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Chapter 130 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Field Trip (3)


“No, what!”

This time, some teachers couldn't hold back their voices.

Malia said,

“…Frondier, the 'Zodiac' are the twelve strongest individuals designated by the Empire. They hold power beyond that of high nobility, individuals whose own strength is exceedingly superior. Would any of them have a reason to belong to a place called 'Indus'? It would be an act of throwing away their power and strength.”

Indeed, the outward face of Indus was an organization for the rights of commoners.

Therefore, the teachers viewed Indus’s actions as violent reforms threatening the nobles’ positions with force, akin to those of commoners.

But the Zodiac. Why would the Zodiac, already in high positions, help with the reform of commoners?

Frondier then said,

“What Indus wants is a 'revolution'. Overturning the current class structure.”

“Yes. So, the Zodiac.”

“Indus intends to overturn 'all class structures'.”

Malia blinked, not understanding Frondier’s words at first.

Then, her eyes widened.

“…Does that mean, even the Emperor?”


Frondier continued calmly,

“Their goal is to overturn all classes distinguishing the emperor, nobility, and commoners. In other words, they want to lead the Empire into a state of anarchy.”

At that, everyone fell silent for a moment.

Frondier’s statement was more significant than imagined.

Even then, Frondier’s words continued, oblivious to the atmosphere.

“Given the idea of overturning all class systems, anyone could potentially join, except for the Emperor at the highest position. Even the 'Zodiac', that is.”

Pascal asked,

“What does Indus truly want? Are they really pursuing complete equality within the Empire?”

At that, Frondier smiled.

Though unintended, that languid smile somewhat alleviated the tension accumulated in the meeting room.

“Most of those belonging to Indus probably think so. They think they’re doing something noble. Even the heads. But their ‘leader’ isn’t thinking like that.”


“The leader of Indus just wants to build a hierarchy that suits his taste. He won’t call himself the emperor, but his power and authority will be no different from that of an emperor. The whole abolishing the hierarchy thing is just an excuse to build a new one.”

“……When it’s anarchy, they try to take control and build a government.”

“Yes. They must have almost finished their groundwork.”

All those slogans about siding with the commoners, all those image-boosting activities, were all for that.

“Hey, Frondier.”

Teacher Isamaya spoke up.

“You keep mentioning the Zodiacs, but do you actually know which of them are members of Indus? Don’t tell me you’re bluffing?”

“Of course, I do.”


Frondier rolled his eyes, then smiled faintly, as if he found it amusing.

It felt like he was about to say something dreadful.

“It’s interesting how he is the only Zodiac I’ve met face-to-face, aside from the headmaster.”

“……You met a Zodiac? When did you had the chance to,”

Isamaya was about to say that, but then she realized something. Soon, her face turned pale with shock.

There was. A Zodiac that Frondier had met.

‘The fake mistletoe incident.’ The nobles’ meeting.

“That’s right.”

Frondier nodded.

“The leader of Indus is the ‘Zodiac,’ Heldre.”


Someone accidentally bumped into the table in their surprise. Some people turned pale, and others had their breath quicken.

Zodiac Heldre.

Those called Zodiacs were all powerful people who surpassed ordinary standards. But Heldre was different from the rest, not in terms of strength or weakness, but in terms of ‘color.’

Those who rose to the position of Zodiac had all made great contributions in the war against the monsters.

To put it another way, to say that one has accomplishments means that they have killed numerous demons. When you look at it this way, Heldre’s accomplishments are greater than anyone else’s.

If he hadn't been the most dangerous person within the empire before the war against demons began, that is.

Before the war, Heldre was a maniac criminal. From the present point of view, Renzo, the “Glutton of Chaos” most closely resembles Heldre.

After repelling the demons, and after the empire personally granted Heldre the position of “zodiac,” Heldre became quiet. That’s what everyone believed.

Having entered his twilight years, Heldre recently began to gain the appearance of “benevolence.”

“……Frondier de Lorche.”

Osprey spoke in a heavy voice at that moment. His full name without the title of “student” or “military” attached.

As Frondier raised his head to look at him, a cold voice was heard.

“How do you know so much?”

Clearly, Frondier now knows too much.

As if he himself were a member of Indus.

Of course, no one here suspects that. His actions up until now would be too strange if he were truly a member of Indus.

However, they had to at least hear where he got this kind of information from.

Frondier paused for a moment before speaking slowly.

“I have been investigating Indus for a very long time.”

Osprey was surprised as he looked into Frondier’s eyes, which were softly murmuring.

He felt the tremendous history contained in that gaze. It was the gaze of someone who experienced countless trials and failures, regrets and abandonments.

“I researched endless amounts of material in order to find out the true nature of Indus. There is no place I haven’t been, and no stone I haven’t unturned. I can’t explain all of it to you in detail.”

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