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Chapter 116 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

Soon, a middle-aged lean man entered with Dushang. He looked quite fastidious with his thin eyes and glasses.

I stood up, and we greeted each other.

"Hello, my name is Quentin."

"Frondier. Nice to meet you."

Since the other person didn't give their surname, I also introduced myself by my first name only.

Bringing up the name Roach here is meaningless and a bit distasteful," I mentioned. However, Dushang, who was standing beside me, seemed to ponder upon hearing my name, looking away and tilting his head thoughtfully.

"Let me tell you first, this pendant is a fake," confidently asserted the appraiser, who introduced himself as Quentin. He showcased the pendant with his gloved hand.

"The gemstone at the center is undoubtedly real. However, there are discrepancies in the wear and tear on each ring of the loop that surrounds the gemstone, and the connections between the rings. Meaning, parts have been swapped out. It's presumed that the original owner had it replaced due to some damage or loss."

With that, Quentin glanced at me.

"It seems the young appraiser here judged it to be genuine based solely on the authenticity of the gemstone, but a proper appraiser should pay attention to the overall details of the item. You're still lacking in experience," he said, with an air of understanding, yet his gaze was filled with immense disdain.

He must have heard from Dushang about how I conduct my appraisals. Viewing me as nothing more than a swindler, this defense was the utmost courtesy he could muster.

Which made me feel somewhat guilty.

"The reason for the change in the pendant's loop,"

I had to counter the veteran appraiser's opinion.

"Is because the maker replaced the parts."

I could hear Quentin's scoff.

"Why would the maker replace parts? Changing the original decorations only decreases its value," Quentin stated, and it was true.

Just as Quentin himself could readily identify, if old and new decorations are mixed, the overall value of the item would naturally decline.

However, this pendant does not apply to that theory.

"The loop of this pendant is not merely decorative."

I, wearing gloves, extended my hand towards Quentin. Quentin slightly furrowed his brows but handed over the pendant without any comment.

I manipulated the pendant, twisting and turning the loop.

Let's see, according to the manual provided by the 'Analysis' skill...


Creak, creak.

As I operated it in the precise sequence, the layers of loops moved on their own at one point.

When aligned in a row, the loops narrowed their gaps and filled the inside of the purple gem without leaving any space. Then, the gem emitted light.

And a voice could be heard.

[...Mistilteinn was not a mere branch.]

[What do you mean?]

[We've been deceived! Mistilteinn wasn't just a branch that happened to be imbued with divine power! It was a weapon made from the start! That is—]

The voices of two people were audible, and soon it seemed to cut off abruptly.

...Hmm, I didn't expect to hear such a thing. Anyway.

"This pendant is not just a decorative piece. It's a mechanical device with security measures. And now, it has been combined with some magic engineering."


Everyone was surprised by my explanation and just stared. Quentin did the same.

"This pendant will not open unless manipulated in the correct sequence. But to actually operate, it must be made with a considerable level of precision. That's why the parts kept changing. In other words, this pendant is the final product, containing all the failures of its creator."

It's like the 'real real last of the last revision' of a report.

I looked at Dushang. It seemed right to address Quentin, but I hesitated to say anything that might hurt his pride too much.

"So, this is genuine. As I said before, I don't know the price."

"...That, that's right."

Dushang answered somewhat hastily.

* * *

Throughout this, Quinie was purely amazed.

She trusted Frondier, but the process he showed far exceeded expectations.

'Realizing that this decoration was a mechanical device and demonstrating its operation himself.'

Moreover, it took him only about 3 seconds to confirm it by appraising.

Well, that pendant was a voice recorder with a password set on it. It seems important information, recorded in voice format. One could play it when needed...

……So what happens if the password is unlocked?

"I'm also curious about the contents."

It was about Mistilteinn. The voice was serious and urgent. Moreover, it was cut off midway without a conclusion.

Leaving the thinking for later, Quinie approached Frondier.

"Frondier, you're incredible. It seems your skills haven't dulled."

Then Quinie glanced at Dushang.

"Do you have something to say?"

"....I'm so sorry for suspecting you so rashly, Appraiser. No, Master Frondier."

This time, Dushang bowed 90 degrees to apologize formally. Seeing this, Quinie smiled. After all, suspecting Frondier was like suspecting Quinie's judgment.

See, what did I tell you? My eyes are accurate.

"Although, Senior Quinie."

Frondier spoke up.


"I don't think it's enough to end things with just an apology."


Frondier smiled while looking at Quinie.

I've seen that smile somewhere. Where was it again?

Ah. It's similar to the face I practice in front of a mirror.

"You too always prioritize 'compensation,' don't you, Senior?"

"....A, ah?"

"I'll be selling some things to the Viet family. Will you buy them?"

"Hm? What are you selling?"

"Various things from Terst Department Store."

Quinie's eyes wavered at my words. It might sound nice, but the values of items ranged from the highest heavens to the lowest depths in the department stores of this continent.

"Of course, without leaving anything out, you should buy everything."

Frondier, saying so, showed his usual smile to Quinie.

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