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Chapter 109 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

Kraken (2)

The Kraken is a famous sea monster.

Perhaps it’s in the top ten when it comes to the strongest monsters people know.

In literature, the Kraken often takes the form of a huge octopus or squid.

It’s not too different in the game, Etius.

Kraken of Etius is different from the real Kraken in one key aspect.

Kraken isn’t a single ‘entity’.

The Kraken is a spirit.

“That sounds about right. Is that your real name?”

“Oh, no way.”

The Kraken answered cheekily, but I had a hunch that this Kraken really might be the legendary version.

The Kraken is a monster of the deep sea, which makes it a wonderfully exotic monster from a human perspective. Its intelligence and abilities are worlds apart from petty demons.

But before I can go down that train of thought,

I look at Gregory, who is trapped by the Kraken.

…He’ll die soon if I leave him alone.

Menosorpo, Void Weaving

Grade - Legendary


Stabbing Gram ‘inside’ the Kraken’s tentacle, I twist it up and down.



Gregory fell to the floor and coughed repeatedly. He doesn’t seem to be dead yet.

Kraken was staring blankly at its severed arm. Given its appearance, I wondered for a moment, but it looked like it could still feel pain.

“Whoa, how did you do that?”

“I cut it.”

“You can’t cut my tentacles with weapons?”

It seems that way. Just look at how Gregory flailed about earlier.

But I’m a bit different. Weaving is magic, after all.

I simply used ‘magic’ to cut it.

“How did you do it?”

“You don’t need to know.”

It wouldn’t be good if he knew.

“I’m warning you. If you touch Gregory from here onward, I will rip out your throat.”


Kraken lifted the corners of its lips in a smirk. It probably thinks 90% of my words are bluff.

However, Kraken doesn’t know how it lost its arm. Until it finds out the answer, it won’t act recklessly.

And it’s the same for me. Void Weaving with Menosorpo can be seen by the enemy.

I was able to do it just now because I installed it behind its field of vision. If I made a single mistake, I’d be caught immediately.

…More than anything else, I’m running out of mana. I wonder if I’ll have a chance to eat a Dragon Heart.

"Alright. There's no need to kill this guy. I've got what I needed."

With those words, Kraken raised his hand to show a bundle of business cards and a recorder he was holding.

He then spread out the bundle of cards.

"Wow, even after using so many, it's still quite a chunk. Did Serf want to conquer the world with his business cards or something?"

Could it really be possible? Muttering to himself, Kraken chuckled.

Then he said to me,

"Don't worry. Serf Daniel will continue to live in our hearts."

"What are you going to do with that?"

Kraken laughed at my question. It was a similarly unpleasant smile to before.

"To kill you."


"On the most perfect day, in the most perfect place, I will kill you, you, thee. Well, today is not the day. There's a time for everything, so wait."

A murder threat.

From Indus's point of view, I, as an individual, am not significant.

Killing me would probably symbolize something. The symbolism of Roach. My father, Enfer de Roach, is the most influential noble as an individual.

...Perhaps they want to use me as a signal for the Indus revolution.

"But well, it would be a pity to just go back like this, especially considering the value of this right arm."

Saying that, Kraken walked back and sat down at the end of the auditorium stairs.

"Maybe I'll just watch."


That was when. The door opened with a creak.

The person who entered was the basic combat skills teacher, Pascal Schiltz.


Pascal walked towards me with steady steps. He already had a knife in his hand.

"I didn't do it~ But I have a good sense, so I know when someone is coming~"

I watched Pascal nervously.

The effect of Serf's business card had not yet worn off. That must be why Pascal was approaching me with a knife.


I called out his name, almost as if I was placing a small hope on him.



Pascal lightly swung the knife around him, creating a wide circle of wind-like Qi. Soon, a transparent barrier rose around me and Pascal.

Weaving, Obsidian

Grade - Normal

Workshop Dagger No. 1

I shattered black lotus to create a dagger and threw it experimentally at the barrier.

With a snap, the dagger bounced off. Pascal had trapped me in this space.

"Wow, it really feels like combat training now."

'Shut up, Kraken.'

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