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Chapter 128 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Field Trip

Field Trip.

It's one of the few genuinely student-life-like activities in Constel.

For the students of Constel, who even spend their vacations in individual training, rest is even more important than for students from other schools.

Most students who enter Constel do so with grand dreams, and it's highly likely that most of them haven't learned how to properly rest, rather than being diligent.

From Constel's perspective, it's necessary to make these students rest, even if by force. Additionally, the original intent of field trips, to broaden students' horizons, is also important.

"So don't even think about training there too!"

Lunia glared at Aster with fire in her eyes.

Aster scratched his cheek and looked away.

"New places are actually the most appropriate environments for training."

"No! You need to rest! You've been running around trying to acquire aura during internship over the vacation, and after enrolling, you got involved in all sorts of incidents!"

Lunia's words were the truth, and Aster actually agreed.

Aster had been feeling the fatigue building up recently.

The vacation period was even harder than being at Constel, getting caught up in baseless rumors, and having a fight with the unconscious Robald.

Incidents were endless, but Aster had no time to rest.

Lunia suddenly turned her head. There was Elodie.

"Elodie! You think so too, right?"

Elodie was leaning on her chin, watching them. Her eyes quickly half-closed. How did she know she was listening?

"Right. If the condition isn't right, training could actually hinder growth. Especially in an unfamiliar environment."

Elodie is on par with Aster in terms of talent, and her growth rate is no less significant. Moreover, she always maintains an exemplary image, which is why Lunia deliberately spoke to her. Because Elodie was the most suitable to persuade Aster.

Aster glanced sideways once before looking back at Elodie and said, "How do you know if I'm in proper condition or not? I could be in the best condition."

"Oh, is that so?"

Elodie waved her hand once. A light breeze arose around Aster, wrapping around his body once before passing.

Elodie said, "Let me correct that. Your condition is the worst. You're suffering from accumulated fatigue, muscle pain, and minor injuries that haven't fully healed yet. Are those from when you fought Robald?"

"...You just figured that out."

Was she checking his physical condition with just one gesture? That was the hidden meaning behind her words.

Elodie simply smiled broadly.

But her thoughts were slightly different.

'I actually learned this magic to check on Frondier.'

Frondier, who repeatedly exhausts his mana. It was clear he was overexerting himself, so she wanted to check his condition by mastering this spell.

...Not just for Frondier, of course? It's useful in various ways once learned. So, there's that.

However, she hadn't had the chance to check recently as they hadn't met.

It's also rude to check without the other person's permission. She hadn't received permission just now, but since Aster had practically provoked her, it was safe.

Above all, Aten was beside Frondier. If Frondier's condition was really serious, Aten would take measures first.

'...Still, I'm curious.'

Frondier's recent actions were no different from Elodie or Aster. No, since he deliberately walked into the hell known as Tyburn, it must have been even harder during the vacation.

Moreover, Frondier was involved in a recent incident just like them. No, since he was at the center of the incident, his fatigue must be even more severe.

'If we shift the topic to Frondier, maybe someone who knows something will speak up.'

Elodie thought so, but there was one problem.

How to shift the topic to Frondier.

If Elodie brought up Frondier's name first and asked about his recent condition, it would be, how to say, very difficult to do.

But then, a voice was suddenly heard.

“I wonder what he’s like. Frondier de Roach.”

Elodie’s shoulders gave a slight twitch, as if she’d been caught in the act, and she turned her gaze in the direction of the voice.

The man who’d spoken was Robald Lieff.

Elodie’s eyes grew wide. She hadn’t expected Frondier’s name to come out of Robald’s mouth.

“Frondier? What about him?”

Lunia asked.

“No, that guy crossed swords with me for a bit.”

“When? I thought you fought Aster.”

"This was before I lost consciousness. I thought that guy was threatening Aten-nim."

"...So you attacked Frondier foolishly believing in those baseless rumors?"

“That’s right.”

Robald nodded. His bold attitude was almost refreshing.

Lunia sighed and said,

“So are you worried because you beat up Frondier pretty badly?”

“No, he didn’t get hit once. All I did was grab him by the scruff of the neck and throw him. That probably didn’t do much damage.”

The eyes of those listening to Robald’s story changed.

Even if he wasn’t serious, the fact that Robald, who was known as a genius in combat, hadn’t been able to land a single blow held a lot of significance.

“Anyway, I lost consciousness after that, and later I heard that all the students who lost consciousness like I did tried to kill Frondier. I heard he got dragged around here and there before and after that. I was wondering if he was okay.”

Elodie was slightly surprised that Robald was worried about Frondier, but in any case, things were going just as she hoped.

Ahem. Elodie gave a deliberate cough and said,

“Does anyone here know what’s going on with Frondier? It’d be easy if we could just ask him.”


At Elodie’s words, everyone seemed to think for a moment. Then their gazes all fell in one direction.

At Selena.

“…Huh? Me?”

Selena, still sitting up straight, flinched in surprise when she felt everyone’s gazes on her and asked.

"Selena is Frondier's escort. Is he okay?"

"Yes, yes. He didn't seem to be hurt in any particular way."

"Really? He must be taking her rest well then."

Elodie said, feeling somewhat relieved.

However, upon hearing Elodie's words, Selena tilted her head as if something had just occurred to her.


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