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Chapter 98 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Return (4)

Rumble, the ramparts groaned.

It began just as it had before. The restoration spread outwards from my hand, growing in scope.

Rocks pulled themselves together, colossal pieces heaving back into place in what could only be described as ‘reverse motion’.

Even though I was the one doing it, I couldn’t help but be stunned into silence by the spectacle.

“……Look at that.”

Someone said. To my right, where the ramparts had so valiantly endured the onslaught of beasts just moments prior.

Metal seamlessly melded itself back together. Cracks knitted themselves up. Collapsed parapets shook and righted themselves.

Oh, the quiet gasps grew louder. Murmurs of awe grew in volume, interspersed with the occasional laugh.

‘……I’m burning through more mana than I thought.’

I checked the necktie tied with Fabric of Penelope. It was rapidly shrinking in size. And that was after consuming a Dragon Heart, no less.

Still, I couldn’t begrudge this sight. The way the ramparts reclaimed their former glory, as though time itself was being reversed, it was captivating.

──Eventually, when the restoration was complete, the tie was smaller than the palm of my hand. Such were the size of the ramparts, and the extent of the damage they had suffered.

I was relieved that I managed to finish before I ran out of mana.

“Phew, that should do it. There’s probably still some hairline fractures and weakened spots, but that can’t be helped,”

I turned around as I said that,

……And found every knight saluting me. Even Sanders, the commander of the knights, and Lord Ludwig.

As if that weren’t enough, the soldiers and prisoners below fell to one knee.

Every single soul gathered here lowered their heads towards me, solemn and silent.


I was at a loss for words as I beheld the sight. From my position atop the ramparts, I could see every inch of their postures, every nuance.

When I looked at Aten beside me, she gave a small smile and bowed her head gracefully.

“Aten Terst, in the name of the Third Princess of the Terst Empire, and on behalf of all the citizens of Tyburn, I offer you our deepest gratitude.”

I was speechless. I knew I should have responded with some grandiose line, like ‘it was the least I could do’, but I just couldn’t. I should have gotten down on my knees, but I couldn’t.

I was simply in a daze.

As if understanding my heart, Aten spoke again.

"Thank you. You protected Tyburn."

* * *

Afterwards, Aten returned to the Empire before I did, naturally with the knight order in tow.

The barrier was restored, and the immediate problems like frequent monster incursions were solved, so there was no reason for Aten to stay.

She said she'd come and drag me by my hair if I was even a day late, though I'm not sure how much of an influence that had.

Sybil returned as well. Cassian, who drove Sybil, gave me a brief glance, but that was all. I suppose that was the extent of respect Cassian could show.

And I continued to stay in Tyburn for the remaining vacation period.

The barrier was repaired, and monsters hardly came anymore, so there wasn't really a need to stay, but it was to fulfill my responsibility.

Above all,

"Where would you go? The bet isn't over yet."

While I was inspecting the barrier, a fellow knight, Hector Dutoit, sidled up to me and said. I smiled in response.

"I could just lose."

"Are you crazy? No one's dead yet; why would you lose, man."

The total onslaught of the monsters in my absence.

Even amidst the ferocious attacks of the monsters, there were no casualties among the knights.

Of course, it was fortunate that I returned before the damage got severe, but it was a relief that no one had died in the meantime.

"When you first came here, I thought you were just crazy, but now I see, there's no one as perfectly mad as you."

"Ha, ha."

"This guy thinks I'm complimenting him?"

Ironically, my nickname became 'Madman' for good. Hector, as well as other knights, laughed and passed by me, calling me a madman.

Initially, the meaning was derisive, but now, shaking their heads and muttering brings a strange feeling.

I looked beyond the barrier. The barrier, having regained its past glory and grandeur, is very reliable.

Even if I leave, it won't be breached by anything for a while. The constant threat of monsters exists, but that's always been the case in Tyburn.

However, the barrier can only protect the territory, it cannot help humanity progress.

Considering how hard the fight is just near this boundary, one can only imagine what kinds of monsters lurk deeper in.



"This barrier needs you."

"Huh? Of course. Didn't I tell you my name will be remembered across the continent? Even if you leave, this place will be secure."

"That's right. So,"

I looked at Hector.

"If there's anything unfinished, better finish it now."


"Just in case."

Hector is the son of Ludwig. Yet, he claims the name of Dutoit instead of Urfa, over what seems to be a petty father-son dispute. At least, it's not my place to interfere.

However, that foolish quarrel can't continue, especially not at crucial times.

Someday, when humanity ventures to reclaim the land, "White Lion Hector" will be a formidable force.

"Hmm. Okay. I don't know what you're talking about."

Hector scratched his head. No, he must know what his problem is.

And as the White Lion Hector, just mentioning it should be enough for him to put an end to the childish fight with his father.

Let's believe that.

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