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Chapter 127 Part 2 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

Monica glances over the painting that covers the entire store and smiles.

“Think of it as a bonus then. The owner is very pleased with the painting.”

Monica’s appreciation is felt. Probably Youngju will also agree to this. If I go to the launch event, I’ll probably get photographed by journalists, and there will be a lot of material that can serve as references for the company, so it aligns with Youngju’s reasons for sending me here.

I stood up, rummaged through my bag for my phone, and then, gesturing towards the store’s exit, said,

“I’ll step out and call Korea for a bit.”

“Alright, spend some time with me tonight. Let’s have a drink, it’s been a while.”

“Sounds good.”

I left Monica alone and went outside to make a call to Korea.


After Jung Hoon left, Monica, now alone, looks at the paintings in her store, her eyes quivering.

“Such beautiful paintings. They're almost too good for my store.”

Impressionism mixed with Abstract Expressionism, perhaps?

Jung Hoon had captured the pond, sky, and reflections on the water, transforming the entire store into a beautiful, sunlit pond.

“It should have gone to an art gallery, not here.”

Despite feeling it’s a waste, Monica was paradoxically moved that her store can be so beautiful.

Willow trees over the pond, flowers of the season.

Some flowers are white, others are red, and there are also purple ones.

Then, amidst them all, a flower stands out, far yet with an overwhelming presence.

“The black water lily.”

Black water lilies don’t exist.

Well, with the advancement of genetic engineering, they might be artificially made, so it’s not entirely non-existent or impossible.

The floating water lily, like a water poppy, is abstractly painted due to the instantaneous capture effect of light on the subject. The black water lily is at the center of the store design. The overflowing colors of the pond! At this moment, she feels as if she's in Monet's garden in Giverny, by the pond.

Monet’s garden, with annual and perennial plants planted alternately, allowed flowers to be seen all year round. The various colored flowers blooming in each section looked like a palette. Hence, another name for his garden is ‘The Garden of Palette’.

Monica, examining the painting and feeling moved every moment, glances outside at Jung Hoon who is still on the phone with Youngju.

“The only person with the eyes of a god.”

Modern painters no longer care about beauty. They endure new and strange things in reflecting on their inner selves and expressing emotions. In this era, landscape painting, especially of nature, can easily be seen as low-level art.

“Like a painter from the 18th or 19th century dropped into the modern day?”

It’s not just an offhand remark.

Not only Monica herself, but Minyoung has also made similar comments about Jung Hoon's paintings being reminiscent of past masters.

Monica's gaze returns to the painting.

Just looking at it brings warmth and happiness.

A painting that makes one long for a moment of rest in that place.

Monica has always loved water lilies since she was young.

The flower language of water lilies is varied.

There are pure feelings like simplicity, innocence, and purity, but also mysterious, dream-like meanings.

White water lilies mean ‘Your love is pure’,

Yellow ones mean ‘You are without coquetry’,

And red water lilies encompass 'Your love is unknowable.'

The reason she chose water lilies as her brand's logo was not only because they are her favorite flowers but also because they convey so many messages.

People express themselves through their clothes.

She hopes that their expressions are as varied and meaningful as the symbolism of water lilies.

Monica's gaze again settles on the black water lily in the center.

"Black water lily, Black Label."

A smile spreads across Monica's face as she looks at the painting.

"Got it."

Monica immediately calls Cicci.

"We'll make the Black Label our logo for the luxury line. The premium line will feature the black water lily logo, while the others will use various colors. Please proceed with the differentiation process for the Black Label."

After ending the brief call, Monica's gaze shifts back to Ban, still on the phone.

She watches him, seemingly with many things to ask, smiling widely during the long conversation.

"A painter who inspires others. Maybe this person is not just a star in the East but could become a star of the world."

Just then, Monica's phone rings.

Recognizing the name of a magazine editor with whom she had a relationship since her previous company days, Monica quickly answers.

"Editor Silvio, this is Monica. It's been a while since we last spoke. I was actually about to contact you, but you beat me to it."

As she speaks on what seems like a business call, her eyebrows twitch. She then looks out the window at me and speaks.

"About Ban? Yes, he's the painter I brought in."

Monica listens intently to the person on the other end of the phone and then breaks into a grin.

"Yes, he is the one who painted the mural in the village. He's quite a famous painter in Korea. Understood, I'll arrange a meeting soon. See you at the launch event, Editor."

After hanging up, Monica looks out the window and smiles with her eyes.

"What do you think, Ban? It seems like your return to Korea might need to be postponed a bit longer."

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