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Chapter 3 Part 1 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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Towards a New Story

'Sorrow-erasing heroes.'

Shortened to Seuljiyong (T/N: In Korean).

It was the title of the novel I possessed.

A typical academy novel, the story is about the protagonist overcoming hardships and trials as he grows.

It was a novel with nothing particularly unique about it.

If I had to point out something, it would be that the story gets a bit darker as it progresses towards the latter half.

When I read it, I thought it was a soft and gentle healing story.

I did tilt my head at the sudden shift to a bleak atmosphere.

However, that aspect captivated me even more.

I shed tears countless times watching the protagonist save the wounded world and overcome pain.

It felt as if each sentence was comforting me.

I relied on that book whenever I was struggling.

But now, I'm inside that story.

"It's fascinating..."

I muttered as I looked at my reflection in the water.

A thin, boyish figure was reflected on the surface of the transparent mirror.

Jet black eyes and hair, as if night had descended upon them.

A cold impression emanating from his sharp gaze.

He was a boy who looked like he had a terrible personality.

I furrowed my brow slightly and examined every part of my body.

"This isn't my body, after all."

Naturally, there were no scars on this new body.

The bruises and wounds I received from my father's beatings in the past.

The dark circles that remained dark due to fatigue and despair were also completely gone.

Only pure white skin remained on my body.

Moreover, there wasn't even a trace of muscle on this slender frame.

It was a body completely unlike my previous life.

"No, actually, the face resembles my original appearance a bit..."

I picked up the white shirt I had taken off and put it back on.

"Raiden Lishite, was it?"

The person I possessed, Raiden Lishite.

Of course, I knew the name.

How could I not remember, considering how many times I've read 'Seuljiyong'?

The troublemaker eldest son of the Duke Lishite family.

The disgrace of the nobles.

A villain who harassed commoners for fun, even resorting to physical assault in severe cases.

He was the character who played the fake villain in the early part of the story.

He was a minor character who flirted with the protagonist's heroines and then got beaten up and disappeared.

In the story, he disappeared after being defeated in a duel with the protagonist.

"Did he appear for about 10 chapters...?"

He was a character who wasn't even mentioned until the ending after that.

The national team senior who recommended this novel to me said that he was a sacrificial lamb for a one-time refreshing development.

"He's certainly suitable for possession."

As you know, villain extras are the standard in possession stories.

...Of course, I've never read a possession story.

I heard my senior say that once.

"Anyway, that aside..."

What should I do now?

No, more importantly, why is he lying in the middle of this forest?

Where did he sell that nice mansion and end up collapsing on the side of the road?

As these questions tangled and occupied my mind, a clear mechanical sound rang in my ears.


[Main Quest Occurred!]

Title: Towards a New Story

Content: Head to the Duke Lishite family mansion.

[Reward: None]

[Penalty for Failure: None]


How kind.

To think it would tell me right away as I started to wander.

I heard it's customary to make you suffer a lot in the beginning.

It seems our status window is quite kind-hearted.

'......What is its true identity?'

As I glanced at the blue screen, that question suddenly arose in my mind.

However, I shook my head and brushed it off.

It's unnecessary thinking.

The important thing is that this being can grant my wish.

Whether the being watching me from beyond that window is human, monster, or god.

It's none of my concern.

'Since I've decided to trust it, doubting it will only tire me out...'

I organized my thoughts and started walking.

The map displayed on the status window guided me in the direction I needed to go.

Fortunately, it seemed I wouldn't have to keep wandering in this forest.

However, the problem was.

"......This is too far?"

The destination was ridiculously far.

Once I got out of the forest, a hellish march comparable to the distance from Seoul to Busan awaited me.

What the...?

Is this all a lie, a betrayal, a trick?

This is torture.

As I looked at the status window with eyes filled with betrayal and resentment, the blue screen blinked once more.


[Walking is not the only way.]

[In this era, there is an excellent means of transportation called a carriage.]

"Ah, right, carriages."

[There's a saying that if your head is bad, your body suffers.]


I'm sorry for doubting you. I'm sorry.

But I'm not that stupid, you know?

My mom said I was the smartest in the world.

[Parents often have the misconception that their child is a genius......]

Shut up.




It took me about two hours to get out of the forest.

Since the road was rough and the forest was quite large, it took longer than expected.

As I walked for a while, removing the leaves stuck to my clothes, I arrived at the city the status window had guided me to.

A medieval city that you would only see in a fantasy world.

Carriages rolled by.

Knights guarded the city.

Shopping districts lined the streets, creating a bustling atmosphere.

I stared blankly at the scenery.

"I really have entered a novel..."

It was a new feeling to face the story I had longed for as reality.

Calming my trembling heart, I looked around for a long time.

The strange excitement transformed into fragments of anticipation.

Those small pieces, like puzzle pieces, filled the void in my heart one by one.

I brushed back my hair that was ruffled by the wind and took a deep breath.

It was a comfortable feeling.

"......It's wonderful here."

A languidness I felt for the first time in a long time.

For me, who had always lived with obsession and depression, this kind of leisure was quite unfamiliar.

Still, I thought it wasn't bad.


[Would you like to look around more?]

"No, I'm good. I need to go now."

Even as I said that, my gaze remained fixed on the peaceful scenery.

But I forced myself to turn my head.

It wasn't time yet.

Since I had received a second chance from the status window, my first priority was to fulfill my contract with it.

After that's over...

Yes, maybe I too can become a part of that picture, like a single drop of paint.

I pondered that thought as I started walking.

"Let's see... where can I find a carriage..."

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