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Chapter 101 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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In a mansion, there was a sudden commotion.

A single man was rampaging through the building.

His piercing gaze was like a hawk's, and his eyes, reflected in his sword, were clear and ruthless.

Azier de Roach boldly entered the front door of someone else's mansion.

"Vincent von Coleman."

Azier took out the paper he had in his arms as he faced the knights guarding the mansion.

"You are being arrested on suspicion of leaking information, conspiracy, and accepting bribes from the Imperial Knights. If you surrender and come quietly."

Azier slammed the tip of his spear on the floor.

"Only you will die."

"Crazy bastard, kill that son of a bitch!"

Vincent, who was looking down from the railing on the second floor of the mansion, shouted loudly. At that, the knights rushed at Azier.

Swish, Azier swung his spear lightly. He simultaneously struck the blades and wrists of the incoming weapons. Those who were hit properly dropped their weapons.

Meanwhile, Azier's spear gracefully struck the sides of the knight's faces in a curved motion.


The knights were fully armed, even with helmets, but for some reason, they all fell down after being struck by Azier's spear. Everyone was knocked out by the impact.

Azier said he would kill them all if they resisted, but instead, he knocked them out by striking them on the sides of their heads or with the shaft of his spear. There was no need to kill them.

'...Hmm, that’s good enough,'

Vincent scoffed at the sight.

There was nothing special about Azier's movements. There was no flair, just subtle movements that couldn't be found even if you searched hard. It was impressive that he subdued all the knights without killing them, but Vincent could do it too.

Vincent was convinced. He can win. The knights were defeated only because they were incompetent. He thought they were fine since they were highly paid, but they were just worthless.

Vincent walked to his room with a smile. He held the carefully displayed spear in one hand and left the room again.

By then, all the knights on the first floor had collapsed, leaving only Azier in the center.


Vincent shouted and held out his spear. The ornate decorations and brilliant shine of the spear caught the eye. In particular, the blade was beautifully lit by the light of the mansion's chandelier.

"Look at this spear! If you have eyes, you'll know! It's the 'Kyriothites,' the spear said to be held by angels! It's a legendary item!" [T/N: If anyone knows this reference, let me know]


He replied, his voice unchanged, and he couldn't tell if it was admiration or not.

Huh! Vincent jumped off the railing. Holding his spear, he swung it down towards the ground and landed softly. It was a technique that used the pressure emitted from the spear to lift his body.

"When two people have similar skills, the one who determines the outcome is always the weapon."

"That's true."

Vincent held the spear with both hands, pointing it towards Azier, while Azier's spear just rested on the ground.

With a swish, strength surged into Vincent's arms. The flowing aura filled the spearhead. The blade was no longer reflecting light, but emitting its own light, engulfed in aura.


Vincent's eyes widened, and the spear rushed towards Azier like lightning.

And then,


Vincent stared dumbfounded at his empty hands.

The spear had disappeared. The Kyriothites, known as the spears of angels and compared to legends, had vanished.

No, it didn't disappear. He missed it. When Azier casually handed him the spear, he couldn't feel any sensation and dropped it.


As Vincent blankly looked at his own hands.

Azier spun the spear under Vincent's pole, destabilizing him. Vincent, who helplessly sank down, looked up at Azier.

"I have one question."

Azier pressed the spear against Vincent's throat. Despite easily winning, he had a look of discomfort on his face.

"Why are you weak?"


Vincent raised his head, wondering if he misheard.

Weak? Me?

'This crazy bastard. You're the abnormal one!'

The spear that barely touched the blade flew away. There was no sensation of it slipping from his hand. How can he respond to such a technique?

"You mentioned the spear earlier, Kyriothites."

"...Yes. Someone like you will never be able to-"

"I've seen worse. That's why I'm asking."

Azier's eyes were filled with determination.

Vincent couldn't understand why Azier was angry at this moment. It would be understandable if they were in a confrontation, but there was no need for it now.

"I know someone."

Azier's spear moved to Vincent's throat.

"That person had a weapon even more absurd than the one you just held. He swung it around fearlessly."

Blood trickled down Vincent's neck, as if the rage of Azier was spreading from the tip of the spear.

"Yet, he did not wield that weapon to enhance his inherent power. He sought learning, endured injuries, got beaten, and rolled in the dirt. That's how he grew stronger, believing that was his only way to survive. Enduring through times when everyone around him deemed him pitiful."

Vincent didn't know whom Azier had been talking about all this while, but he knew he had incredibly bad timing to get caught up in this.

"I'll ask again."

Azier's cold gaze settled.

"What right do you have to be so weak?"

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  1. “What right do you have to be weak” that’s a banger line from Azier,

    1. Yeah, imagine taking pride in your strength only to be captured and asked why you’re so pathetic. Almost worse than the arrest.

  2. You used aster instead of azier a few times silly

    1. I hate that the names are one letter away from each other... i have hard enough time with remembering characters names already. Why would the author do this to me!!!

  3. Thanks for the chapter

  4. On the spear name, my google fu turned up the Greek word: Kuriotes

    Kuriotes comes from the word Kurios which means lord, owner, or master.

    Anglicized/fantasy change to Kyrios would make sense. Also a Kyrie is short for Lord (as in Kyrie Eleison - Lord have mercy).

    The only named spear I know of in the bible is the one that pierced the side of Jesus Christ, called either the Spear of Destiny or Spear of Longinus (lance can be used in place of spear).

  5. well the extended Bible lore as I like to call it lol has a bunch of types of angels like thrones and seraphim. the Dominion is one and that is the Greek name for them. as others said It means lords

  6. "Dominions or Lordships
    The Dominions (lat. dominatio, plural dominationes, also translated from the Greek term kyriotētes, pl. of kyriotēs, as "Lordships").[13] Traditionally, they are held to govern the movement of stars, planets, and other celestial objects.[14]" -Wikipedia

    Apparently greek term for one of the groups in the hierarchy of angels.