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Chapter 115 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

Quinie had used various methods to make people surrender or confess.

This included the threat of death, in the same way as Empress Philly.

If Philly is grey, then Quinie is white covered with black cardboard. It's just that her kind nature, enough to bring tears, is wrapped in a shell called evil.

So, from the perspective of someone like me who knows that Quinie is a tremendously good person.

“Even so, I can’t tell you.”

This kind of threat wouldn’t work on me.

“…Fine. Then answer just three questions.”

And Quinie held up three fingers.

“One. Since when did you learn about my ‘weakness’?”

“A long time ago.”

It was long before I even arrived in this world.

“Two. Did you hear about this weakness from an ‘informant’ or something?”


I saw it myself.

“Three. Have you shared my weakness with anyone? Or is there someone who learned of my weakness when you did?”


Even if there was someone who knew, that would’ve been in the previous world.


Quinie stared into my eyes. I remained calm, because I had only told the truth.

“Alright then.”

Quinie then put away her dagger.

It seemed I had passed the immediate test.

“If not you, there is someone else who comes to mind.”

“Is that right? Who is it?”

This was unexpected information, and I leaned forward. If I could find the culprit sooner, that would be ideal. It would be great if I could catch Indus by the tail.

“Ah, but before that.”

“Before that?”

Quinie produced her dagger again, this time waving it right before my nose.

“I need to collect an outstanding debt.”

“…A debt?”

I asked back, and Quinie’s eyes flashed. It was a look that seemed to say, Did you really forget?

"Could you have forgotten already?"

The gaze was precise.

"Ah, what was it?"

"When the students being manipulated crowded into the auditorium! Don’t you remember? I used a mask to lure them back!"


That was indeed a debt I owed.

Many had helped to stop the students, but Quinie’s contribution was too clear and powerful.

Above all,

"You, who know my weakness! This shouldn’t happen!"

Yes. That's why.

I bowed my head and said,

"I’m sorry. I owe you a great favor. Of course, I should repay you."

"……Hmph. Good. Then get up. Let’s go."

"……Where do you mean?"

"Where else? My house. There’s work to be done."

Saying so, Quinie dusted herself off and stood up.

I looked up at her and asked,

"That, of course, I should repay you, and I will do anything, but can it wait a bit longer?"

Catching the culprit behind the rumors seemed more important to me.

Or isn’t it the same from Quinie’s perspective?

"No. The goods arrived today. I took on this job assuming I’d entrust it to you from the start."

What is this.

So, she had planned to use me from the very beginning.

"And what, if I'm right, catching the culprit can wait."

"Excuse me?"

"Anyway. You haven’t forgotten about the museum incident, have you?"


That talk about the counterfeit painting.

Could it be that the goods brought in this time.

"Let's make use of that ability."

Quinie looked at me and smiled slyly.

It was the face of a ‘little devil’ I hadn’t seen in a while.

* * *

Upon arriving at Quinie's mansion, an unexpected welcome was there.

"Welcome to the Viet family."

"Ah, yes. Thank you for the welcome."

I bowed to the man who appeared to be the butler.

The man smiled broadly.

"I hear you’re quite skilled for your young age."


I was about to say something, but Quinie confidently spoke up beside me.

"Yes. An appraiser who can discern the ‘authenticity’ of any item at a glance."

...So, Quinie introduced me as an appraiser.

Somehow, this hospitality makes sense now.

"Please, come in. The master has ordered many items."

"Dushang, is there some underlying meaning in your words?"

"Not at all."

It seems the butler's name is Dushang.

Quinie and Dushang exchanged light conversation as they guided me.

Indeed, upon arrival, there was an enormous amount of various decorative items piled up.

"The appraiser can take a seat over there. Our servant will place the items on the shelf in front of you for appraisal."

The butler led me to a chair in the back. It was an antique-looking chair, and as the butler mentioned, a clean shelf was set up in front of it.

The items placed on the shelf would be at eye level with the person sitting in the chair. It was a thoughtful arrangement.

"Would you like to rest a bit after your journey? Snacks, tea, and coffee are always ready."

"No, let's start right away."

I wanted to finish quickly, so I sat down in the guided chair.

The butler nodded and called a servant.

"Then, the first item."

The servant carefully lifted an item onto the shelf. It was a necklace. The embedded gemstones hinted at a considerable value.

"The ruby set in the center was flawlessly processed by the craftsman Brian,"

"It's genuine."

I interrupted the butler's explanation.

As mentioned before, I wanted to finish quickly.

"...Genuine? But you've only just started looking at it?"

"Yes, that's right."

At my words, the butler Dushang took a brief look at me. His expression became somewhat stern, and he approached Quinie to whisper something softly.

Quinie frowned upon hearing it. Although Quinie retorted, Dushang whispered more earnestly with a serious look, causing Quinie to lean her head back wearily.

'...Ah, I should have pretended a bit longer.'

It seemed like finishing quickly was out of the question.

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