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Chapter 2 Part 2 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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The blue window that appeared without fail stopped me.

I tried to close the screen nervously, but.

After checking the contents, I couldn't ignore it.

"Wish...? What I wish...?"

A mutter escaped my lips without me realizing it.

As if answering, the status window displayed a new message.


[An unhappy person who doesn't know happiness.]

[I know you've always wanted a happy life.]

[This system can fulfill that wish of yours.]

What kind of bullshit is this?

As I held my aching head, still reeling from the aftereffects of depression.

The status window spouted out a rapid-fire of words as if it had been waiting for this moment.

[You are the owner of a rare misfortune.]

[As you can see from the current situation, this system has absolute power.]

[It can save your life, which has been a series of loneliness and farewells.]


I didn't like it.

It pissed me off that it was blabbering about my life without knowing anything.

The pain I had to endure.

The despair and loneliness I had to face.

The loved ones I had to let go of.

That blue window, talking about hope to me without knowing any of that, was disgusting.

But what was even more repulsive was......


My eyes were fixed on the screen as if I was possessed.

That attitude resembled a dog begging for food on the street.

Unable to let go of a sliver of hope even when hunger and fear grip the entire body.

A pathetic life.

"Really... will you fulfill it...?"

What am I expecting?

I thought I had given up all my thirst for happiness after that day.

I guess I was wrong.

The intoxicating aftertaste of a sweet dream shook my reason.

The longing I had hidden beneath, using resignation as a shield, reared its head once more.


Give it to me.

A life without tears.

A life without violence and contempt.

A life without loss and deprivation.

A life where I can toss and turn in bed every night with anticipation for the next day.

A life where I don't have to struggle to be loved by someone.

That kind of life.

"......Give it to me."


[This system does not lie.]

[But there is a condition.]

[You have to follow the quests given by the system and see the 'true ending' of this world.]

[This transaction will proceed as a form of contract, and the time it takes to complete the final quest is approximately three years......]

"I'll do it."

I said hastily before the system could even finish speaking.

I felt like I would miss the opportunity if I didn't answer quickly.

I was desperate.

"Three years, four years, I'll do it... Just give me a chance."

I had already spent ten years in hell.

It wouldn't make much difference if three more years were added.

I'd still be unhappy.

I'd still live surrounded by mental illness and obsession.

But if hope awaited at the end of that darkness.

I was willing to sell my soul without hesitation.


Let's try one more time, pretending to be fooled.


[Proceeding with the contract.]

[Would you like to activate the status window?]


I immediately moved my finger towards the [Yes] button.

As my finger touched the glass-like surface, the screen flashed, and a brilliant light engulfed my surroundings.


[Starting the quest!]

Category: Final Quest

Completion Condition: See the 'true ending' of this world.

Time Limit: 3 years

Reward: Happiness

[Welcome back!]

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