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Chapter 104 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

Rumors (3)

Pascal was staying at his mansion. He was leaning against a window, talking to someone.

"The information was wrong!"

Pascal exclaimed. It was the first time in a while that he had felt anger.

[I'm sorry. I thought it was credible information.]

In front of Pascal, a crow was busily moving its beak.

"A misunderstanding..."

Pascal couldn't accept it, but he understood.

When he had a light(?) sparring match with Frondier, Frondier clearly deflected his aura.

But it wasn't that Frondier had emitted aura. Whatever he deflected didn't seem visible unlike the aura.

'It was a strange technique.'

It wasn't visible, but judging by the distance from Frondier when his aura was deflected, the range wasn't small.

It didn't feel exactly like aura, but there was a 'metallic' sensation. So, was it another sword? Or a shield? Was it a weapon enchanted with invisibility magic?

"Bring me proper information next time. That's why I'm connecting with you guys."

[Of course. We, Indus, will always act in the mutual interest of Mr. Pascal.]

"You talk a good game."

While Pascal scolded, he generally trusted the information this crow brought.

Especially the information about the knights was reliable. When the crow brought information about a problematic knight, soon that knight was either captured or had fled.

Pascal didn't care what happened to the other knights of the royal palace. It was better if they were gone. With competitors within the palace disappearing.

His goal was simple: to become the Empress's royal guard.

[Then, I will also ask for the following information. Please put effort into 'verification.']

"Right. I don't know why Indus is doing this."

[We are only trying to uncover lies and reveal the truth. As the dark side of the royal palace is peeled away, you, Pascal, will be able to rise more easily.]

Whether that's truly for the benefit of the common people or not.

I don't know why Indus, who claims to be for the common people, approached me. But as long as he provides information, I plan to use it effectively.

"Alright. You can go now."

Pascal shooed away the crow with a gesture. Caw-! The crow returned to its avian nature, letting out a cry before disappearing.

"Phew, I was close to harming a student."

Muttered Pascal.

But then, a different crow from the one that had just flown out the window arrived.

The crow had a piece of paper in its mouth.

"What's this?"

[This is a business card from Indus. We brought it hoping to establish a close relationship with you, Pascal, in the future.]

"Business card...?"

Pascal took the paper and quietly looked it over.

* * *

I sought Aten's help to meet with Empress Philly.

It was absurd to try to meet the Empress this way, but given the circumstances, it was unavoidable.

However, there was a minor problem before meeting Philly.

"Selena. I have something to investigate separately today. Go back first."

I said to Selena, who was standing quietly by my side.

Selena spoke with a voice full of loyalty.

"Wherever Lord Frondier is, that's where I will be. Anytime, anywhere, I exist to protect Lord Frondier."


Lately, I've been feeling that Selena is a victim of rote learning.

I don't know how Manggot taught her, but while her expressions and dialogue delivery were perfect, they were utterly lacking in context.

'If Selena gets involved, the story only gets more complicated.'

I pondered for a moment but realized there was no need to overthink it.

Just being honest was enough.

"Fine, then stay by my side. The Empress herself will be here soon."

"…The Empress, you say, Empress Philly Terst of the Terst Empire,"

"Too long. And yes, that's correct."

At my response, Selena closed her mouth.

After freezing for a moment, she bowed politely.

"If Her Majesty is by your side, then there is no need for me to be there. I will withdraw as commanded."


I considered teasing her a bit but then couldn't be bothered. As soon as she heard my response, Selena disappeared in an instant. It was almost like running away, no, it was running away.

For some reason, Selena is terrified of people in power.


I waited in front of the school gate, and a sedan pulled up in front of me. It was completely different from the one I had seen before. I heard they change cars periodically to avoid drawing attention.

"I'm sorry, Miss Philly. There's something really important, so I took the liberty of…."

I hurriedly spoke in front of the rolling down car window.

And then I saw.

"…What did you just say?"

A man with eyes sharp as honed blades and a sharp beauty was glaring at me.

……It was Azier.

"Frondier, You just called Her Highness 'Miss Philly'."

"Oh, Frondier. Long time no see. Did you have a good vacation?"

Philly, who was sitting next to me, waved at me. Then she said to Azier,

"It's okay, since I allowed it."

"You allowed it? You mean you allowed him to call you 'Miss Philly?'"

"Yes. He deserves it. Frondier, you can sit in the front passenger seat."

I walked hesitantly to the passenger seat at Philly's words and got in.

...I could feel Azier's piercing glare from behind me. No, rather than piercing, it felt like he was stabbing the back of my head with his gaze.

"Frondier, I will ask you again about your statement later. You better prepare a proper answer that will convince me."

"No, you can't. I said I allowed it, right? If you question Frondier for no reason, he'll think that you're ignoring what I said."

Azier glared at me, and Philly defended me. I didn't say a word during their conversation.

Because I felt like I would really die if I said something wrong.

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