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Chapter 126 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Personal Meeting

Before Kora transferred as a new student.

I had already heard the whole story from Jane.

"I'm going to assign the student Kora's guardianship task to the Frondier student."

Jane told me, feigning formality.

I said,

"Isn't this more of a punishment than a task?"


Jane readily admitted.

"I was thinking it's about time to issue a proper punishment for destroying the building's exterior walls, and this seems like a good opportunity. I hear that Frondier already knows what kind of student Kora is, right?"

Is this about White Tiger? It seems Senior Quinie has informed them.

"So, you're telling me to prevent Kora from going berserk?"

"That would be ideal, but it will be difficult. If Frondier student sees any signs of a rampage, please evacuate the civilians nearby. Of course, it would be best for the Frondier student to leave the area quickly as well. Once the rampage begins, an alarm will automatically sound in Constel, so there's no need to contact us."

Indeed, Kora's transformation into White Tiger takes some time. Evacuating the citizens in the meantime is the right decision.

And from what Jane says, it seems others are unaware that I was at the scene.

The mask pack Quinie gave me was a huge help. Plus, she took me with them after subduing Kora, so I'm grateful.

...Hmm, considering Quinie's personality, I thought she would ask me for something, but there hasn't been any word yet.

"...But, Frondier."


Jane seemed to be pondering something, as if deciding whether to speak her mind, and finally spoke up.

"There was a man who confronted Kora when she transformed."

Oh, she's bringing this up.

I prepared myself mentally.

"That person, he has the face of a young Enfer. Is the Frondier student related to him by any chance?"

I had prepared my dialogue and expressions in advance, anticipating such a question.

Not too surprised, eyes slightly widened, eyebrows pulled together. In a voice slightly awakened from lethargy,

"...My father?"

Perfect. Couldn't be better.

I got the OK sign from Selena, so there shouldn't be a problem.

"Ah, never mind if you don't know the story. Forget I mentioned it."

Jane shook her head. It seemed the act had worked.

"Anyway, please take good care of student Kora. I've heard she's visited Constel a few times, but being a student requires a different kind of adjustment."


Building a rapport with Kora is also my desire. White Tiger's tremendous potential is not something to miss. Moreover, it would be a frightening variable if she became an enemy.

Jane seemed to remember something and added,

"By the way, as you might know, Kora can be quite scatterbrained. She's not yet accustomed to manners and might seem a bit brash, but I hope the Frondier student can manage her well."

"Yes, I'm aware."

I’ve had enough of Kora's noisy personality.

I’m tired just thinking about how I’ll have to deal with her every day here at Constel.


I had those thoughts, but things turned out to be completely different.

Of course, when Kora first came into the classroom, she was spouting off loudly with her head held high, but she instantly wilted once she saw me. She seemed not to have known that I was here.

“Well, it looks like there aren’t any empty seats. I’ll have to bring in a desk. You can sit in the very back.”

“The very back…… Huh!”

Kora’s eyes widened in surprise when she heard that, and she looked at Jane. Her earnest eyes seemed to be pleading for help.

……Maybe it’s because my seat is in the back.

Jane didn’t understand why Kora was acting like this. She cocked her head at Kora’s abrupt change in attitude, becoming timid.

Even if she does know, Kora and I have to be near each other as much as possible. Jane’s decision was obvious.

Once the empty desk arrived, Jane said, “Then you should sit in the very back, Kora.”

“…… Okay.”

And so, Kora’s seat was designated near mine.

This was actually unavoidable.

Frondier before I possessed him would sleep through most of class, so his seat was in the very back by the window. He was stuck in a corner.

But when a transfer student arrives, if there are no empty seats, they bring in a new desk and have them sit in the back, which means that in all likelihood, they would end up near me.

“……Well then, take care of her.”

So Kora ended up sitting to the right of Aten and me. Since Aten was between Kora and me, that was fortunate for her, I guess?

“Nice to meet you, Kora.”

I smiled and held out my hand. Now that the incident was over, I held no ill will toward Kora. In fact, I’d like to become friends with her. She would be an asset in battle if she were my ally. And since Jane asked me to, I should be the one to greet her first in this situation.

“…… Yes.”

Kora bobbed her head like a sparrow, not making eye contact with me.

Aten gave me a stern look. “Frondier, did you do something to this child?”


“Really? Because just looking at her, it seems like Frondier assaulted her.”

“Assault…… I did flick her on the back of the head once.”

Aten’s face turned serious when I said that.

“That was too much. To a child this young.”

She’s older than you.

And that’s probably not why she’s so afraid of me.

“Are you okay? My name is Aten.”

Aten spoke gently to Kora.

It’s so like Aten to say she’s a child while still speaking to her formally.

“Y-yes. Nice to meet you.”

Kora nodded much more pleasantly than she had with me.

Aten asked her, “What did Frondier do to you? I can scold him for you.”

Since she’s a princess. The point is that she’s not just putting on airs, right?

Despite Aten's skill in dealing with children,

"......I can't quite remember."

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