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Chapter 116 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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The Real Deal (2)

Butler Dushang whispered something to Quinie, then soon came to me.

"I'm sorry, appraiser. Could you please wait a moment? It seems we have not provided proper hospitality. We will serve you tea and refreshments shortly."

"Of course."

Dushang smiled again at my response and called for a maid.

"Here, bring the appraiser some tea and snacks. Don't skimp and bring out the best."


Then Dushang promptly left the room.

I sighed.

"He must be planning to call another appraiser."


Quinie agreed readily, as if there was nothing to hide.

He must want to call another appraiser because he can't believe the way I'm doing it.

But since I was introduced by Quinie, he can't show any disrespect, he plans to secretly call someone else.

"That gentleman hasn't even asked my name yet. He didn't introduce himself either."

"Indeed. No trust there."

Quinie chuckled at that. It's your butler, after all.

Meanwhile, the maid brought the tea and refreshments. As Dushang said, they were obviously of high quality at first glance.

Drinking tea, I took a rest mixed with waiting. Dushang returned sooner than expected.

"How is it, appraiser? Does it suit your taste?"

"I think anyone would like this tea."

I praised honestly. Dushang seemed pleased and smiled.

People usually exchange good words briefly, but bad words go on for longer.

Praise ends in a few words, but objections repeat in dozens of phrases, and praising someone not present is enough once, but gossiping can go on for an hour without tiring.

So, if you want to keep it short, give praise.

I just want to finish quickly.

"Then, please start when you're ready."

"Yes, let's do it right away."

I put down my teacup, and the maid skillfully cleared the tableware and stepped back.

Then, as before, the servant placed the item down, and I reported.

"It's authentic."


The servant silently took the item out, this time.

It seemed like he was taking it to the appraiser in a different room.


Quite a while later, I sat in my chair, my chin in my hand.

It was presumptuous of me, but I couldn't help it.

I felt like if I didn't rest my chin in my hand, I would fall asleep.

"The next item."

The servant placed a ceramic piece on the table.


The servant took it away with him. It took a long time before he came back.

"The next item."

The servant placed a necklace on the table.


The servant took it away with him. It took a long time before he came back.

"The next item."

The servant placed an elaborate piece of jewelry on the table.

"Genuine... I don't know how much it's worth."

"Yes, thank you for your confirmation."

Next to me, Quinie stepped in.

"Hey, are you doing it properly?"

"I'm doing it very properly. I'm doing it with my heart and soul. I'd rather there were fakes."

I'm not doing anything special.

I'm examining the pieces in the workshop, using my Analyze skill when needed.

The problem is that this is so boring.

Other appraisers would use magnifying glasses to check for tiny flaws or cracks, and they'd analyze the piece by searching through reference materials to determine authenticity, but I just have to look at the items.

And because the appraiser he called over double-checks the items I've authenticated, I have to wait even longer.

I'm tempted to tell Dushang, "I know you've called in another appraiser, so please let him work by my side."

And it's not just me who's bored.

"Look around, senior. You're the only one with wide eyes here."

At first, the maids and butlers of this mansion took an interest in me. That's because Quinie had introduced me as a great appraiser who could verify authenticity at a glance. Technically speaking, she was right, so I said nothing.

However, I really do verify authenticity "at a glance."

Not only the butler but now everyone around me was looking at me with suspicion. It's as if I would just answer 'authentic' to whatever item comes out, appearing like someone who doesn't discern.

That's to be expected. If I were in their place, I would think the same.

At this moment, almost everyone here, including me, must be thinking this.

'Please, let there be a fake.'

And then, the servant placed the next item.

This time, it was a pendant. A purple gem was embedded in the center, surrounded by a complex mechanism intricately Weaving around it. Three rings encircled it, each able to rotate around the axis.

...Oh, this is.

"It's authentic."

I said, and the servant took the item and went outside. Now, I had to wait again until the expert finished evaluating.

That's when Quinie approached me. And she whispered in my ear.

"There's something about that one, isn't there?"

I whispered back.

"How did you know?"

"Your face gave it away."

Typical Quinie.

She might not know about evaluating items, but there are hardly any who can read people as well as she does.

And soon after, the servant and Dushang entered together.

"Um, Mr. Expert?"


"About the pendant you just saw. That is..."

I scratched my cheek. I had a feeling I knew what Dushang was about to say.

Let's make it easy for him since the result will be the same anyway.

"Did you call another expert?"

"...Yes? Ah..."

"It's okay. Please bring them here. It seems we have different opinions."

Dushang looked a bit surprised at my words, then bowed deeply and went out again.

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