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Chapter 128 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Selena could reach Frondier's side at any time through the teleportation magic set up by Manggot.

Whether Frondier is in a crisis situation or calls for her directly, Selena is always ready to perform her duty as an escort.

Therefore, Selena roughly knows Frondier's daily schedule.

'In the morning and afternoon, he attends classes at Constel, after school, he trains in the personal training room, seems to be training again with his brother Azier who recently returned from a mission at the mansion, and at night, he teaches me ancient languages...'

…Wait, actually.

"When does he ever rest? Lord Frondier."


Elodie was surprised and asked back at Selena's muttering.

"Now that I think about it, I've never seen him rest. Not me."

Selena first met Frondier in Tyburn.

Of course, at that time, it was the most dangerous and harsh environment, so there was no time to rest, but even after returning to Constel, Frondier's hardships didn't seem to have improved much.

"So, he doesn't look tired or anything?"

"I'm not sure. He always looks tired."

That's true.

It was hard for both Elodie and Selena to notice since it was always that face.

Listening, Lunia shrugged her shoulders and said.

"…Well, this field trip might give him some time to breathe, at least."

Lunia spoke nonchalantly as if it was nothing.

But Elodie sincerely hoped that would be the case.

* * *

I was standing next to the teacher's desk, watched by the students of the class, because Jane had called me. Kora was also standing beside me.

Jane, with me by her side, looked around at all the students sitting down and said.

"Student Frondier will not be able to join you on this field trip," Jane said, causing the students to express their confusion in various ways.

Honestly, I thought they might not care whether Frondier was there or not, but it seemed they were curious enough.

As a slight commotion brewed among the students, Jane continued, "Frondier will be participating in volunteer work. Of course, he will accompany us to the destination, but it's unlikely you'll run into them during the trip."

The commotion grew louder.

Whispers such as "What did he do to get volunteer work?" or "I heard he caused property damage?" and "Didn't he blow up a wall?" could be heard.

Among them, there were students who looked at me with pity. It was a bit touching. Had my efforts to maintain a good reputation until now meant something? Or was it that Frondier's reputation wasn't really at rock bottom?

"And Kora has actively requested to volunteer, so she will be doing so as well."

Though it was called a request, Kora looked extremely displeased. Of course, it wasn't a request.

Kora had inhaled the powder inside the pouch thrown by Armel and had gone berserk.

In other words, the conditions for triggering a berserk state from Indus' perspective were quite simple. Just make her inhale the powder.

The police and Constel are currently investigating what the powder is, so a countermeasure will be devised soon, but until then, I must protect and monitor Kora.

"Let's go back to your seats, Frondier, Kora."

Following Jane's instruction, I returned to my seat with Kora, and Aten looked at me with a worried expression.

"Are you okay?"

"Of course. It's actually better this way. The field trip would have been nothing but a hassle."

It felt like something Frondier would say after a long time.

Aten looked into my eyes.

"Are you really going to do volunteer work?"

"Of course."

It was a lie.

I am participating in the operation to take down Indus. Kora isn't participating, but it's safer for her to be by my side than mixed in with the other students. I'll protect her as much as possible.

Jane continued her explanation.

"As some of you might have already heard, our destination for this trip is 'Cropolis'. It's a famous resort town to the south."

Cropolis is a city by a lake. However, this lake is so vast that it has waves no different from those of the sea. To the human eye, there would be no difference except that the water isn't salty.

Thus, even though Cropolis's lake isn't the sea, the places equipped with lodgings and facilities are called 'beaches'.

In terms of being a fully functional resort destination with equipped beaches, Cropolis is almost unique.

Given the nature of this world, where monsters abound, even areas of the sea that humans have claimed are not frequented by visitors.

Even if barriers are in place. Psychologically, unless people truly believe in their safety, it's not easy to relax.

"We'll be traveling to Cropolis on a sky train. The scenery you'll see from the train will be a great part of the experience before we arrive."

The sky train Jane mentions doesn't actually fly in the air.

Instead, there's a railway connecting cliffs across an enormous distance. Powered by magic, the railway operates without any other supports, suspended in the air.

When the train travels across, it truly looks as though it's floating by itself.

"Our teaching staff will do their utmost to ensure that your field trip is safe and enjoyable."

Jane said, looking around at the students, but it felt like she was speaking to me.

And in reality, that's my mission.

To ensure that everyone at Constel can unwind and relax from their fatigue while we carry out the mission to take down Indus. For the students of Constel, it's as if 'nothing happened' during their field trip. To maintain peace.

It's absurd to think I could do it alone, but with the teachers of Constel and Osprey stepping in, it's more than enough.

As for my rest, well, that comes later.

After the mission to take down Indus is over, I too, like the other students, can rest.

That's what I hope for.

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