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Chapter 117 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator


When Elysia asked me to bring something back from the department store, using my weaving and workshop skills, I chose the item that looked the best to me.

I wasn't exactly sure about the price, but by looking at the grade and description, I could roughly guess its value.

The problem was that once I brought it back, there was nowhere to sell it.

Enfer had shoved it into the storage without even giving it a glance after hearing I had brought it, so it just piled up as stock.


I brought Quinie to the Roach mansion.

Quinie muttered in front of the mansion's main gate.

"…It's been a while."

"Quinie senior, have you visited our family before?"

"Hmm, no."

Quinie shook her head.

Then what did she mean by it's been a while?

But Quinie didn't elaborate further and instead said,

"Let's go in."

As the main gate opened and we stepped inside, Enfer was already waiting at the mansion's entrance.

Quinie approached Enfer and greeted him.

"I am honored to meet the head of the Roach family."

Enfer, too,

"It is an honor to meet the head of the Viet family."

…Every time, it hits me that Quinie is a head of a family.

She's only two years older than Frondier, but her position is so vastly different.

"My son brought some troublesome items, but I was relieved to hear that Viet would take a look."

"Not at all. If there are good items, they deserve proper treatment."

Quinie said, glancing at me.

Anyway, She’s going to buy everything because of my 'reward,' but I can’t say that to Enfer.

But Enfer was quietly looking at Quinie. I had never seen his gaze linger on someone for so long.

Finally, Enfer spoke.

"…But, head of the Viet."

"Yes, please speak."

"…No, it's nothing."

With that, Enfer ended the conversation abruptly.

After a few exchanges, Enfer went inside the mansion.

It was left to me to figure things out. I called a maid and asked her to guide Quinie.

Following the maid's lead, the door to the storage on the inner right side of the mansion opened, and inside were the items I had brought from the department store.

Quinie looked at me.

"So, which one is the 'troublesome item' you brought?"

Her tone implied there was more to it.

I pointed with my finger.

"Everything with a brand."

"…Everything? All the branded items in this warehouse?"

"Yes. My father doesn't like such things."

Not even owning a sagephone, let alone luxury items.

Should I gift it to them instead? To Enfer and Azier.

…It would be lucky if it doesn't get sliced in half mid-air.

"Hmm, let's take a look for now."

Quinie examined the items in the warehouse one by one.

Even if she was not as experienced as the skilled appraiser, Quinie had a good eye. She must have cultivated her skills since she was an auctioneer, so that much was certain.

Quinie's eyes allmählich changed as she examined various items. She was assessing the value of the items.



"How much would you sell all of this for?"

"Are you going to buy everything?"

"Yes, I'm going to buy everything, and they are worth buying. The quality of all the items is outstanding. They are also the best items from each brand. Some of them will even increase in value over time."

Hmm, I nodded.

Since I am the owner of the items, I should be the one to decide the price.


"You can decide the price, Quinie-senpai."

"……Have you forgotten that I am a merchant?"

"That's why I know you will give me the right price."

And even if you don't give me the right price, it doesn't matter. Even if you give me a low price.

That's because I got them all for free. Elysia gave them to me.

“……Sigh. Why did I get involved with someone like you."

Involved. If someone saw us, they would think I was threatening you.

Quinie pressed her lips firmly with her thumb and then said,

"Fine. 8 million quils for everything."


"I can't go any higher."

When I held the auction before, the last bid for the Viper Steel was 5 million quils.

……Although it's not like I can say this, there are definitely no 'legendary' items among those products. Are they really that expensive because there aren't many of them?

“……Are the products really that good?"

"You're good at spotting the genuine articles, but you don't know about prices."

It was like something stabbed my heart. Wasn't that Frondier's identity?

"Most of the items here are from amazing brands and are their signature products. They are also limited edition and quantity, so collectors are already looking for them. Most limited-edition items like these often have some kind of defect, but that's not the case with these. Quality, rarity, brand. Products that have all three of those are rare."

As expected of a department store run by royalty.

People say that the Game Etius's department store has no ceiling or floor*, and I'm starting to understand what they mean. [T/N: I assume it's an idiom to describe something having no bounds]

"Anyway, I can't carry all of this stuff by myself, so I'll have to call someone……"

Quinie stopped talking there.

Her sunken eyes were looking out of the warehouse.

Oh, those eyes, I've seen those eyes many times before from other people.


I didn't hesitate to open a Rune.

Just like when I found Renzo, Menosorpo has its own characteristics, but it can also detect the presence of anything within its range. That's a feature that most large Runes have, not just Menosorpo.

“……Do you know who it is?"

Something was definitely caught inside Menosorpo. Someone was standing still on a high branch outside the mansion, probably looking in this direction.

"Yeah. It's probably the guy who spread rumors about me."

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