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Chapter 16 Part 1 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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Golden Boy, Be My Sacrifice

One month.

It had already been a month since I entered Raiden’s body.

My tumultuous life at the Academy was already entering its second week.

Time had flown by faster than I expected.

Maybe it was because of the various events involving Ariel, Margaret, Lucy, and others.

It felt like the past month had vanished in the blink of an eye.

Still, nothing major had happened besides that.

The only problem was that the Academy classes were difficult…

Well, I’ll just have to muddle through somehow.

I was slowly and steadily adapting to my new life.

“I’m going,”

I said lightly, standing at the entrance.

Then, with a clatter, a head of brown hair popped out from the kitchen.

“One moment, Young Master!”

She stopped what she was doing and scurried over to me.

She reached out and straightened my crooked tie.

“You must dress neatly.”

“…This is too much of a hassle.”

“That’s why I’m here to do it for you~”

Rachel giggled and adjusted my clothes.


This was a bit embarrassing.

It felt like I couldn’t even dress myself properly, like a child.

Feeling awkward, I asked,

“Should I learn how to tie a tie properly?”

“It’s alright~ I’ll do it for you.”

“Aren’t you bothered?”

“I actually enjoy it.”

She hummed happily as she spoke.

Well, I can’t take away her joy if she likes it so much.

She already works hard every day.

It’s definitely not because I’m too lazy to do it myself.

While I was busy justifying myself, the tie was already neatly tied.

Rachel smiled brightly and poked my cheek.

“I hope you never learn how to tie a tie, Young Master~”


“Just because~”

“You’re being difficult.”

Rachel was great, but sometimes she said strange things.

I mean, if I ask what you mean, at least explain it.

If you don’t want to tell me, then don’t say anything in the first place.

I grumbled inwardly and opened the front door.

“I’m really going now.”

“Yes! Have a good day!!”

With her cheerful encouragement echoing behind me, I set off for school.

A cool breeze ruffled my hair.

Had time really passed so quickly?

The season, which had embraced the scorching heat just a month ago,

was now taking steps towards autumn, bringing with it a cool breeze and colorful foliage.

“…It’s already been a month.”


When I first possessed this sinful guy, I thought it was a lost cause.

But contrary to my worries, I had been living quite peacefully.

After all, there was still time before the events from the original story unfolded.

The only slightly disappointing thing was that my old image wasn’t improving.

“Why isn’t it working?”

I hadn’t caused any trouble in the past month.

I hadn’t skipped class or been late.

I hadn’t talked back to the professors, and I had been diligently attending lectures.

Yet, the persistent rumors and my reputation refused to improve.

People were surprised when they saw me, but they didn’t approach me.

‘Why? I haven’t done anything too noticeable…’

…Or maybe I did?

Just a little. Really, just a tiny bit.

But compared to Raiden, I was a saint.

I made excuses in my mind as I crossed the street.

Soon, I heard someone calling my name from afar.


I looked up and saw a girl with crimson hair running towards me, waving both hands.

She was smiling brightly, carrying a yellow bag, and she looked adorable.

Like a little chick.

She would get mad if she heard me say that, calling it childish.


I smiled faintly as I embraced Ariel, who leaped into my arms.

She greeted me with a cheerful voice.

“Good morning!”

“Yes, yes. Good morning.”

I patted her head a few times, and Ariel purred, melting into my touch.

She acted more like a cat than a chick.

Switching between prey and predator… she was a scary girl indeed.

I walked alongside Ariel.

Come to think of it, going to school with Ariel like this had become a daily routine.

Ever since that day she stormed into the classroom, Ariel had been clinging to me.

As if she was trying to make up for two years of suppressed childish affection.

I let out a sigh, feeling a bittersweet sensation at the warmth radiating from her arm.


Ariel wasn’t annoying.

In fact, it was quite enjoyable to be with her.

But it was a bit overwhelming.

Like experiencing motion sickness because I hadn’t fully adjusted yet.

The warmth of another person was unfamiliar,

and it sometimes made me feel nauseous. I even heard echoes of the past.

‘…I’ll have to overcome this someday. This is the life I have to live.’

I repeated this resolution to myself, but my heart remained heavy.

The thought of becoming accustomed to peace and leisure was unimaginable.

Worry and melancholy continued to weigh on me.

It felt like I was staring blankly at a possibility I couldn’t reach.

‘It’ll be okay… Yes, it’ll be okay.’

I forced an awkward smile, trying to conceal my complicated emotions.

I didn’t want Ariel to worry if she saw my gloomy expression.

As I was sorting out my thoughts,

we arrived at the carriage stop.

“Bye! See you tomorrow at school!!”

Ariel waved at me as she boarded the carriage that had arrived just in time.

I waved back lightly and waited for the carriage heading to the Second Building.

I stood still and looked up at the sky.

White paint strokes gradually appeared on the blue canvas.

I closed my eyes slowly beneath the vast, tranquil landscape.




“Alright, that concludes today’s lecture.”

The voice announcing the end of the class echoed through the room.

As the professor packed up his belongings and left the classroom, the students began to rise from their seats one by one.

I was among them.


I yawned and stretched, feeling stiff and exhausted.

Sitting at a desk with a book open all day was taking its toll on my body.

Studying really wasn’t for me.

Who knew staying awake could be this difficult?

I gathered my things and left the classroom.

As I was getting up, I briefly made eye contact with Margaret, who was sitting far away, but I quickly averted my gaze, pretending not to notice her.

“…Well, shall we go again today?”

I slung my crossbody bag over my shoulder and started walking.

During the past month,

I had focused on two main things.

First, mastering Raiden’s unique talent, ‘Blink’ (short-range teleportation).

And second, acquiring other ‘Slayer’ titles, like the ‘Spear Slayer’ title I had obtained from my spar with Lucy.

What? You’re asking about the midterm exams?

Let’s just skip that part.

There are some things that effort alone can’t achieve.

As long as I don’t fail, it’s fine. Don’t expect too much from me.

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