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Chapter 21 Part 1 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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About 1,000 years ago.

Four hundred years before the founding of the Empire.

The Primordial Darkness emerged.

A streak of shadow descended upon the world, imbued with all evils and misfortunes.

People called it the 'Demon King.'

Within a mere four years of its appearance, it unified the demon realm, which had been rife with division and war.

The monsters showed awe in the face of the Demon King’s overwhelming power, and the demons swore allegiance.

Instantly reaching the pinnacle of power, the Demon King began to stir, aiming to achieve its goal.

It dreamed of a world engulfed in flames.

A world devoid of laughter, happiness, love.

It yearned for the advent of a conflagration where not a shred of hope remained.

The Demon King craved the tears of all living things.

That small desire pushed the world to the brink of destruction.

-From this day forth, the world shall be erased.

The Demon King declared war on the continent.

It massacred the other races and hunted countless humans.

There was no mercy in the wake of the army of annihilation.

Only death and ruin remained.

Survivors were enslaved and exploited, while the dead became specters, subservient to the Demon King’s army.

The Allied Forces of the continent fought against the demon horde,

but even their valor could not withstand the Primordial Darkness.

Countless heroes fell, becoming footnotes in history.

Countless brave warriors were buried beneath the blood-soaked earth.

As the world gradually descended into black despair,

-Rise, heroes! I shall stand at the forefront.

With these words, a man appeared.

His name was Ash Reynolds.

The Primordial Hero.

Appearing like dawn amidst the pitch-black darkness, he confronted the Demon King’s army.

The Hero's miracles repelled the demon forces time and again.

The brilliant radiance that embroidered the sky with every swing of his sword gave hope to the weary Allied Forces.

The Hero and his comrades gradually began to drive back the darkness.

Warm sunlight began to reach the battlefield, which had always been awash in blood and shadow.

The burning continent stabilized.

And then.

At the end of the long, long night.

-You've come this far, Hero.

Light and darkness finally faced each other.

They looked into each other's faces, filled with sorrow, and declared this to be the end.

-This battle… shall be the final salvation.

-You still cling to hope. Impressive.

Thus clashed the Demon King and the Hero.

It was no exaggeration to say that their duel shook the very foundations of the world.

Mountains crumbled with a single punch.

Oceans split with a single swing of the sword.

They fought for eight days and nights straight.

And then.

The Hero's final strike, unleashed with all his life force, finally pierced the Demon King's heart.

The Primordial Light, having fulfilled its duty, closed its eyes with a relieved smile.

And the Demon King…

-You’ve won. Or perhaps… it’s a draw.

-But do not be too complacent, world.

-I shall return to shatter your peace and complacency.

-Remember the fear that I have wrought.

It maintained its composure even as its body crumbled into dust.

The Primordial Darkness, cursing the world it had sought to conquer until its very last breath, vanished.

-My name is Lugetina. Lugetina Tov Di Atrahasis.

-The sorrow that will consume the world.

And so.

With the mutual destruction of the Hero and the Demon King, peace was restored to the world.

This is the story of the Primordial Hero.

The idol of all.

Ash Reynolds.




And now, 1,000 years later.

A boy was chosen as the new Hero.


Allen, lying on his bed and staring blankly at the ceiling, let out a long sigh.

He buried his face in his blanket and tossed and turned.

Allen Reinhardt.

An honor student who consistently ranked third in his year at Reynolds Academy, the continent’s most prestigious educational institution.

A promising prospect, is considered to have the greatest potential among the students of this cohort.

A boy loved by all for his handsome appearance and diligent personality.

But Allen harbored a secret…

“Status window.”


[You have been chosen as the ‘Hero’ of this generation.]

[Strengthen yourself to prevent the impending resurrection of the Demon King.]

He was the chosen Hero of this generation.

The boy tapped the blue window that appeared before him a few times

and sighed once more.


A lament a little longer than before.

Allen's mind was filled with complex thoughts.

Five years had passed since he gained the strange power called the ‘status window.’

Five years had passed since he had shouldered the fate of the Hero.

During that time,

Allen hadn't told anyone about his destiny.

The first reason was that no one would believe him.

Think about it.

Who would believe a twelve-year-old kid?

They would just think it was a childish prank.

And the second reason.

If it became known that he was the Hero, would those around him leave him alone?

The demons would undoubtedly do everything in their power to eliminate him.

Moreover, there might be people who would try to exploit the Hero.

For his own safety and the safety of those around him, he had to keep his identity as the Hero a secret.

For five years, Allen had meticulously guarded his secret.

However, an unexpected variable had appeared before the boy.

-Allen Reinhardt.

-The third son of the Reinhardt family… and the chosen Hero of this generation.

Raiden Lishite.

The eldest son of the Lishite Dukedom, the infamous delinquent of the Empire.

And the villain he had personally executed through a quest.

He knew Allen's true identity.


Allen murmured quietly, his heart heavy with bewilderment.

There should have been no one who knew his true identity.

He hadn’t breathed a word to his childhood friend Clara, let alone his family.

But Raiden Lishite…

How did he know?

That wasn’t the only thing that bothered him.

While others seemed oblivious, Allen could see Leiden with the 'Hero’s Eyes.'

He could see the chilling aura emanating from the boy.

A pressure that felt like pent-up rage.

It was a violent force that made him wonder if such twisted power could truly exist.

That’s why Allen couldn’t help but freeze whenever his eyes met Raiden’s.

Those pupils, devoid of any light,

seemed to contain an abyss, chilling him to the bone.

“He wasn’t like that just six months ago.”

Allen remembered.

Raiden’s frail and unimpressive appearance.

His mana capacity was meager, his body weak.

But the Raiden who returned was a completely different person.

Actually, not much had changed physically.

At most, his body had gained a bit of muscle.

Even that was barely noticeable.

But just making eye contact with him made Allen feel like all his senses were on high alert.

“…He must have gotten his hands on some dangerous power.”

A power that could overwhelm even Allen, who possessed the A-rank passive skill 'Hero’s Will.'

A hidden power that remained invisible to ordinary people.

Allen sensed that things were taking a sinister turn.


-A trial will begin soon.

-If you don’t want to lose anyone, follow my words.

-At the Academy banquet in a week, stay close to the Saintess and Her Highness the Princess. Never leave their side.

Raiden spoke with a knowing tone.

Allen couldn’t help but nod at the boy's chilling assertion, which sent shivers down his spine.

“What’s going to happen…?”

Allen dryly washed his face, his mind swirling with questions.

The atmosphere at the Academy was peaceful, and his status window offered no clues.

“Status window, is something going to happen in a week?”


[No relevant information exists.]


Even the status window, which usually knew everything, was unhelpful. It was beyond frustrating.

Allen felt like he was standing in the eye of a storm.

“…Should I just follow his words for now?”

Allen mumbled, sighing deeply.

The boy’s worries continued until the next day arrived.


Three days before the First Princess Assassination Attempt.

I was going about my usual routine.

Spending most of my day immersed in training.

Occasionally, I ventured outside the Academy to acquire various items,

but not very often.

I had plenty of money, so there were no obstacles in the purchasing process.

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