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Chapter 21 Part 2 - A Depressed Kendo Player Possesses a Bastard Aristocrat

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my focus was on improving my proficiency with Blink.

It was difficult to adapt to at first, but it gradually became more familiar with time.

Now, I felt like I had a good grasp of it.

I still made mistakes if I lost focus,

but compared to the beginning, I could execute combinations quite smoothly.

Yesterday, I even managed to snatch the title 'Mace Slayer' from Golden Boy.

He rolled around on the floor, whining about how much it hurt.

In the end, I had to give him a few bottles of potions.

‘Alright. I’ve completed the synergy title, preparations for the assassination attempt are going well, everything’s good… but…’

Something unexpected popped up.

“Greetings, Student Raiden.”

A green-haired man greeted me with a bright smile.

Lucas Landrant, the head instructor.

I looked at him with a slightly stiff expression.

He seemed to take it as a response to his greeting and smiled even wider.

“Working hard as always, I see.”

“Ah, yes…”

What’s with the friendly act?

I mean, Lucas was known for his affability and caring attitude towards his students,

but he didn’t need to extend that to me.

“Haha, don’t be so wary. I’m your homeroom teacher, after all…”



Wary wasn’t the right word. Uncomfortable was more accurate.

Considering what Raiden had done to him in the past, it was impossible for me to treat him casually.

-Student Raiden, it’s not right to bully other students. Please refrain from doing so…


-How dare a mere Academy instructor speak to me like that? Do you think the Duke’s family is a joke?

…Damn it.

I hate Raiden.

I mean, I always hated him, but now I hate him even more.

This bastard. How could a student slap a teacher?

Especially one who was concerned about his well-being.

‘Maybe he acted out more fiercely to push away Lucas’ kindness…’

Still, this was too much.

He should have considered the person who had to clean up his mess.

“Don’t worry. I’m just here to offer some advice as your homeroom teacher.”

“Advice, you say…?”

“Yes, advice about your unique talent, Student Raiden.”


Advice about my unique talent, Blink? This unexpected statement piqued my interest.

It was understandable.

Records of those blessed by space were scarce, even if you searched the entire continent.

Moreover, there was no known precedent for someone like me, with an extremely short-range teleportation ability.

So I had to develop my ability on my own rather than relying on others.

And now, advice?

It was an enticing topic I couldn’t ignore.

‘Lucas Landlanto…’

Yes, maybe he could help.

A genius who participated in the Empire’s civil war at a young age and made significant contributions.

A living legend among assassins, who established the new class of Magic Assassin.

The disciple and lover of Korn Ronezia, the most powerful Archmage of the current era.

Ah, for your information, that last part is a secret.

The Academy Principal’s preference is ‘raising’ someone younger… If everyone found out, they would look at him with disdain.

Even though he had reached the pinnacle of magic at a young age and maintained his early twenties appearance.

An age gap of almost twenty years…


A veteran with such credentials might have thought of different ways to utilize my ability.

With a mixture of hesitation and anticipation, I nodded.

It was a sign that I was willing to listen to his advice.

“You’re quite obedient this time, unlike before?”


“Haha! Just kidding. I’ll go get some equipment, so wait here for a bit.”

…Was he more resentful than I thought?

Maybe I made a mistake.




Contrary to my worries,

Lucas didn’t seem to mind the past.

His expression remained unchanged, as if he had completely forgotten about that incident.

“I’ve been observing you during classes, and you only seem to use Blink for movement or escape.”

“Yes, that’s correct.”

“May I ask why?”

I nodded without hesitation at Lucas’ question.

“Because I judged it to be the most efficient way to utilize it.”

Short-range teleportation, Blink.

It sounded like a cheat-like unique talent at first glance.

But my ability had several limitations.

First, the target I wanted to teleport had to be in contact with my body.

I couldn’t affect distant objects like Bluetooth.

Second, if another object occupied the coordinates I wanted to teleport to, the ability would fail.

In other words, I couldn’t teleport to overlapping coordinates.

Lastly, Blink didn’t affect the state of the target.

For example, if I teleported a dagger in my hand ten meters ahead, it would simply fall to the ground.

With zero kinetic energy, it wouldn’t suddenly fly or embed itself somewhere just because its coordinates changed.

‘The problem is, it’s only vaguely useful.’

It was useless at medium to long range.

At close range, it boasted incredible power, but the difficulty of manipulating the magic was equally high.

If only there was a way to counter long-range attacks…

“Hmm. I think you can use that ability against long-range attacks as well.”

“Excuse me?”

“And as a reliable counter-attack.”


I stared at Lucas with wide eyes.

The green-haired man, meeting my gaze, grinned and asked,

“It might be a bit difficult… but would you like to learn?”

“…If you’re willing to teach me, Professor, I would be honored to learn.”


Lucas nodded in satisfaction at my answer.

He took out various throwing weapons from his waist and began to explain.

“The technique I’m going to teach you is mainly used by Magic Assassins as both a counter and a survival technique. Have you ever heard of a magic called ‘Reflect’?”

“I’m hearing it for the first time.”

“That’s probably the case. I developed it myself.”

Lucas, who had been juggling the throwing weapons lightly, tossed them to me.

They were training weapons made of a light material.

“It’s faster to see it in action than to just talk about it. Student Raiden, would you throw those weapons at me with all your might?”

“At you, Professor?”

“Yes. It’s fine, don’t hold back.”

I hesitated for a moment, but his reassurance cleared my mind of any second thoughts.

He must have a plan.

I gripped one of the throwing weapons tightly

and hurled it at him like a baseball.


The dagger left my hand with a slight gust of wind, aimed directly at Lucas’ face.

Even though I threw it with all the strength my Strength stat allowed,

Lucas watched the approaching weapon without a hint of flinching.


As his lips uttered the incantation, a green aura erupted from his outstretched hand.

The moment Lucas lightly touched the dagger, which had reached his nose,

-Clang, swoosh!!!

The dark dagger, repelled backward, grazed my cheek.

The weapon, now flying in the opposite direction, finally came to a halt after embedding itself in the wall.


…What was that?

What just happened?

I felt my thoughts freeze in momentary bewilderment.

“So, did you see that?”

Lucas chuckled as if amused by my reaction.

He waved his hand, still imbued with mana, and said,

“That’s ‘Reflect.’ It’s a unique magic that I developed.”

Amazing, isn’t it?

Lucas shrugged.

I wanted to nod in agreement, but my head wouldn’t move.

My mind was completely captivated

by something else.

‘That just now…’

My mind kept replaying the intense scene I had just witnessed.

The approaching weapon.

His fingertips lightly touching it.

The attack was instantaneously repelled.

‘…No. It looked like it was repelled, but that’s not how it works.’

It was a fleeting moment, but I saw it clearly.

The moment the green mana touched the weapon, its trajectory shifted 180 degrees.

It wasn’t forcefully deflected with strength.

It was simply reversed, sent back to where it came from.

An unimaginable way of manipulating magic.

The fact that he showed me this…

“…You’re suggesting I use Blink like that.”

“You caught on immediately. As expected, you’re excellent.”


It was an extremely difficult technique based on the pinnacle of Wind magic and exceptional dynamic vision.

But I had a way to cheat my way through it.

Blink and Extrasensory.

I could substitute the highly controlled Wind magic with Blink,

and the high Agility stat required for dynamic vision with Extrasensory.

“It’s a technique that suits you perfectly, Student Raiden.”

“Yes… It truly is.”

“Actually, I’ve wanted to teach you this since we first met last year… but your attitude was a bit prickly…”

“…I apologize.”

“Ah, I wasn’t looking for an apology.”

As I bowed my head in guilt, Lucas looked flustered.

But then he smiled brightly.

“But thank you! I never thought I’d receive an apology. You’ve really changed, haven’t you?”

I scratched the back of my head, embarrassed.

He was kind, friendly, everything was good… but a bit overwhelming.

His kindness was too much to handle…

As if reading my mind, Lucas extended his hand for a handshake.

“Well then, let’s get along well from now on. You’ll keep coming to learn from me, right?”

“Yes… I’ll be in your care.”

With mixed feelings, I grasped his hand.



in a building of unknown location.

In a space filled only with darkness and silence, several figures clad in robes gathered.

They exuded an air of danger as they stood around a round table, facing each other.


The robe at the center muttered.

He didn’t specify what ‘soon’ referred to, but his companions silently nodded in understanding.

“We’ve kept our heads down for a while… but it’s time to spread our wings again.”

In three days, the entire continent will know our name.

No one can stop the march of progress.

The world will face a twisted turn of events brought about by hidden truths.

Join us, brothers.

For the new world that we and our comrades envision.

“In three days, we will assassinate the Empire’s princesses.”


With those words, the robe slammed a knife into the imperial crest displayed on the table.

Following his lead,

the other robes immediately drew their swords and stabbed the crest.

A faint groan escaped as the symbol of the imperial family was torn to shreds.

The robe at the center twisted his lips into a grotesque smile as he watched.

He could already envision the princesses’ corpses, stained with blood.

A thrill ran down his spine, making him tremble as he raised his sword.

“Should a butterfly crawl on the ground?”

It’s time to take flight.

Spread your wings, birds of inquiry.

“For truth, for inquiry, for progress, and for a new world.”

“‘For truth, for inquiry, for progress, and for a new world.’”

In the space filled only with darkness and silence,

danger was spreading its wings.

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