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Chapter 103 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

Philly had a hunch that it would be dangerous if Robert was in the palace. It was the activation of future foresight.

However, on the other hand, Philly didn't feel that she herself was in danger.

In other words, there was someone targeting Robert, not Philly.

'Somehow, I think the cause lies with Pascal.'

This was not a future foresight, but the result of her time in the political arena, and Philly's own keen sense of smell.

Although there are knights under Philly's direct command, it is a fact that Philly trusts Robert the most.

This is information that most of Philly's knights know. And everyone acknowledged it. Robert had the skills and loyalty to deserve it.

'Is Pascal jealous of Robert...?'

Although it's a forced logic, it's not nonsense. The position of the Empress's escort knight is quite high. It's something Pascal could covet.

However, I don't understand.

As the knight said, Pascal is not a bad man. Rather, he would be classified as a decent young man.

He may have a somewhat childish appearance and behavior, but he is not a real child, and he knows how to distinguish right from wrong.

It's hard to understand at first why such a Pascal would attack Robert, who is called the knight's inspiration.

"Sir Robert is still on a mission in Tyburn. I will call him when the time comes."

"Yes, Your Highness. I spoke out of turn."

The knight said so and bowed his head. It was a very straightforward attitude. Philly laughed lightly.

Then, someone knocked on the office door.

"Your Highness. Sir Azier de Roach has completed his mission and returned."

"Ah, I've been waiting. Let him in quickly. Now, everyone, please step back. We have a long conversation to have alone."

At Philly's words, the maids and knights bowed deeply and stepped outside the door.

And a tall man slowly walked in through the opened door as if taking turns.

The man knelt respectfully in front of Philly.

"Azier de Roach greets Her Highness. I have just completed my mission and returned to report."

Philly watched Azier, who bowed his head respectfully.


He didn't resemble Frondier.

"You've worked hard. Do you have any information?"

"The allegations against Vincent Von Coleman were mostly true. He was found to have taken information from the Knights and received bribes. However, that was all."

"What do you mean by 'that was all'?"

"The information about who gave the bribe, who paid for the information from the Knights, was cleanly cut off. It was as if Vincent had anticipated being caught and used disposable pawns from the start."


There had been a troublesome incident in the palace recently.

The knights of the royal knights' order were suddenly involved in violence or bribery.

Most of the knights involved were either new or at the bottom. However, if this continued, it could tarnish the image of the entire Knights, so Philly quickly moved to find the cause.

That was why she called Azier. She couldn't entrust it to the knights within the palace.

"Someone is instigating the royal knights. But the crimes they're caught for are all different. Bribery, assault on citizens, threats, theft, illegal prostitution..."

The royal knights are elites who have received excellent education and training. A clumsy temptation cannot shake them.

To draw in not just one or two of such people, but a considerable number, and make them commit all different crimes. Could this be possible?

‘Could this be related to Sir Robert?’

I can't be sure yet. But at least until this case is over, it would be better not to bring Robert back.

"What do you think, Sir Azier?"

Philly asked. She was interested in Azier. Of course, he was already famous in the world for his outstanding skills and character, but from Philly's point of view, she was more interested in the fact that he was the brother of Frondier.

"...It's presumptuous."

Azier lowered his eyes as if thinking about something, then spoke.

"I have no title, so calling me 'Sir' is too much for me."

"Hmm? But you're Azier, a noble of the Roach family."

"That's just a facade. I personally have no title, let alone am a knight. I have not yet fulfilled my duties as a noble, so mentioning the name of Roach is nothing more than ignorance."

Upon hearing Azier's words, Philly blinked for a moment.

Then soon,

"......Pfft. Ahahahahahat!"

Upon hearing that, Philly laughed out loud. Azier looked at her with a puzzled look.

If the escort knights saw Philly laughing so joyfully, they would have been very surprised.

'The two brothers have such different personalities.'

She recalled how Frondier arrogantly called her 'Miss Philly'. But his brother, on the other hand, humbly claimed that he was not worthy to be called 'sir'.

"So, would you like to be my escort knight? Then it wouldn't be a problem to call you 'sir', right?"

"......Someday, if that happens, it would be the greatest honor."

The way he added 'someday' at the beginning was truly like him.

"Understood. Let's backtrack. Azier. What are your thoughts? How do you view this incident?"

"I'm not sure about the identity of the person behind this, but I don't think there's a need to find meaning in every single act the knights are committing. It's too sporadic and random."

"What do you mean?"

"It appears that the perpetrator's goal is to cause confusion. They are likely to act to get what they want while diverting attention with the small disturbances caused by the knights."

Philly agreed with Azier's calm explanation.

Each knight is made to commit different crimes, and while the method is unknown, there is no point in deeply scrutinizing each one.

However, as these knights increase, confusion will be caused inside and outside the palace.

"When the confusion is at its peak, that's when they'll make his move."

At the words of Azier, Philly nodded deeply.

And then,

Beep- Beep- Beep-

Philly's sagephone rang loudly. The volume and rhythm of the sound were very similar to a siren.

Hearing the sound that resembled an alarm, Azier furrowed his brow. Could it be, a contact that could threaten the safety of the Empress—

Philly picked up the phone and said,

"Oh, my daughter."


Azier lowered his gaze again.

"Huh? No, it's okay. Has mom ever cared about such things?"

Watching Philly become a mother when she answered the phone, Azier somehow remembered his own mother, Malia.

However, Philly's next words interrupted Azier's brief contemplation.

"......Frondier? Wants to meet?"

Philly's question.

Azier wondered if he had heard wrong.

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