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Chapter 20 Part 2 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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…Actually, at this point in the story, Allen was unconsciously attracting girls left and right, so the heroines wouldn’t leave his side anyway.

But I still felt uneasy.

“But this feels a bit…”

Like I’m cleaning up after him.

I had a contract with the System, so I had to do my best, but it still felt strange.


[Do you want to be the protagonist?]

“I never said I was dissatisfied with my current role… Well, I don’t know.”


It was a word I once admired,

but now I knew it was too far removed from who I was.

The protagonist had his own burdens to bear.

“If I became the protagonist, the whole world might turn into a tragedy.”

Because that’s how it had been so far.

I chuckled lightly, joking.

“…I’m content with being Extra A in a peaceful village.”


[That’s humble of you.]

“Humble? That’s still too much for me.”

After a few minutes of conversing with the System in front of the dormitory entrance,

I saw a blonde boy approaching the building from afar.

He always had a lively entourage around him.

Well, he had a charm that drew people in.

He was just like the protagonist of the novel I loved.

It was a little sad that he froze the moment our eyes met.

But what could I do?

I raised my hand in greeting with a nonchalant expression.

“You’re here.”

“…Lord Lishite?”

Allen stood there dumbfounded, while the four heroines behind him glared at me.

Ignoring their hostility, I greeted them as well.

“What an honor to be graced by your presence.”

The Empire’s Second Princess, Neria von Lietro.

The Holy Kingdom’s next Saintintess, Lorraine Marlena.

Clara Misoph, the eldest daughter of the Misoph Marquis family and the top student in the first year.

And lastly, the second daughter of Duke Roben, Eivy Roden.

‘I’m the eldest son of a Duke too.’

It was a crazy harem, with two of them outranking me in status and the other two almost equal.

If these people got into a catfight, the continent would be in chaos.

I pushed those useless thoughts aside and bowed my head.

“This humble servant, blessed by His Majesty’s grace, greets the Empire’s second star.”

“…Greetings. Raise your head, Lord Lishite.”

Her words and expression didn’t match.

She looked like she had seen something unpleasant.

Well, from Neria’s perspective, who cherished her older sister dearly, Raiden must be an eyesore.

Still, it was a bit bitter.

When they were younger, Raiden, Lucy, and Neria used to play together quite often.

“May Tinamius always bless you. This humble creation of God greets the noble will.”

“May Tinamius bless you. It’s good to see you, Raiden. You seem quite different from the last time we met.”

Lorraine, the Saintess, smiled awkwardly at my polite greeting.

It was bold of her to address the eldest son of a Duke by his first name,

but as a Saintess, she received treatment similar to that of the imperial family, so it wasn’t a big deal.

It also aligned with the Academy’s principle of not discriminating between nobles and commoners.

Still, she was the most amicable one in the group.

“Lady Roben, and Lady Misoph. It’s been a while.”

“Yes, Lord Lishite.”

“…Greetings to the Empire’s Sword.”

Eivy responded curtly, while Clara bowed her head as if she had no choice.

Those two probably didn’t have good feelings towards Raiden either.

It had only been six months since Raiden had pestered and bothered the heroines.

They must be thinking, ‘Here we go again.’

Don’t worry, I have no interest in you whatsoever.

“May I have a word with you in private, Young Master Reinhardt?”

“…A word, sir?”

Allen gulped.

His golden eyes wavered.

“You’re too tense. Don’t worry, it’s nothing important.”

“Y-Yes… Let’s move somewhere else then.”

Contrary to his initial reaction, Allen nodded quite readily.

It was only natural. How could a mere third son of a Viscount refuse a Duke’s request?

Even Neria, who clearly disapproved, remained silent.

“It’ll be brief. I promise I won’t do anything harmful.”


“Do you need me to pinky swear for you to believe me?”

“N-No! I apologize!!”

The boy and the girls flinched as I frowned at their lukewarm response.

They seemed more intimidated than I expected, but I understood.

Raiden was indeed scary when he frowned. He naturally had a cold expression.

“Follow me.”

I left with the blonde boy.

When we reached a secluded alley, I stopped walking

and began to get to the point, addressing Allen, who was on high alert.

“Allen Reinhardt.”

“Yes, Lord Lishite.”

“The third son of the Reinhardt family… and the chosen hero of this generation.”


Confusion clouded his golden eyes.

He must have been caught off guard.

At this point in the story, no one but Allen himself knew that he was the hero.

I continued, looking at the boy’s pale face.

“A trial will begin soon.”

If you don’t want to lose anyone, follow my words.

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