stop it."

"Rather than talking, it would be faster to just stab me with that needle."


Selena bit her lip. As expected, clumsy threats don't work on this guy.

The reason Selena preferred needles was not only because they suited her skills, but also because they were more effective for intimidation than swords or magic.

Threats work better when they are easy to imagine.

Just as it's easier to imagine the pain of a knife piercing the heart than a bullet penetrating the head,

So too is it simpler to envisage the agony of a needle burrowing under a fingernail than a knife stabbing the heart.

‘I can't kill this man.’

But a threat that doesn't carry through is no threat at all. An ordinary person would be shaking in their boots, spilling secrets they didn't know they had, but Frondier knows his worth.

To suggest that Frondier's mouth must be opened through threats and torture implies, conversely, that he must not be killed.

The only reason Frondier's life is at risk now is because of the surprise attack.

To torture, one must first restrain, and Selena doubted she could overpower and capture Frondier in a head-on fight.


Still, it must be done. Just as Frondier holds no value if he does not speak, so too is she worthless if she cannot make him talk.

It's uncertain how long this standoff will last, but from here on, it's a battle of patience.


"Fine, Selena."

"What's fine about it? I will never,"

"I'll tell you. What was written."

Frondier said something unexpected.

"I know my life is precious too, and it seems I might actually die this way."

With that, Frondier raised his hands as if surrendering.

Selena closed her mouth tightly. Could it be true? Was the content of the ancient language nothing special after all? Then why hide it in the first place?

Amidst the confusion swirling in Selena's head, Frondier spoke.

"The ancient language read as follows..."

Selena waited in silence for Frondier's next words.

"Selena, that's your name."


"It's the name your parents gave you."

At first, Selena didn't understand what he was talking about.

But soon she grasped its meaning, and her eyes blazed.

"How dare you spout such nonsense!"

"Does it sound that way? Your parents raised you without lacking anything. It was only natural. They were nobles, after all,"

With a flare of anger, Selena grabbed Frondier by the collar and threw her to the ground with all her strength.

“If you don’t show yourself right now…!”

“Selena, your parents were nobles. Your family name is ‘Barnier.’ Since you lived in the west, there should be ‘de’ attached to it. Your name is ‘Selena de Barnier.’ Does that name ring a bell?”


She dismissed it as such. Or at least she tried to convince herself of that.

Selena’s hands trembled violently.


It was the same when Frondier gave her the name ‘Selena’ for the first time. She felt a strange sense of discomfort. The way the name ‘Selena’ was pronounced felt light, but it resonated deeply within her.

And now again.

Selena de Barnier.

Her intuition—no, her soul—cried out as if to warn her against dismissing it as mere nonsense. It felt like a huge case of déjà vu.

“…This is it.”

Frondier continued, ignoring Selena’s confusion.

“These are the words I deciphered from the ancient language.”


Selena understood Frondier’s intentions. Of course, this wasn’t a sentence deciphered from the ancient language. At this point, that didn’t matter to Selena anymore.

“If you doubt me, go to Manggot and ask them about these words. Ask them if it’s true.”

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