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Chapter 108 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

"Frondier. Arrest me."


"I can't escape from Indus. Even with the eyes and ears of all animals at my disposal, it was too much. The investigative net is closing in. At this point, it's better to be caught by the police."

"You caused this mess just to get caught?"

"Yes. Based on the information I've gathered so far, you were the perfect person to cause a big disturbance."

I am connected to many named characters within Constel. Of course, I've worked hard to get to this point.

But perhaps Gregory saw that as something valuable to exploit.

"What did you do at the palace?"

"Nothing much. Initially, I blackmailed some knights with shady backgrounds by digging up their information. Then, I made them commit minor crimes. Of course, I used Indus's name."

"...You turned Indus's attention towards the palace."

Gregory nodded.

The turmoil unfolding in Constel seems like a big deal from my perspective, but from the outside, it's likely that no one even knows what's happening.

On the other hand, the incident at the palace must be causing quite a stir by now. Especially since there have been incidents involving new and low-ranking knights, and today, the entire knight order has come to a standstill.

"The order was the same. 'Kill Frondier,' of course. But the knights don't even know who Frondier is. So, they had no choice but to stand still."

This was why I was certain Serf had died. It wasn't that Serf hadn't issued other orders, but that he couldn't issue any other than to kill me.

“You really caused a scene when all you had to do was just turn yourself in.”

“If I had turned myself in without going through with what happened today, I wouldn’t have lasted a year in prison. During the incident at the shack, I was nothing more than an information broker. That was the case before that, too. Because I’m a ‘scout.’ I would’ve just been released to be used by Indus again.”

“…You increased your time by getting into another incident? But isn’t it better to just live, even if it means serving a longer sentence?”

"Of course. I want to live like crazy. And the other party won't rest easy. Even if I get arrested, Indus might be able to get me out in the meantime. I needed someone famous and powerful."

So I fit the bill.

Gregory made a refreshing expression, as if he had finished talking. He spread out his hands.

“Alright, take me in.”

“…I don’t have any handcuffs or restraining devices at the moment.”

“Then just restrain me with your hands. Acting is important for things like this, you know.”

Gregory spoke confidently.

I sighed and reached out to Gregory.

Just then.

“—Found you.”

A voice that was neither male nor female.

I heard a voice that just reeked of unpleasantness.


Behind Gregory, something black lunged forward and coiled around his neck.


Gregory was dragged away, bound by whatever it was around his neck. Clang! The chair fell and Gregory furiously swung his legs, but futilely flailed around.

‘A tendril?’

No, it wasn’t something so simple. It was a viscous, putrid thing with a faint purple light, reminiscent of the tentacles of a sea anemone as it restrained Gregory.

The tentacle clutches Gregory, who struggles in its hold, desperately trying to break free.

The tentacles extended from a person. Whether they had just entered or had been there from the start was unclear. Even though it was right in front of me, it felt unreal. It was that alien.

Apart from that, it looked like an ordinary human, but its right arm had transformed into tentacles, grasping Gregory.

...There was no guarantee that only that right arm would change. The body pretending to be human could entirely be something like a mollusk.

"Kek... Kugh..."

Gregory flailed his hands trying to remove the tentacles wrapped around his neck. However, his hands passed through them as if through water, unable to grasp the tentacles.

──These tentacles, they ignore the physical force of their opponent, while they themselves can exert force unilaterally.

"Hello, Frondier de Roach."

True to that voice, its face and body were indiscernible in gender.

"I am, 'a person unrelated to Indus.'"

The strange tone and voice, the bizarre appearance, it all grated on my nerves.

A person unrelated to Indus, huh.

"Release Gregory, Indus."

"Huh? Why? You were enemies just a moment ago. You can't suddenly act friendly. And,"

It extended its left arm. The moment I thought its index finger was raised,


Its tentacle brushed past my temple. Indeed, it wasn't just the right arm that could transform into tentacles.

"I'm not Indus. I just told you, didn’t I?"

"Alright, then what are you? Which 'person unrelated to Indus' number are you?"

At my question, it grinned. Its eyes and mouth curved into crescent moons, a manipulation of the face that was not a human smile.

"You don't need to know the number, but well,"

As if it had just thought of it, it rolled its eyes,

"Mm. Call me 'Kraken.'"

It introduced itself with a name that was quite fitting.

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