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Chapter 97 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

"You bad kid───!!!"

My words were drowned out by Sybil's overwhelming aura. Her aura soared from her entire body.

Has Sybil reached the point where she can manipulate aura through emotional arousal? Truly impressive,

“How could you have thought of crossing the barrier riding Cassian? So you've been thinking about it ever since I got here with Cassian, haven't you? I've never met someone so crazy that they want to die like this!”

This wasn't the time to be having idle thoughts.

I could feel a murderous intent from Sybil similar to when I saw Elodie.

However, I can't argue back this time since it was my fault.

“You should’ve just run away! I would have been relieved if you had ridden Cassian and run to the center, you idiot!”

“No, no matter what, I wouldn't have run away,”

“That would have been better, idiot! Fool! It would have been a thousand times better, you fool! Idiot! Dumb idiot!”

Did Sybil only know two curse words? I almost spat out the question that came to the tip of my tongue, but I held back.

Sybil grabbed my shoulders. Her grip was strong because of the aura flowing through her. Since she had no intention of hurting me, it didn't hurt, but I felt an inexplicable weight.


Sybil said. The moment she uttered that one word, the aura within her subsided instantly.

“But I'm glad.”


“I'm glad......”

I felt more guilty now than when Sybil was angry.

Sybil suddenly lifted her head. Her bewitching face came into my view up close.

Cherry lips that seemed to have something to say. With her brows tightly furrowed, Sybil pushed me away lightly and backed off.

As she turned away, Sybil said in passing,

“Ah, I feel better now that I got that out. I'm tired. I'm going inside.”

And with that, she went into the mansion without looking back.



Sybil and I were the only ones left in her place.

“Uh, um. Aten. I'm sorry to you too. I should've told you in advance.”

“......It's okay.”

“It’s okay.” Aten said. Her expression was calm.

…But Aten always had that expression. So I didn’t really know if she was genuinely okay. Was it possible for her to be okay when Sybil was fuming like that?

“…From now on, though. Yes, I’d like it if you would tell me beforehand, like you said.”

“Sorry, I felt like you’d stop me.”

“I would’ve.”

Aten replied immediately. As if it was obvious.

"But if you try to go even if I stop you, I'll go with you. You said it's okay for me to follow you, right?"

“…Yeah. You did.”

When we were at the Constel, we had a conversation like this. I allowed Aten to follow me.

I’d said it with certainty, but I couldn’t help but feel uneasy.

Aten was a Princess. I had no idea where I would go next, but it might be a more dangerous place than this.

Would I be able to take Aten with me to such a place?

-Won’t you be by Aten’s side?

Empress Philly said this to me one day. She asked if I didn’t feel ominous about the future I would have with her.

But as long as Aten was a Princess, it wasn’t possible to be with her forever,

“I’m a Princess.”

Aten said. She seemed to have read my mind. Aten let out a small smile when I looked at her in surprise.

“There are some things that are possible because I’m a Princess. Just like how I was able to come here today.”


“I’ll be going in now. I’m glad you’re okay, Frondier.”

Aten stepped into the mansion with her elegant gait.

Left alone, I let out a small breath.

There were more people who believed in me and worried about me now. For a run-of-the-mill human like me, this was a giant leap forward.

Only now was I realizing, little by little, that the weight of this was heavier than I’d thought.

* * *

The next day.

As soon as I climbed up the ramparts, the familiar strong wind pushed at me.

But this time, I wasn’t wearing several layers of clothes. I was wearing a similar outfit to the one I’d been wearing when I first got here.

I’d already put Penelope’s cloth, which had already returned to its original state, around my neck like a tie. I didn’t need any thick clothes.

“Thought you ran away.”

Sanders spoke up. I nodded with a grin.

“Not entirely untrue.”

“What are you saying. Of course it’s not true. After all, didn’t you save Tyburn?”

“……Not yet.”

I replied and took a deep breath.

My body trembled slightly. It definitely wasn’t from the cold because Penelope’s light was there.

The reason my body was trembling was because I was nervous.

I quickly glanced around the crowd.


All the troops defending Tyburn were lined up. They were watching me.

I had told Ludwig that I’d start ‘restoring’ the wall, and he had gathered all of them here.

Selena, who was next to me, whispered.

“With this many people watching, it’s pointless for me to hide my report, don’t you think?”

She was half-teasing me.

“It’s fine. Even if Manggot catches wind of it.”

“Hmm, is that so?”

Either way, it’s not a problem if the ‘restoration’ is discovered. Rather, Manggot might see me as a ‘more useful person.’

If I prove myself capable in areas other than combat, Manggot will probably think about controlling me with force. Right now, it’s better to let him think that way.

The important thing is to hide the fact that I’m getting stronger. If Manggot finds out about all the abilities that I have right now, he’ll try to kill me right away.

Fortunately, Selena didn’t see me using Excalibur in front of the barrier. She said that Ludwig was the only one who knew why the area in front of the barrier was devastated.

For now, that’s good enough.

“Are you all gathered? Then let’s get started right away.”

Ludwig, the one who gathered everyone, said.

I had a lot to say, but since I figured that I’d be thrown in jail if I did, I kept my mouth shut.

Whew, whoosh.

I took another deep breath and placed my hand on the wall.

If I fail in front of all these people, there will be serious consequences.


Rank - Legendary

Dragon Heart

Swallowing the dragon heart.

After confirming that Fabric of Penelope was shining.

I began the ‘restoration.’

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