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Chapter 129 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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A few days earlier.

Constel was abuzz with the upcoming field trip.

For the students, always tired from lessons and training, the field trip promised a definite break. Constel's field trips focused clearly on 'leisure'.

The preparations for the field trip were meticulously made.

Accordingly, the students' spirits were lifted, and Constel was bright with their anticipation.

However, as always, beneath the lights illuminating the bright daily life, darkness lurked.

"Let's start the meeting."

In Constel's conference room, a serious meeting was held.

As Osprey declared the start of the meeting, the table in the center lit up blue. The light intertwined into bundles of lines and gradually revealed a map from Constel to the resort city of Cropolis.

Everyone was standing at this meeting. They checked the map and combined everyone's ideas to establish a plan.

"The Dean is unusually proactive today."

Jane smiled sweetly.

Osprey said,

"I detest cockroaches."

It was metaphorical, but the message was clear.

Osprey raised his head and looked at Frondier.

“First, before we start, I’ll remind everyone that, as mentioned, Frondier de Roach will be participating in this operation. He has an incredibly important role to play.”

Frondier bowed his head at Osprey’s introduction.

It felt very strange for everyone to see Frondier, still in his school uniform, among the faculty members.

Frondier’s mother, Malia, glanced at him and said,

“Wouldn’t it be dangerous to include a student?”

“You don’t have to worry about that. Frondier will be in a very safe place.”

That seemed to reassure Malia somewhat. This time, Jane spoke up.

“Headmaster, do you really think Indus will make a move during this field trip?”

“There’s a good chance of that. It’s a time when most of Constel’s students and faculty will be away from campus. It would be strange if Indus did nothing. It remains to be seen whether they’ll make a big move or just a small one.”

Pascal nodded at those words, then spoke up.

“In that case… The most vulnerable location would be here.”

Pascal pointed to a spot on the map on the table. Everyone looked at it and frowned.

“The Sky train…”

A sheer cliff, a seemingly bottomless abyss. The railroad suspended in the air, spanning that chasm.

If Indus intended to attack Constel, the moment when the students crossed this bridge would be the riskiest time.

“We have to use the Sky train to get to Cropolis. Do you think we can handle an attack there?”

“The defensive magic is complete. Even a significant attack won’t leave a scratch on it.”

“We’re prepared for that, but the tracks themselves–”

The faculty members discussed how they would deal with any outside attack that occurred while the train was crossing.

Osprey, who had been listening quietly, spoke up.


Frondier was taken aback when Osprey suddenly called his name. Everyone looked at him.

“What do you think?”

It was a surprise—Osprey had given Frondier the right to speak when Frondier had thought he’d just be participating and listening.

Frondier took his time answering.

“We definitely need to prepare our defenses. However,”


“I don’t think anything will happen on the Sky train.”

Everyone was surprised by Frondier’s statement.

Teacher Isamaya asked,

“Nothing will happen? You mean Indus will just watch as the Constel students pass by peacefully?”

“That’s what I believe.”

Isamaya tilted her head in confusion.

Pascal asked,

“Why do you think that?”

“They don’t want the Constel students to die. Or rather, they want the students themselves to kill someone else.”

“…Students at Constel killing other people?”

“They have an item now that could make that possible.”

Frondier’s words made everyone’s eyes widen.

“Business cards!”

Frondier nodded.

"It's an item that Kraken managed to obtain by infiltrating Constel. They'll definitely use it. But now, the only command they can carry out is 'kill Frondier.' Besides, the students of Constel are on high alert about name cards due to the recent incident. It probably won't work on the students anymore."

"So, what do we do?"

"They will do the opposite. Instead of the students, they will distribute the name cards to the citizens of Cropolis. Of course, they'll have to make my face familiar to the citizens of Cropolis beforehand. There are plenty of ways to do that, especially in a world where everyone has a SagePhone."

"…Come to think of it, there has been quite a bit of talk about Frondier recently,"

Pascal said.

For the name cards to be effective, the recipients need to know who Frondier is.

Of course, the short-term memory from a phone blast won't last long, but a few days should be sufficient.

"When the students arrive in Cropolis, the citizens who received the name cards will try to attack me, and there might be civilians who get hurt trying to defend against us. There will also be those who cry foul over excessive force. But that's not really what's important."

"Right. What's important is that it ties down the students."

Malia said, and Frondier nodded.

"To prevent the citizens from getting hurt, my feet and those of other students will be tied down, and the teachers will step in to resolve the situation. In those few seconds to a few minutes, they'll try to accomplish their real goal."

"Their real goal?"

"It's not certain. But probably."

Frondier said, then lifted his head.

He was contemplating whether it was the right time to say this.

It was a given that Indus would move faster for their revolution than in the game, especially since their means to cover up incidents had diminished after Armel was captured.

Although Frondier couldn't know every detail of Indus's revised plan, he could follow the principles of Indus's actions based on what he knew.

When that happens, the first step for Indus's revolution would likely remain unchanged.

"They're targeting the headmaster."


The air in the meeting room grew heavy.

Targeting Headmaster, the 'Zodiac' Osprey.

If what Frondier said was true, Indus was far more audacious than they had thought.

"…How are they planning to target the headmaster? How dare they."

Isamaya's voice sharpened. There was absolute support and trust for Osprey among everyone in Constel.

Knowing this, Frondier deliberately spoke in a cold voice.

"…Indus has their own 'Zodiac' too."

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