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Chapter 125 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Kraken let out a sigh.

“Really, I don’t know why Serf didn’t use this when he was alive. If you can’t attack the top, you could’ve made a few million of these cards and used them to control the people below.”

“Do you know how long it took him to make just one? It took him more than three days. That’s how long it took when he pretty much spent all his time on it except for sleeping. And apparently, that’s after he sped up the process a lot. It used to take him more than a week.”

Thompson explained.


Kraken was surprised after hearing that, and he checked the number of cards he had.

“…I have about 300 right now, so I guess he worked hard.”

“It seems like he had something he wanted to do once he made enough of those things, but now there’s no way of knowing what that was.”

Hmm, the gazes of all those seated at the table turned towards the business cards.

Their thoughts were in agreement. Frondier.

He killed Serf, took one life from Kraken, and captured Armel.

Recently, all the bizarre incidents happening within Indus were connected to Frondier.

Kraken's eyes dimmed.

"Really, I want to kill him."


Kian responded immediately.

"Someday it will happen. But not now."

"I know. A sacrifice for the revolution, right? But is it really possible? He's becoming stronger than we anticipated."

"Getting stronger isn't the problem. He must know something. Otherwise, he couldn't respond like that every time."

Thomson said, and everyone agreed with him.

Frondier knows much more about Indus than they thought. While they were preparing for the revolution, it seemed as if Frondier was also preparing for it.

Frondier knows too much.

Could it be a leak of information?

"…Is there a traitor within Indus?"

"Don’t they know what happens if he betrays Indus?"

"I don't know. If he wants something more precious than his own life, it's possible. There are plenty who don't cherish their lives. Us included."

While the others were talking, Kraken reviewed his thoughts.

'…There was a child from Manggot.'

The woman who used a needle to detach Kraken's left hand. There is no doubt about it, judging by her previous actions.

Manggot is attached to Frondier? Manggot has joined hands with the high nobility?

'No, that can't be.'

They also want something from Frondier. The Manggot of the rebellion wouldn't help the empire's nobility out of goodwill.

Kraken opened his mouth.

"Manggot has attached itself to Frondier."

Everyone stopped talking and looked at the kraken.

The kraken smiled. It was a thin smile, like a crescent moon. Still, it was a less-ugly smile than human's.

"Wouldn't whatever Manggot wants from Frondier be necessary for us too?"


I woke up after passing out for almost half a day.

Fortunately, I was able to go to school at Constel the next day. It would be too suspicious to miss school the day after Kora caused such a commotion. Anyone else might not notice, but those who know me might suspect that I was involved in the incident again.

And my suspicion was true.

That's why I was somehow able to avoid Aten's incredibly suspicious gaze. Anyway, what Aten saw was not me, but Enfer's young face. If I just acted dumb, Aten didn't ask any further.

And a few days later, Kora became Constel's subject of monitoring.

Even though she was a subject of monitoring, it wasn't that different. It was just a supplementary artifact to control her rampages, and an alarm spell that would immediately be transmitted to Constel in case she rampaged despite the artifact.

Kora didn't cause any particular trouble unless she went berserk. Her magic almost always fails anyway.

'No wonder Kora wanted to be a magician so badly.'

Kora doesn't remember what happened 13 years ago, but it seemed that her body remembered. In fact, when she was in her right mind, she hesitated quite a bit to use her powers.

She doesn't like to fight barehanded, and she wants to protect Quinie. So, magic was the answer.

'If the power of the White Tiger is properly unlocked, she'll probably be able to use magic too.'

Kora is still not fully grown, and she's half-human. Whether she will truly awaken the power of the White Tiger is uncertain, but if that happens, there would be less to worry about. A full White Tiger is not dominated by instincts.

...And another thing.

This was an additional directive after Kora became a subject of observation.

"Hello, everyone."

Teacher Jane entered with a very tired face.

Why does Jane look more haggard every time I see her? Why does she look at me with resentment every time she enters the classroom?

Could it be that I am involved in Jane's fatigue?

Haha, impossible.

"We have a new transfer student in our class."

Jane said, and someone came in.

I knew who it was, but the moment I saw her, I felt as tired as Jane.

"This is Kora. Kora is younger than all of you, but due to special circumstances, she has been admitted."

In fact, Kora is older. But why this class? Because of me?

Haha, surely not.

"Um! Nice to meet you!"

Kora placed her hands on her waist and said proudly.

I want to smack the back of her head right now, thinking about the trouble she caused until a few days ago.

"I am Kora, and I'll be studying with you from now on! It might be hard for you to keep up with my skills, but please don't feel inferior..."

As Kora was boasting like that, she saw me. As soon as she saw me, her eyes widened, and the high-and-mighty attitude vanished.

"P-Please take care of me."

And then, Kora bowed deeply in a polite greeting.

...Could it be, this kid.

'Is she scared of me?'

Even though she claims to have no memory, Kora evidently has exceptional muscle memory.

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