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Chapter 101 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

My brother Azier once took on a temporary teaching role at Constel.

This was also an official part of the game 'Etius'. If you manage to fend off the main quest 'Raid', Alex inevitably gets expelled from Constel or flees unnoticed.

Azier briefly filled the sudden vacancy in 'Basic Combat Skills'.

But that was, literally, temporary, until the next official teacher arrived.

So, who would the next official teacher be? Of course, I knew that too.

"Nice to meet you~!!"

The voice, even more lively than what I had seen in the game, already darkened my vision.

Students gathered in the auditorium to attend the lecture stared blankly at a man hopping towards them from the entrance.

A bit shorter than the average height of men in this world, with a face too youthful.

Teacher Pascal.

Dubbed 'the mischievous' by gamers.

Not a villain, but many gamers wished he was.


Standing in the center of the auditorium, Pascal cleared his throat and then spread his arms wide.

"Hello. I am Pascal Schilitz, and from today, I'll be in charge of the Basic Combat Skills lecture here at Constel. Nice to meet you!"

With a wide smile and waving arms, Pascal was met with awkward laughter from the students.

Despite trying not to be prejudiced, Pascal's appearance and demeanor seemed too youthful.

"And I am a knight from the royal palace. Impressive, right? That's why I can teach all of you!"

Some students were dazzled by Pascal's self-praise.

Naturally, a knight from the royal palace is on a different level than any mediocre private knight order. Even the lowest knight from the palace is treated differently.

And Pascal is not a low-ranking knight.

"Now that it's your second semester, you will start learning about aura in earnest. This isn't something I arbitrarily decided, it's part of Constel's curriculum!"

This time, the expression on most students' faces changed.

Aura. Something like a dream for students in combat disciplines.

As I mentioned before, aura and mana are different names for the same material called 'Qi'.

However, while magic students can quickly acquire mana and use magic, combat students are quite late in using aura.

Some don't use it at all until they graduate from Constel.

There are several reasons. First, combatants can fight without using aura.

Unlike a magician who cannot perform without magic, a swordsman without aura can still fight. That's why the need to acquire aura is reduced, and therefore it is late.

Another reason is that aura manifests differently in each person.

Constel guides you on how to use aura properly, but it is up to the individual to acquire it.

This is because there is no set formula for using aura like in magic.

Just as everyone's bones and muscles are different, aura is released in a way unique to each person.

"By the way, this is my aura! Look closely!"

Pascal spread out one hand. The students made expressions that thought it might be the case. And it was.

Woo-woong, there was a sound as if the engine was turned on lightly.


Pascal drew aura from his bare hands. It was shaped just like a 'sword'.

Since aura is the release of Qi, it is not visible or only faintly visible to ordinary people or those with insufficient Qi sense.

……In fact, I wouldn't have seen it until recently. Still, I'm glad I could see it clearly because of all the fighting I've done so far.

"Aura without a weapon...."

Someone muttered in an admiring voice.

Once, the former combat instructor, Alex, said this:

-At the peak of aura, a weaponless bare hand can weaponize aura.

That means Pascal has reached the peak of aura. It's a realm that even Alex couldn't reach.

……Well, there are several catches to this thought, but even so, there's no denying that Pascal is a great knight.

"How is it? Isn't it amazing? Isn't it amazing? Hahahaha!"

If he hadn't said those words, he would have received much admiration, but the students went back to awkward smiles.

"Aura can be used like a weapon without a weapon, but even if this is possible, it is better to hold a weapon. Aura amplifes the weapon's reach, power, and durability, while drawing out the original power of the weapon."

I thought about Pascal's explanation.

Like all the students, my top priority this semester is 'aura'.

In terms of the quality and quantity of weapons, there won't be many ahead of me, but I'm just swinging those weapons.

Trying to cut down a tree with an electric saw without turning it on? Of course, the saw blade can cut the tree, but that's not its original performance.

The performance of a weapon is determined by the user's aura. In essence, all weapons choose their owners.

Just as an owner picks a weapon. Of course, there are extreme cases like 'Excalibur Alpha' that outright choose their wielder.

"Now, we must demonstrate the power of this aura."

As he spoke, Pascal scanned the students. Naturally, the students' gaze fell on one person. It was a reflexive action, like that of trained dogs.

Of course, it was Aster Evans.

"You there, with the black hair! You're Frondier de Roach, right? Come forward."

As expected, Aster did not stand up to the call.

What's going on? Why isn't he moving?

"Frondier de Roach!"

"…Ah, are you calling me?"

Only then did I realize my name had been called and looked at Pascal.

Pascal smiled and gestured for me to come forward.

I didn't understand, but since he called me, I went up. Both the students watching me and I had similar expressions.

"So, what should I do?"

"Oh, it's simple. It's too obvious what happens when an aura collides with a regular weapon, so let's show the students what happens when auras collide."

…Ah. The point is indeed grand and magnificent.

"…If auras are to collide, that means."

"Yes, yes, Frondier. Bring out your aura. The weapon is ready, right?"


I'm not particularly friendly with the students in combat training. I'm known as the 'human sloth.'

Yet, this time, I quickly scanned the students with my eyes, instinctively seeking help with my gaze.

Even the students who dislike me would stand with me this time.

"Um, teacher. Frondier can't use aura."

"That's right. You seem to be mistaken, but the one who recently mastered aura here is Aster Evans…"

Exactly, they're saying what I hoped they would.

Pascal glanced at Aster for a moment and then smirked.

"Ah, of course, I know. Aster Evans! Truly amazing, right? I know."

Then he looked at me again.

"Now, show us your aura, Frondier."


What's going on? Are we not communicating? No, we were just a second ago.

As if to snap me out of my confusion, Pascal spoke.

"Frondier, you can use aura, right? I know everything~"

And with a look that seemed to see right through me, Pascal struck a pose with a sword made of aura.


Is this how you can die in this game?

Terrible game.

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