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Chapter 98 Part 1 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

From a New World (1)

W Tree Hannam's Italian Bistro.

Monica, holding a wine glass, scrutinizes my face and asks,



“It seems like there’s a different vibe about you today.”

The atmosphere, huh.

Well, people appear completely different based on their position and realization at the time. Maybe all the events that have surrounded me over the past few years have gradually changed me.

I crack a smile and joke,

“Maybe it’s because of the new suit Monica bought me today?”

“Really? Haha.”

In fact, after taking her to an exhibition once, I was going to ask Monica to pick out a few shirts for me, but she beat me to it and gifted me a new suit, complete with a few extra shirts.

“I really appreciate it, I needed this.”

Minyoung, sitting on the windowsill, laughs and joins in,

“That’s an Alessandro Cucinelli product.”

I know, I checked the brand after receiving it.

Actually, this brand was unfamiliar to me, a fashion-ignorant person, until I met Monica.

It’s the name of a designer and brand originating from Italy, born in 1953.

Learning about the history of this brand was quite meaningful to me, who had no interest in fashion.

This designer is famous for personally traveling to Mongolia every year to source quality materials. It's akin to a painter traveling abroad annually to find good paints. Such immense passion is undeniable. No wonder the brand's sales exceeded 500 million euros (about 700 billion won) after 2017.

Touching the collar of my shirt, I smile,

“It fits so well, you can tell a lot of care went into making it. This is why expensive clothes are worth it, thanks, Monica.”

Monica, lifting her glass, says,

“I designed that.”


“Yes, it’s the last piece I designed before leaving the company.”

Wow, this is Monica’s craftsmanship? Impressive. I’m with such an amazing person.

Monica suddenly appears in a new light.

“I would have praised it more if I knew Monica designed it, haha.”

My joke makes both Monica and Minyoung laugh.

An Italian restaurant on the 38th floor of a large hotel, a place I once thought was not for me.

And here I am, dining with people who, if it were the Joseon era, would be akin to nobles and slaves, a class difference so vast we wouldn’t dare face each other. Ironically, I’ve now become somewhat accustomed to such situations.

Eating a large shrimp dish, I ask Monica,

“How’s the response to the new product? Did it sell well?”

Actually, I just lent my name to it, so the R/S ratio is low. A zero-point R/S makes profit unlikely, but having a product launched under my name helps increase the brand value of my company, Artist Company, hence my inquiry.

Monica smiles slightly and says,

“It’s a business sector I’ve been considering since the early stages. Unlike a refrigerator that shows immediate response upon release, this is a long-term venture.”

“A long-term venture?”

Minyoung, the major shareholder of MG Electronics, chimes in,

“People, especially women more than men, tend to notice the interior of others’ houses when they visit. Seeing something nice and stylish makes them want to imitate it, a basic human desire that keeps the fashion industry alive.”

Hmm, that makes sense.

According to Monica, many aspire to be fashion leaders wearing beautiful clothes, but in reality, 99.9% are followers. They buy pretty clothes after seeing them on models in magazines, celebrities on TV, or celebrities on social media. These are not fashion leaders.

Frankly, even being a follower who dresses well is enviable to me. I have almost zero fashion sense. Even this stylish suit I’m wearing now, if given the same amount of money to shop, I’d probably pick a strange combination of unfashionable clothes. Phew, I’m glad to have Monica.

Lost in these thoughts, Minyoung continues her explanation, unaware of my distraction.

“To put it simply, the monitors sold quite well, but the monthly income of Art is zero.”

Well, that was expected. The monitor came with a six-month free use promotion, so there was no way it would make a profit right away. Including contemporary art with copyrights would actually incur losses.

Minyoung grins and says,

“Art slowly seeps into our lives. There may not be a huge response now, but the stylish paintings seen at a friend's house will become a hot topic among housewives. They will want them, and this desire will gradually spread.”

I see. Business is sometimes about playing the long game. I chuckle and lift my glass,

“It’s more like mold than a virus. Slowly permeating, but eventually spreading throughout the whole house.”

Monica, who was eating her salad, frowns and turns sharply.

“We're eating here!”


As Minyoung and I burst into laughter, Monica, who had been wiping her mouth with a frown, joins in. The atmosphere becomes more relaxed, and we exchange updates about each other's lives along with discussions about the exhibition. Then, I faced a situation I had never contemplated before.

During the meal, Minyoung casually asks Monica a question.

“So, when are you going back?”

I was about to spear an olive with my fork when I paused and turned to look at Monica. She continued eating nonchalantly and replied,

“In a month.”


Monica is going back?

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