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Chapter 127 Part 1 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

Rossellini (9)

Ten days later, I reported to Monica over the phone that the painting in the store was completed.

Monica, who had been busy traveling between the south, Milan, and Rome due to external schedules, arrived in Milan that evening after receiving my call. Having been waiting in the store before Monica's arrival, I stood up from my seat when she finally entered late at night.


“Ban, I'm sorry I'm late. The airport was unexpectedly crowded, and it took longer.”

“That's okay, it's been a while since we last met.”

It had been fifteen days since I last saw Monica.

Since our last conversation, Monica had completely trusted me. Despite the store design being a concern, she never visited and continued with her work.

Monica brought two wooden chairs used by construction workers and created seating in the center of the room.

“Sit down, Ban.”


Monica saw the finished painting for the first time.

She stared intently at the water lilies in the pond, a smile spreading on her lips, clearly pleased with it.

I silently observed the painting I created with Monica for a while.

White clouds and willow branches reflected in the pond with water lilies floating on it.

The painting focused on the scene of the water surface where the sky and water lilies seemed to merge.

Instead of separating the sky and pond horizontally, I painted clouds, trees, and water lilies as if they coexisted on a vertical plane, gradually dismantling the figurative forms so that only the traces of paint, that is, the colors, remained on the canvas.

This painting started from recognizing the importance of flatness as an essential attribute of painting and the significance of color, which had been considered secondary to line.

And this completed painting remained a significant impression in my art life.

Could it be called the first painting that moved me?

I had never used the word 'work' for my paintings, but this one was different. If someone were to ask me at this moment what my masterpiece is, I would talk about this store without hesitation.

I smiled and nodded, looking at the painting while Monica glanced at my profile.

“What's up?”



“You seem different.”

“My face?”

“No, the atmosphere.”

“Maybe it's because of the night?”


“Do you like the painting?”

Monica smiled and winked.

“I was already satisfied before the painting was finished.”

“Don't be biased, and put aside our friendship.”

Monica showed her phone.

“Do you think I've been too busy to care about the store design?”

I chuckled, looking at the phone she was shaking.

“Did Cicci report to you?”

Monica shrugged.



Monica unlocked her phone and showed SNS.

She showed a post where someone had uploaded a photo of the store and smiled broadly.

“The most talked-about store in Milan right now. It's already attracting attention even without any advertising. The fashion industry is the most sensitive to trends. Did you really think I wouldn't check SNS?”

I looked at the SNS post in Italian with wonder.

Seeing such a post in Korea would be surprising, but to have my painting on a foreigner's SNS felt like a new experience.

I smiled and nodded.

“Monica will do well.”


“More people will return to your hometown, and your brand starting from this store will surely become a global brand.”

“It sounds like a farewell.”

“It's time for me to return, my work here is done.”


It's time to go back home.

My few months in Italy felt like a dream.

Meeting little Lea in a rural village, visiting the art museum with her to meet the master Monet, painting murals in the village, and then designing a store in Milan. So much happened, but the time that passed was just over two months.

"I hope there's another chance to come back to this country someday. I'd also like to visit Monica's hometown again."

"You should stay for the brand launch event."

"The launch?"

"Yes, the prototypes have started to come in. We plan to open the store within a week at least. Actually, if it weren't for the delay in completing your painting, we would have already been ready with the furniture set up and the staff hired."


"You haven't had a proper vacation since you've been here. How about traveling around until the launch event?"

"In Italy?"

"Yes. Many people visit Italy, but they usually stick to big cities like Rome and Milan. However, that's not the real Italy. The real Italy is in the countryside."

Hmm, this is something an Italian celebrity working in Korea said on a TV show too. The real Italy isn't in the big cities. Since I didn't come here with a fixed schedule and it wouldn't be a problem to stay longer if my company allows it, why not? When else would I have the chance to come to such a faraway country?

Just as I was beginning to be swayed, Monica made a decisive suggestion.

"We should also visit Florence, right?"

Wow, Florence.

The city of art.

A city I've wanted to visit at least a thousand times. Along with Vienna, Austria, it's one of the cities I've most wanted to see.


"Yes, don't you want to go there?"

"Well, I do, but I'm worried about my company."

"But Director Seo Youngjoo is there. Director Seo can handle things well even without Ban."

“Then, may I call and get back to you?”

“Of course, and also, don’t worry about the expenses for the trip. We’ll cover it.”

“But it’s a personal trip, I can’t accept that.”

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