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Chapter 15 Part 2 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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The idol of the masses, a star born from the sun.

The apple of the imperial family’s eye.

A girl revered for her benevolent nature and dazzling beauty.

Lucy von Lietro, the First Princess of the Empire.

The girl who always maintained her imperial dignity was currently…

“Sniff… Sob…”

Trembling and shedding tears.

Her blue eyes, like the sea, were filled with a mixture of tears and fear.

When faced with a bizarre situation, humans tend to feel fear before understanding or empathy.

It was the same for Lucy.

“Ahaha… Haha!!”

The boy was straddling her, laughing maniacally.

Every time a drop of blood from his forehead landed on her cheek, Lucy flinched.

The poor girl bit her lip, trying to hold back her sobs.

‘W-What is this…’

It’s scary.

So scary.

At first, she just wanted to teach the bad Raiden a lesson.

But the situation had taken a strange turn.

The first moment she realized something was wrong was when she heard the boy’s mocking words.

-Heh… Your Highness, are you alright?

His face, full of scorn, as he looked down on her.

Her abdomen ached, throbbing with pain from his powerful kick.

Lucy had to suppress her groans and force herself to get up.

It’s strange.

He’s definitely Raiden.

The same Raiden who had no talent for physical combat since childhood, the one who always relied on her and Neria.

But why.

Did he feel like a completely different person?

-I’ll make you kneel today… no matter what…!!

She had declared confidently, but Lucy had been on the defensive throughout the spar.

The boy’s attacks were simple yet sharp,

and his defense was impenetrable, blocking all of her attacks.

It was like facing a wall.

A massive, insurmountable wall.

No matter how persistently she swung her spear, all she got in return was the sound of wind cutting through the air.

Lucy grew increasingly anxious.

‘What… What is this…!! You weren’t like this before, Raiden…!’

It wasn’t just his superior skills that were pressuring her.

His cold, black eyes.

Those eyes, filled with unknown emotions, sent chills down her spine.


-My liege.

-Didn’t you swear to protect me?

The bizarre smirk that twisted his lips.

That unnatural smile was enough to make her heart skip a beat.

Shocking words and a shocking expression.

Completely caught off guard by the boy’s psychological warfare, Lucy was defeated,

and now she was whimpering, half-pinned beneath him.

But in truth, her tears weren’t just from the frustration of defeat.

-…Haha, hahaha!!

The boy, who had been frozen in place, panting, suddenly started laughing like a madman.

As if he were genuinely enjoying this situation.

He let out a pure, clear laugh.

That smile, mixed with the vicious aura he had exuded just moments ago, created a grotesque scene.

Lucy felt instinctive fear.

Right next to her was the boy’s sword, embedded in the ground, having narrowly missed her face.

Drops of blood from his forehead were dripping onto her cheek.

And the boy before her was acting in a way she couldn’t understand.

Tears welled up in her eyes.

‘Don’t cry… Don’t cry…’

Lucy desperately tried to hold back her sobs, to maintain her dignity as a princess…

“Haha, ahaha!! Aha…! Ha… Uh.”

But the moment her eyes met his black eyes, filled with madness,

“Sob… Waaahhhh!!!”

She burst into tears.


The spar ended like that.

Lucy, sobbing sorrowfully, left the training ground, supported by her attendants.

Everyone glared at me as they passed by.

Honestly, I had nothing to say, so I just kept my head down.


Damn it.

Why did I do that?

How could I make the princess cry, you idiot…?

She probably already hated me,

and now I made her cry in front of everyone.

As I was reflecting on my mistake and repenting,

someone called out to me in a gentle voice.

“Mr. Lishite.”

It was Professor Lucas.

…I’m going to get scolded, aren’t I?

My father used to hit me thirty times for every mistake I made.

How much am I going to get hit here?


“You’re bleeding from your forehead.”


I had mentally prepared myself for the incoming slap,

but what came back was an unexpected question about my injury.

Startled, I looked up and saw Professor Lucas looking at me with concern.

“It doesn’t look too serious, but… you should be careful, or it might get worse.”


“You know the infirmary next to the training ground, right? Go get it treated.”

Lucas patted my shoulder lightly once again.

Seeing his kind gesture, I belatedly realized something.


Come to think of it, it wouldn’t make sense for him to hit me.

I’m the eldest son of a Duke family.

There’s no way a professor would dare lay a hand on someone like me.

Korn, who’s best friends with Steiner, might ask, “What does your father do?” and hit me,

but not all professors are like him.

‘This is awesome…?’

No getting beaten up after training?

What a refreshing educational policy.

So I don’t have to apply ointment to my body before going to bed anymore?

“Mr. Lishite?”

“…Ah, y-yes. I understand.”

Lost in my silly thoughts, I belatedly came to my senses and nodded at Lucas’s call.

I must be really tired.

To be having such pointless thoughts.

“Then, I’ll be going.”

“You can leave freely after getting treated. Class is almost over anyway.”


I trudged out of the training ground.

The sky was clear and blue, and I let out a long breath.

The plan had been successful, and I had even enjoyed the spar,

but why did I feel so miserable?

-Sob… Waaahhhh!!!

“Damn it.”

Those tear-filled blue eyes kept flashing before my eyes.

They overlapped with the remnants of the past I had seen in Raiden’s memories.

I ran my hand through my hair in frustration.


…I should have held back a little.

I’m always like this.

I get carried away and lose control the moment I let loose.

You pathetic idiot.

I’ve ruined so many people because of this personality.

‘Should I apologize to her later?’

She probably won’t accept it.

Considering all the things Raiden had done to her.

And now I even made her cry, so she might not even want to see me.

Well… Raiden had made Lucy cry many times too,

but never like this.

Never this much, and never in front of everyone.

‘Should I kill myself?’

A surprisingly rational option popped into my head, but I quickly dismissed it.

As I was writing a letter of apology in my mind with a bitter taste in my mouth,

a familiar mechanical sound rang in my ears.


[Hidden Quest Achieved]


What’s this now?

A hidden quest? What did I even do today to achieve this?

I tilted my head and opened the status window.

“Status Window.”


[Hidden Quest Achieved]

Title: Slayer of Something

Completion Conditions

1. Win against a spear user of rank C or higher. (Complete)

2. Be hit no more than 3 times. (Complete)

Reward: Title ‘Spear Slayer’


I was already in the middle of repenting, and now it’s making this permanent…?

Isn’t that a bit harsh…?

I glared at the status window with resentment, but it remained silent.

So you’re not on my side either, huh?

I pouted and clicked the ‘Claim Reward’ button.


[The title ‘Spear Slayer’ will be added to your existing titles.]

[Current Titles]

1. Eldest Son of the Lishite Family

2. Troublemaker

3. Lonely Boy

4. Spear Slayer (New!)

[Title - Spear Slayer]

Effect: Strength stat increases by 1 when facing spear users.

[This title can synergize with other ‘Slayer’ titles.]


What’s this?

The effect is pretty decent.

And it’s a synergy title, which means it can grow.

I stumbled upon something good in an unexpected place.

It felt like thinking I had two hours of training left, only to realize there was only one hour left.


[After a bad event, a good event always follows.]

[Self-blame is not good.]

[Mistakes should be the foundation for growth, not the start of self-loathing.]

“Status Window…”

On top of that, words of encouragement from the status window.

Touched by its kindness, I frowned.

Right, there’s no way you were trying to make fun of me.

You were trying to cheer me up.

“…Thank you. Always.”

I muttered softly.

I wouldn’t have been able to endure this place without you.

You protected my mind from collapsing with the ‘Iron Will’ skill,

and you lifted me from despair, leading me to a second chance.

You’re a suspicious, ambiguous existence.

Of course, I still have doubts about whether I can truly trust you,

but I can’t help but feel grateful.


[I am merely acting according to the manual.]

“Yeah, yeah. I know.”

The status window replied curtly.

I chuckled and nodded at its response.

Alright, let’s do this.

Let’s just try a little harder.

I wiped the blood from my forehead and walked on.

…But is this really okay?

I think I’m bleeding quite a lot…?

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