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Chapter 98 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

...And then a few days passed.

Someone knocked and entered my room.

"Are you leaving now?"

It was Robert, one of Philly's escort knights.

Seeing Selena and me packing, he asked.

"Yes. The holiday is almost over."

"That's too bad. I wish you could stay."

"Don't say such dreadful things."

Chuckling, we both laughed.

I asked Robert.

"Sir Robert. Isn't your mission over yet? Even for someone like you, life here must be hard."

"Yes. I haven't received orders to return yet."


Why did Philly send Robert to this dangerous land? Time has passed, and the lack of further instructions only raises more questions.


That's when Robert spoke.

"Being sent to Tyburn might not be important in itself."

"What do you mean?"

"Perhaps a suitable reason was needed to distance me from Her Highness. That's one way to think about it."

Philly distanced herself and Robert?

"To distance an escort knight, that's too risky."

"It's not just me who is escorting Her Highness Philly. It seems like sending me to Tyburn was out of concern for my well-being."

"…So, you mean to say that Sir Robert is safer in Tyburn than inside the palace?"

"It's just a speculation."

I fell into thought for a moment.

Robert is a named character famous enough for me to know his name.

As he said, there are many who protect Philly, but the knight Philly trusts the most is Robert.

Therefore, if there was an intuition that Robert could be in danger, evacuating him to safety wouldn’t be strange.

…However, the main reason Robert would be in danger is because he is Philly's escort.

With many in the palace aiming for Philly, nearly all cases where Robert becomes endangered are due to his role as Philly’s protector.

Thus, keeping Robert away for his safety would be a foolish act if it meant Philly would be left unprotected and vulnerable.

But Philly wouldn’t do something foolish.

Does that mean there are enemies targeting only Robert, not Philly?

"When you return to Constel, if by chance you meet Her Highness, please convey my regards."

"What should I tell her?"

"Just say that it's quite cold."


"Sir Robert does have a bit of an ego, doesn't he?"

"A bit of bravado is necessary for Her Highness to feel at ease."

Such towering loyalty.

Thud, thud, at that moment, somewhat hurried footsteps approached my room.

"Hey, are you still not ready? Everyone's waiting, so hurry up and come out."

It was Ludwig. I slung my packed bag over my shoulder and started walking.

"Let's go, Selena."


Selena didn’t have much luggage, but to avoid looking odd to others, she had prepared a suitable bag. She followed behind me carrying it.

As I passed by, I said to Robert.

"Then, Sir Robert, see you later. Preferably, in the center."

"In the center."

I left the room, descended the mansion’s stairs, and opened the door at the entrance.

Knights were standing there. They were not lined up as they had been when the barrier was restored but were waiting for me in various casual outfits.

"Are you leaving?"

"I hope the bet continues. I’d miss it otherwise."

"Come visit again."

The knights each said a word to me.

I responded to their words and headed towards the sedan that was already waiting.

The chauffeur was waiting out front. He was the one who had driven me to Tyburn. Politely bowing his head beside me, he asked,

"Did you enjoy your vacation trip?"

"If you were a driver I had hired, I would have fired you on the spot."

"That's unfortunate."

Being a servant of Enfer, he had no choice but to let such minor teasing slide.

"And... who might this be?"

The driver inquired, glancing at Selena.

"Ah, my escort. Hired for a hefty sum."

Upon hearing this, the chauffeur took a brief look at Selena before addressing me again.

"Even after coming to Tyburn…. you're indeed remarkable."

"I said I hired her, didn't I?"

That's when it happened.

A loud, bustling commotion was heard from afar. A mix of urgent shouts and bellows was emerging.

"Hey! You there, stop!"

"Just a moment! I have urgent business!"

What's that?

I turned towards the familiar tone and manner of speech.

There was Grobel, still in his prisoner's garb, causing a scene.

His clothes and hair were a mess, indicating he had run all the way here.

"Ah! There he is! Young master!!"

Grobel had spotted me and was screaming at the top of his lungs.

"Don't forget! My brother! My brother Lokbel! Please, don't forget him! I did my best! So... Ahh!"

With those words, Grobel was fully restrained by the knights and dragged away.


"Lord Frondier?"

Selena tilted her head in puzzlement as I chuckled.

Yes, Grobel.

I won't ever forget.

"It's nothing. Let's go."

I got into the car, and Selena sat next to me.

The familiar sound of the car's engine started, now evoking a sense of nostalgia beyond just welcome.

Looking out the window, I saw the knights and Lord Ludwig waving. I waved back at them.

As the car started moving, they slowly faded into the distance, and I looked forward again.

"Where shall I take you?"

"Do I have a choice?"

"No, sir. To the Roach mansion, please."

"Then that's where we must go."

The car sped up, and I leaned back comfortably.

The northernmost end of the Empire, the barrier of Tyburn.

The biting cold, a word ill-fitting for the fierce battles with monsters.

Summer vacation had ended.

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