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Chapter 24 Part 2 - Raising the Princess to Overcome Death

Minseo was trapped in [Raise Lena], failing means to restart in a different scenario. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Fantasy,Game,Time Loop

He couldn’t take his eyes off Lena.

A rare gem had fallen into his lap. In all his years, he had never encountered such a valuable commodity.

“…You can’t even decide something like that yourself? What was the point of the Master making you manager if he has to approve every little thing?” Cassia challenged, leaning forward.

The manager’s finger tapping slowed, but he didn’t speak rashly. Even after the filtered melody drifting up from below ended, he still hadn’t reached a decision.

As his hesitation stretched on, Cassia waved her hand dismissively. “Forget it if you don’t need her. There are plenty of other places.”

“Miss Cassia, wait a moment. It’s just that I want to offer this young lady better terms…”

Cassia cut him off firmly. “She’s not signing any contracts.”


“Just find her some decent clients. She doesn’t need to be tied down here for years like me.”

“Hmm… Young lady, what are your thoughts on this?” His steel-gray eyes settled on Lena.

Lena, who had been silently listening to their conversation, lowered her head to avoid his gaze.

The kind of work I can do…

She wasn’t sure exactly what Cassia was suggesting, but it was clear that it involved offering up her body and appearance, just like the women outside.

Lena clenched her fists beneath the table. Her brother was out there risking his life wielding a sword. She had to do whatever she could.

Her voice trembled as she answered.

“I… I’ll do as Sister Cassia says.”

“I see you haven’t been filled in on the details, then?”


“Miss Cassia, in that case, I’ll…”

“Drop the ‘Miss,’ will you?”

“Right, Cassia. What kind of arrangement were you hoping for?”

Cassia considered it as she looked at Lena, who still had her head bowed.

“One client a day, someone who hasn’t caused any trouble, and preferably well-mannered if possible. No complicated requests. As for the price… you decide.”

“Only one a day? For a young lady making her debut? That’s more likely to make things harder on her. Let’s say three.” The man drew a firm line.

“Are you saying there are actually three men a day who can afford someone like her?” Cassia questioned. The manager offered a gentle yet cruel smile.

“Cassia, you still don’t understand this business, do you?”


He chuckled, watching as Cassia furrowed her brow. He had known her for a long time, ever since the day she first set foot in this place.

She might think she's seen it all, but to him, Cassia was still just a young girl.

“With a young lady like her, I could easily find a hundred a day. Don’t worry. I’ll arrange it so she sees three clients a day, in order of their offers, just like you asked. Only good clients, naturally. Nothing out of the ordinary.”

He clicked his tongue, a hint of regret in his gesture.

“If she were to sign a contract after speaking to the Master, we could even arrange for some high-profile clients… but it can’t be helped.”

The manager turned his gaze to Lena, a courteous smile gracing his lips.

She was brought here by Cassia.

With the right touch, she could become anything he desired.

She was so beautiful that she could be molded into anything if one set their mind to it.

He even considered ignoring Cassia's request. Depending on how it was used, this could shake Orville.

If it weren't for Cassia... anyone who brought such a young lady here would have buried their bones in this place.

But a small sense of pity for Cassia made him change his mind.

He decided to grant Cassia's wish. It seemed she didn't want this young lady to end up like herself.

Alright. He would help her earn enough and leave cleanly.

“Will you be starting today, Miss?”


“Do you have any experience?”

“Excuse me?”

When Lena couldn’t answer, Cassia stepped in. “No, none. Not in anything.”

“I understand. Miss Cassia, if you would be so kind as to escort this young lady to a private dressing room.”

The manager rose to his feet once more and pulled out the chairs for Cassia and Lena.

Cassia, seemingly accustomed to this, waited for him to finish before standing up and asking, “Alright. What about the clients?”

“I’ll get in touch with some. I should be able to find someone within a few hours. Just wait in the dressing room. You can have the room for the rest of the day. Oh, and what is the young lady's name?”

“It’s Lena.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Miss Lena. My name is Bretin Sauer. It’s an honor to work with you.”

“Th-thank you…”

Lena cautiously took the hand the manager offered.

“From now on, please always stop by here first when you arrive. And it would be appreciated if you could also drop by briefly when you leave. I’ll settle the accounts then.”


He brought her hand to his lips in an elegant gesture. Despite the formality of the exchange, Lena quickly withdrew her hand.

His hand had been as cold as ice.

Lena allowed herself to be led by Cassia into a room entirely surrounded by mirrors. The light cascading from the chandelier was almost blinding, and a sweet fragrance filled the air.

She surrendered herself to the women who approached her, allowing them to dress her in a dazzling gown.

The white silk, shot through with pale red, was adorned with an almost excessive amount of jewels that clinked softly with every movement.

As Lena stood before the mirror, transformed into a vision of ethereal beauty by the women's deft hands, they couldn't help but murmur their astonishment.

“Oh my… such beauty…”

“Truly exquisite. To think someone so lovely…”

Their words were less exclamations of admiration and more whispers of lament.

Cassia remained in the dressing room, a silent observer, offering Lena reassuring pats on the hand each time the girl returned from seeing a client.

Lena saw four clients that day.


Lena walked back with Cassia as dawn painted the sky.

The streets were littered with the remnants of the night's revelry.

Lena trudged along with an empty expression, her face bearing a faint resemblance to Cassia’s own.

Her hand clutched a few gold coins.

Lena’s earnings. The brothel took the lion’s share, leaving her with only a meager portion.

On Leather Street, artisans were opening their shops for the day. The two women walked past the bustling street, each lost in their own thoughts.

The shoe shop, as always, was quiet.

The two sat down at the table.

“Wait here a moment. The water cart will be here soon.”


Lena stared blankly outside.

The front of the shop was walled off, obscuring the view, but the lack of anything to see brought her a strange sense of peace.


The water cart rumbled past. Cassia went out to pay for their water and returned with a full bucket. Lena took it from her.

“Wash up first. I didn’t work today.”


Just as her brother had instructed, Lena bolted the door behind her.

Cassia settled back at the table, resting her chin on her hand. A muffled sob escaped from the washroom.

And Lena took even longer to wash up than usual.

Just like Cassia.

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