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Chapter 16 Part 2 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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“Status Window, show me my information.”

Desperately trying to ignore my academic responsibilities, I summoned the status window.


[User: Raiden Lishite]

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Race: Human

[Stat Information]

Strength: D-

Stamina: D-

Agility: D

Total Mana: 31

[Skill Information]

1. Imperial Common Language (Automatically Activated)

2. Iron Will (Automatically Activated)

3. Short-Range Teleportation (Blink)

4. Empty Slot

5. Empty Slot





1. Eldest Son of the Lishite Family

2. Delinquent [T/N: Changing it to ‘Delinquent’ from ‘Troublemaker’]

3. Lonely Boy

4. Spear Slayer

5. Sword Slayer

6. Martial Arts Slayer

7. Hammer Slayer


After a month of rigorous training, I had successfully raised all my Strength, Stamina, and Agility stats to D rank.

And the titles.

After defeating Lucy and obtaining the ‘Spear Slayer’ title,

I had been seeking out students with C rank or higher weapon proficiency at the Academy, challenging them to fight.

You might think it’s strange for someone who wants to live peacefully to be picking fights…

but it was unavoidable for title farming.

To get the synergy title, I needed to obtain five ‘Slayer’ titles.

As a result, a bizarre rumor spread throughout the Academy that the crazed delinquent son of Duke Lishite was hunting down honor students.

But I’m sure everyone will understand.

Honestly, it’s better to be known as a guy who’s always brawling than someone who disrupts classes and hits on girls.

I was using a kind of cover-up strategy. It was all part of my plan.

‘…It’s like comparing apples and oranges.’

I tried to ignore the voice of my conscience and

turned my attention back to the status window.

Spear Slayer, Sword Slayer, Martial Arts Slayer, Hammer Slayer.

I had four titles so far.

I was just one title away from achieving the synergy title.

And right now, I was on my way to obtain that last title.

“Are you here to use the training ground?”


“Please write your name on this list, check the safety guidelines, and then you may enter.”


I arrived at the training ground while fiddling with the status window.

Ignoring the guide, who was trying to act calm but whose hands were trembling, I stepped inside.

I quickly scanned the interior as soon as I passed through the door.

Countless pieces of training equipment and students sweating as they honed their skills.

Among them, one boy stood out.

“There he is.”

Unnatural golden hair that looked dyed.

Deeply tanned skin.

Sharp, cunning eyes with blue irises.

He had the unmistakable aura of a delinquent.

The boy, who was jogging lightly on the track with sandbags strapped to his ankles,

turned and tried to flee as soon as our eyes met.

“Oh, crap!! That psycho is here again!”

No way.

I quickly kicked off the ground and chased after him.

He glanced back at me as he ran, shouting,

“Stop it!! You crazy bastard!”

“Let’s fight.”

“No way, I already sparred with you yesterday!! Damn it, how many times is this!? This is the fourth time since last week!”

I gradually increased my speed.

The distance between us slowly closed, and I was getting closer and closer to his tail.

“Let’s fight.”

“No, damn it!! I’d understand if you lost, but you won every time! Why do you keep coming back after beating me four times in a row?!”

Because I haven’t gotten the Slayer title yet.

The condition for obtaining the ‘Slayer’ title was to win against a martial artist of rank C or higher.

And the number of times I got hit during the spar had to be less than three.

Even a slight graze counted as a hit.

In other words, the sparring would continue until I achieved a perfect victory.

“Let’s fight.”

“Get lost!! I’m not sparring with you!!”

He screamed and dashed towards the back door of the training ground.

But there was no escape.

When I was about ten steps away from him, I muttered,

“Blink ×10.”

With a small chant, my vision flickered rapidly.

This was a technique that used multiple short-range Blinks in succession.

It allowed me to cover a distance of up to ten meters as if it were a single teleport.

It wasn’t easy to control, so I was still practicing it.

Fortunately, this attempt seemed successful.


The flustered face of the golden-haired, tanned delinquent appeared before me.

He tried to change direction abruptly, but my foot was faster, tripping him.


He tumbled to the ground with a loud thud.

I looked down at the golden boy, groaning in pain, and said,

“Let’s fight.”

He clutched his knee, which had hit the floor, and tears welled up in his eyes.

“Y-You… You crazy bastard… Sob…”

“Let’s fight.”

For the record, there’s no right to refuse.

Just quietly become the sacrifice for my Slayer title farming.

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